I Let The Mean Girls Pick My Outfits…

I Let The Mean Girls Pick My Outfits…

get your course on our master headphones and hello Jennifer dot-com / because I'm today I am so excited I just bought look you guys oh I had such an amazing day today nothing can ruin it now you look at her until right now hi you are you talking to us girl you do realize those are mannequins but I'm not gonna judge I'm just gonna go now I just got a new outfit and you girls don't need to ruin my day so wait you got a new outfit I'm wearing right now it's trash yeah like I said I'm just gonna keep walking oh my gosh hurry cross cars another car coming let me pick your outfits um what makes you think that I'm gonna let you pick my outfits because I know fashion you guys this really mean girl wants to pick my outfits but I'm not sure if I should let her do that come on what do you have to lose okay just don't make me look ridiculous okay we'll see um just go hey guys I don't know if I should let this mean girl pick my outfits I feel like she just wants to make fun of me okay let's see alright guys well it looks like I'm gonna let a mean girl pick my oh sure she's gonna do something ridiculous isn't she so I'm going to give you an outfit to start off with and then you'll finish it okay sounds like a challenge be ready oh no guys looks like she's looking through the voice section if she ain't gonna make me water boys outfits this one I knew it you were trying to dress me up like a boy do it now loser fine uh I can't believe this mean girl actually wants me to dress up like a boy okay so what shirt does she have on looks like she has a boy's Gucci hoodie oh my god this does not look that flattering on a girl oh I'm gonna show her I'm going to transform this outfit into something cute you can I'll show her maybe I can pick out my most favorite hairstyle ever maybe we should do another hair color this one looks perfect huh you still look ridiculous yup well we'll see about that okay let's go to the face o face all right we got look for something with some jello yes uh it looks like she's getting upset oh my gosh guys I think we're actually gonna make this boy outfit Soleil all right how about we look at some of the skirts have maybe we could try this one okay this yellow skirt doesn't look too bad maybe add some feels unless you have some of the ones we already have oh my gosh I think I actually slayed the boys outfit wait it's not supposed to look cute well look at this I managed to make a boys outfit look cute on me Oh oh my gosh guys I think let's get this diamond over here I can't believe how cute working okay I'm ready for the next outfit let's see bring it on girl fine try and make this look cute oh my gosh a muscle shirt with some tattoos are you sure about that now oh my gosh she's actually gonna make me cry on more boys outfits which I guess I don't really mind that I reset she wants me to look in the boys section does she really how am I supposed to make this look cute lol you look ridiculous but we're wearing the same out oh she changed okay well I'm gonna take this challenge I'm gonna try to look as cute as possible with this shirt on I'm not sure how I'm gonna do it what kind of hairstyle we can use this one maybe make it in black so it matches the sharp I mean there are other colors I could choose but I think I would like so maybe if we add a skirt it won't look so manly let's see maybe we can add this add some custom colors make it black oh my gosh wait a minute what if I do this multicolored black and then red Oh bad you know yeah she's right I could make it better okay um how about if I use the skirt make it black and red oh okay this one looks so much better I love the little bow in the back and it matches the shirt LOL you're not gonna make that look cute yeah well we'll say about that girl so let's do our make now let's see there are so many looks I can do this one yes this one matches soon well some fuels to finish off the outfit whatever already you see so let's oh my gosh how about uh what Oh guys I made this shirt look cute on a girl Oh what you gonna say now mean girl this isn't happening guys she is trying so hard to make me look ridiculous but little does she know that I can make any outfits light unless you guys don't like this outfit okay I need to choose something worse now I wonder what she's gonna choose this time although that one she has on doesn't look that bad oh she changed it you what are things Oh what are those yes lol fine it's on girl I'm gonna make that outfit slay okay so that's what got a reset now which shirt was this oh it was this one the shoes oh girl no wonder that she's chose this outfit how am I gonna make those cute try and make that look good okay I will so let's start off with some hair ooh there are so many cute hairstyles maybe I should change my hair color maybe to blonde what kind of hairstyle I should get oh my gosh this one would match the outfit this little Sailor Moon hair would match it so well okay so umm now let's do a skirt like we have been let's choose this one this time maybe make it a multi colored in red and white oh that does not look bad at all still ugly though okay we'll see about that okay that's those shoes so I'm gonna get these heels and in red that way it matches the cute top and we cannot forget the makeup oh this one well alright girl what you're gonna say now how do you slay more than me oh did you religious say that it's not fair one more outfit well girl whatever outfits you make me wear I'm gonna make them look good I can't believe that we just made some cute looks off of boys clothes I never thought that that could happen that's so cool oMG this one this will be hard to do wow you really chose another one that one and looks very manly but I bet you I can make it work alright girl so let's reset I cannot find what outfit she chose so where did she get it from oh there it is so gross okay this one is super challenging how am I gonna make this look cute and girly okay let's start with the hair first um let's see we're not I never use that one okay so of course now we've got to choose the skirt maybe let's go with this one and make it multicolored make white and some black on it oh not bad not bad at all it already looks super cute maybe if I add some makeup it'll make it look complete oh my isn't that one oh this was cute yeah that's a cute black lipstick and now of course for the heels maybe we could try them and a it'd be like a red guy I think we straight it I think we slayed the outfit even though it's a boys shirt it still looks good on a girl oh my gosh I'm so done Oh bye well well bye girl she got really mad guys I left the mean girl pick my outfits she wanted me to wear boys clothes but I still managed to make them slave what do you guys think do you like it let me know down in the comments below which of these boy outfits you would wear but anyways that is all for today I hope you guys enjoyed this video make sure you get this video to 5,000 like and don't forget to turn on post notifications so you'll be notified every time I upload a video I always try my best to like as many comments as I can from the early birds so make sure you're early to my videos by turning on modifications but anyways that's all for today hope you guys enjoyed this video but anyways I'll see you guys next time and until then SS – and I love you so so much

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  1. Omg love this video do yall also always listen to music while u choose ur outfits??? Lately I'm totally into bands like Nirvana, Oasis and Delta Parole, etc. what music do u listen to?

  2. I have a song for u Alex
    Let’s begin

    Who is the best YouTuber? I think it’s Alex because she is the best I just want want want to meet sooo much oh wanna see her too? Well of corse u want too! And to never never never believe bullies because they might be rude! Ur the best

    Thanks u for listening!

  3. 🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓

  4. Girl: ew what are these?!?!
    * the camera points down to the shoes *
    *A man screams * OHHHHHH!
    Alex: those what are those?!??!
    Girl: yes Lol
    * Alex changes into the shoes *
    * man screams again * OHHHHH!
    Alex: these shoes oh girl

  5. cant you make a tomboy outfit and not girly girl outfits? That would make it easier and I kinda dislike girly girl outfits

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