I Know What Real Friendship Is | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

I Know What Real Friendship Is | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

49 Replies to “I Know What Real Friendship Is | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV”

  1. What is Ronnie doing venting to Angelina 😂smh …dude don't vent to chicks bro. Ronnie is like a hyna

  2. She does have strong opinions on everyone’s relationship but when it comes to hers … she wants it private??

  3. The answer to everything is communication, and just like when they were 20. They are communicating to the wrong people at the wrong time. Jwow will talk about things once she feels emotionally secured to do so, and she is also a mother so it’s hard to break out of that “everything is okay” shell. As for Ron, I think if he feels his emotions or the things he goes through are not being taken seriously, then he should say so, let them know what is up.

  4. Although Ron doesn’t make good decisions. As a friend you are not suppose to joke about his misery

  5. I feel so bad for Ronnie like he's right those aren't real friends if they're going to joke about all that like who's perfect I'm pretty sure they got problems of Their Own

  6. Just because Ron's relationship with Jen went public, that doesn't mean Jenni has to do the same thing. Who is Ron to judge? He should just stay out of people's relationship before he gets punched in the face, OOPS!!!! too late!!!

  7. I feel bad for him because everybody talks about his problems without asking if he feels comfortable talking about it

  8. Ron, bro, you literally threw all your relationship problems on all of your roommates all last season, and when they tried to HELP you, you didn’t take it. You still don’t. She never claimed to be perfect, but why would she take advice from you and ANGELINA, out of all people, about relationships. It’s obvious you’re miserable and you’re feeling these emotions and you’re angry that she’s not as bad as you.

  9. Everybody goes through something in life but there's people that just don't like to show what they're going through Ronnie I just think you just need to pray and have faith I'll be praying for you love you all God bless all 😘💖😘

  10. Bro as a bro I can tell you that real bros, or friends make fun of each other, if your friends don’t bust your balls than they are fake…

  11. Ron is the LAST person to be judging. Jenny shouldn't be forced to talk about ANYTHING if she doesn't want to. Her business is HER business.

  12. First off all they to cut the dirty little hamster loose she annoying. Second Ron need to grow up about his toxic relationship to his abusive girlfriend or stop talking about it if he not taking his friends advice. Jenni issues are different legal and more personal, she has to deal with the divorce and the baby issue. Besides who would talk to your soon to ex friend. I wouldn’t that’s for dame sure. In time Jenni might talk about it and she has with Deana.

  13. ok understand where he’s coming from because he wants to make sure his friend is ok but she probably doesn’t want to say it on tv and she wants to keep it private

  14. I dont even like Jersey shore no more . Everyone is fake no one is real on here anymore it's honestly disappointing

  15. Not everyone wants all there personal problems out in the open like you do. Not everyone is that comfortable with every single thing!

  16. 2:41–2:56 you’re welcome. Good luck in life Ronnie, we all care about you bro, you might not see it, you might not feel it, we’re here and we care. Day ones here bro take is easy boss.

  17. I get what Ronnie’s saying about not true friends no friend would make fun of you for being in a abusive relationship or make jokes for fun and tv views you can see how uncomfortable he looks when they joke about it. It’s still his daughters mother at the end of the day

  18. I know jen is like a cold sholder all the time because the xanax she takes they will make so that you dont feel anything at all and thats what you get

  19. Ron has a point but he chose to put it on social media before they started back up Family Vacation, an everyone else ripped on him for that an how toxic the relationship was. Jenni chose not to put her stuff on social media so they don’t feel it’s something to rip her on. If he feels this way, he needs to ask Jenni for a conversation off camera about this, an then also confront the roommates either on camera or off about his relationship always still being ripped on. Simple as that.

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