right so hello welcome back to another vlog you're probably thinking so where are you I'm actually on holiday in Croatia I'm just gonna show you quickly out the window because it's so beautiful this is a view out our window can you hear the sound of those spots oh and so by the way we're staying in this really nice apartment you can probably see most of it behind me here excuse any of the mess we're in an Airbnb and I do actually have a I think maybe after the end of this holiday I will share the link to this specific everyb place because it's so nice and we paid for in everything like it's not sponsored or whatever but it's just such a nice place to say and it's such a good location so if any of you are looking to go to Croatia I will share that when I'm back from holiday which is in like two weeks time we've only been here for like well this is our second full day but I do have a link which I'll put down below which gets you guys I think it gets you 25 pounds off your first booking with Airbnb so if you haven't signed up and you want to get some money off your first booking I will leave the link down below and I think you guys get 25% off and I think I get 15 pounds for referring you it was kind of a win-win for both of us but yeah just in case you guys are interested only the link down below but anyway the reason for this video is back in December I was offered the opportunity with a brand called noticed and it's basically a brand that is owned sort of I think I think they're pretty much owned by my management company and which is MC Saachi myself and quite a few of the other girls on our management company were offered the opportunity to to design some clothes for this new brand which is basically designed by influences I don't really like that word but it kind of sums it up so we got to meet with the designers which is really cool I had a first meeting with them but they have a really nice factory over in Portugal which is like a really new factory it's really eco-friendly it's very like ethical in the way that the work is working everything they use sustainable materials as much as they can there's loads of great points to this Factory and which I'll go into a bit more in a minute I'm gonna answer some questions yeah basically I had a meeting with the designers and to talk about what I wanted to do and in the initial meeting with my management they said we think that it would be great for you to do loungewear / pajamas and I was like 100% I'm down because that's basically what I live in I'm in at the moment I'm currently wearing my pajamas and so yeah I had some stuff in mind I knew that I wanted to do a kind of two pieces lounging around the house sort of tracksuit set with a cropped sweatshirt and a kind of pair of like joggers leggings type thing because that's basically what I live in when I'm at home so I have some of that I also wanted to do some actual standard pajamas that had like moons and stars print on them because I just love the whole kind of like galaxy themed astrology stuff Moon's and styles in general I just love I think they look so nice so yeah we basically had a meeting with the designers and I verbalized all of my ideas and then their designers kind of like drew everything up and then we kind of like made the changes that I wanted and made everything look how I wanted it then they went away made some digital digital images of how things would look so kind of like mock-ups and then from there I said what I liked what I didn't like what I wanted to get changed then I met with them again to actually see samples of the clothing feel the materials see what they fitted like in everything we then had a shoot in Spain which was to take photos of us in the clothes and for me it was just my loungewear pyjamas obviously and to take some professional pictures and stuff like that so that was that and the stuff is available now so if you guys want to shop this stuff I will leave a link for the website down below you can get 10% off until the 8th of August I believe with the code so 10 you can use the code at once per person and yet I believe it runs out on the 8th of August and I will leave all the details for the code down below but obviously because I am you know part of the creating the clothes and everything we do get a commission from the clothes that sell so I guess this is technically like an affiliate link but then it's also like it's not from the link it's actually from buying the clothes if you know what I mean like how most come offers work like the people get a small cut of the items that go on sale if that makes sense just to be completely transparent with you guys I'm just gonna answer a couple of questions and you guys have asked me on Instagram just to clear things up I will be doing a full video showing you guys all of the clothes unboxing them and everything but right now I basically came on holiday at the wrong time because I came at holiday the day before all of this launch so yeah it was a bit of a tricky one because I haven't actually received all of the clothes yet in my size to show you guys so I don't have anything with me but I believe they will be waiting for me back at home so as soon as I get home which is in about two weeks time or like one and a half weeks time I will do a full unboxing video and try on on my channel on my main channel but for now I will show you guys pictures on the screen of the items and I'm gonna answer some questions that you guys asked me about on Instagram I put them up on my stories ok so I'm gonna give you guys the honest answers to some of the questions that you've asked me on Instagram so a lot of people were asking about the price I have quite a lot of negative comments about how the things are really expensive just to be completely open and honest with you guys when we first started designing these clothes they weren't sure how much the prices were going to be they gave us a kind of rough estimate and said that they would be in the kind of like mid affordable range they weren't going to be super cheap kind of like Primark boohoo sort of prices but they weren't gonna be super high-end prices they were gonna be kind of like mid-range which I was like okay that's understandable and just because the clothes are made in Portugal in a really like nice new factory everything is ethically made they use really nice materials it's all really high-quality and they're also really eco-friendly as well I'm going to read you a bit of information about the factory and but basically because they aren't made in Eastern countries and you know cheaper places to produce the clothes that does make the price a little bit higher so this little synopsis that I'm going to kind of read out is that were synopsis I don't know so it says everything we create is standard so ethically we made the decision to manufacture your notice gowns in Portugal so we can give you the best quality and ethical practices in a bid to tip fast fashion on its side sourcing organic fabrics where we can such as tencel our ultimate aim is to become 100 100 percent sustainable becoming your go-to online brand that is fashionable sustainable and noticeable we've started this journey with our packaging which is all recyclable which I love notice love the planet wants to give back therefore our swing tags are made from fabric waste off cuts and are seeded which makes them plantable one day clothing the next of flour talked about a blow-up so basically the labels are made from recycled materials they also have seeds in them so you can plant the labels and flowers will grow which is really really cool it also says as changing up the industry is important to us we're throwing the rulebook out the window with a brand that will tell you whether you've got too much in your basket and questions whether you really need the same dress in three sizes noticeable even shopping ethically and educating your customer about the carbon footprint of packages that you buy just to return again welcome to notice is the start of a hell of a ride so that's the kind of information that we got which i think is really great so I did get some questions saying why the heavens and stuff so expensive my items in particular were supposed to be a little bit more expensive but when I found out the prices of them which we didn't get until more recently I basically said is there any chance of making them more affordable because I know for a fact that in the past I have mentioned other brands that I think are too expensive and obviously I want stuff to be affordable for you guys so I was kind of like oh okay those prices are quite high but then we were reassured to everything there are reasons for the pricing being a bit higher but they did then get back to me and said okay sure we can reduce your clothes a little bit even though that meant that them kind of like working at a loss the materials are ethically sourced and manufactured in a first-class Factory they've also made short runs for the first launch which basically means they don't have like thousands and thousands of pieces that have been made because obviously it's the first launch and they want to see how things go they wanted to produce smaller quantities so that they don't you know because if things don't sell out then they don't want loads leftover if that makes sense so making a smaller amount of things obviously makes the price a little bit higher because it's cheaper to kind of bulk produce a load of stuff and set like a higher amount of items so that they can reduce the price per item but because they were making this smaller quantity that increased the price a little bit if that makes sense they said they want to understand what products work well and how like you know our audience react to things and what people like and what people don't like so that we can make changes so it says notice products are all made in Portugal about higher costs so that products are made to a high quality and also have less distance to travel in their journey we use factories in Portugal rather than in the Far East that are all ethical staff are treated fairly products have been made in a high-quality production process with a great selection of materials that are produced ethically some products are made from tencel which is a naturally derived fiber from plant materials and is also biodegradable in a bid to produce in a bid to product produce sustainable clothing I also had some questions about the sizing so the sizing goes from a size 4 2 and 18 we did get quite a lot of negative comments about the plot there not being enough plus size options which again I completely understand at the moment like the reason for that being is because they are making smaller runs of things and it's kind of just like a test of sizing at the moment to see what sells what they have higher demand for and stuff like that so in the future there is definitely potential to expand to add more sizes which I know a lot of people think is not fair to have you know a full broad range of sizes at the beginning and stuff and I completely understand that but I think the decision was made to do it that way just because they wanted to see how well things were selling and then if things you know are doing well and we have high demand for plus sizes then we will add more and expand if that makes sense because this is like the just first initial launch I guess they didn't have the budget to do every single size if that makes any sort of sense I completely understand your comments on that yeah we didn't really have a say in the sizes so I think that is everything that I've got to say about this so far I'm not saying by any means you don't have to buy this stuff if you you know if you're feeling guilty for not buying things and you want to support me and you don't have the money that is totally fine like I'm not pushing you to buy anything if you see pieces that you like and you want to buy them then that's amazing but honestly like I'm not trying to pressure you guys into buying any of these pieces I completely understand that they are a little bit more expensive and just you know go go with your budget go with what you like if you like them I hope you like them because I'm really really happy with them I love the designs like they're all things that I am going to love and enjoy wearing myself like I said I will leave the link down below remember to use the code size ten to get some money off and yeah I think that I'll say if you have any more questions leave them down below and I can't wait to actually receive their stuff in my sizes and try everything on and film my Tryon video but for now see guys in the next video bye


  1. I just realised yesterday that we have the same birthday sith soph 💕 and it made me so happy that i have the same bday with my favourite youtuber !!! And its so amazing that you have a clothing line!!! Love you soph!!!💗💗💗

  2. That moment when you legit came home to Denmark Yesterday after staying in croatia for a week without knowing soph was there and now you wanna go back
    I love you soph❤️❤️

  3. I don’t really understand how so many of your subscribers are complaining about the prices. I know that not all of you can afford to spend 40£ on a set, but as soph said, you don’t have to buy the items. I‘d rather spend a little more money and know that I support an ethical business. I just can‘t justify buying a top for 3£ knowing that the workers are suffering.

  4. £40 for pyjamas? From the influencer who does Primark Hauls and affordable beauty? Doesn't quite match up…

  5. Love the designs, look soooo comfy. Don't listen to the haters, all of the things that people are complaining about are out of your hands. Well done 👏

  6. I think the sizing range really sucks. How can you see how well things sell without providing a full size range? Really disappointed in this brand, but really happy you’ve got your own little line!

  7. Heey, I'm from Croatia and love your channel, which part exactly are you visiting? 🙂 Hope you have fun!

  8. Soph we all love and support you hence your channel absolutely thriving but the majority of your subscribers don’t have the disposable income to spend £40 on a set of pyjamas☹️

  9. 9:10 to 10:03 (roughly) she talks about the sizes. As a plus size girl i understand why they havent got a wide range yet. Look at the local high street some companies worth billions dont even stock many big sizes. The most common size in the UK is a 16 yes there is people over that but do people not realise the bigger the clothes the more material is needed. Like she said the companies budget may not have stretched that far hense why they have a larger small size (smaller sizes = less material). Going up to a 18 is good for a company just starting.

  10. I'm a big fan and I'm not trying to be negative at all but I think it's really disappointing that you would get involved with a brand that only goes up to a size 18 it's 2019 why are only some people being represented

  11. It’s a shame there’s no ‘bigger’ influencers and sizes, I completely understand it’s a new brand but it’s sorta similar to a makeup brand coming out with a new foundation and the shades are only pale and there’s not many deeper shades and then everyone going mad because it’s 2019 and everyone should be included, yet it seems to be the slightly bigger people are hidden away and have to wait longer to be able to get these clothes! just my opinion though and I do understand why it’s just a shame 🙁

  12. I was so excited for this brand to launch… but the prices are so expensive! I understand the sustainable and ethical approach, hence the increase in costs, but if they are going to increase the price, then they need to push that USP. Plus, I buy Primark pyjamas and make them last for at least 2 years.
    As a teenager without a steady source of income, I would really struggle to afford this brand. Also, a lot of your viewers are young teenagers, so I find it highly unlikely that buying a top in one size will still fit them a year later, so it would be a waste of money.
    I also find it contradictory for the youtubers who are involved in this to have done/are doing sponsored posts for fast-fashion brands! I know that you genuinely care about the sustainable aspects but I do suspect that there are many who do not.
    I love the products, and I’m so proud of you Soph! Congrats xx

  13. so happy for you soph! you deserve it so much. You're so gorgeous btw! Hope you have an amazing holiday!

  14. Hope you have the best time in my country ❤️
    Congrats on your clothing line launch,can’t wait to get my hands on those lovely pieces ❤️

  15. Dobro došla u moju zemlju🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷❤️❤️❤️welcome beauty in my Croatia.. Hope you have a beutiful time..

  16. I’m so proud of you !!!!! Love you 💕 can’t wait to get my hands on some of it, already have my eyes on some bits!! so insanely proud of you omg

  17. Beyond proud of you Soph!! Your items are absolutely stunning and I can’t wait to buy some!! love ya!!💕

  18. Yeeees Portugal! And not fast fashion, that the world doesn't need any more! You go Soph! ❤🙌😍👏

  19. Sorry but these comments are just… she does explain it well why and i kinda get everyone point but please… this is just not the same as when beauty company does not have good shade range… and in our country size 18 is pretty big… (sorry for my english)

  20. I was excited for this launch. But knowing they don't have plus sizes really rubs me the wrong way and disappoints me.

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