I Made Myself Wear Short Shorts in Public – Scoops Ahoy Costume Build from Stranger Things Season 3

I Made Myself Wear Short Shorts in Public – Scoops Ahoy Costume Build from Stranger Things Season 3

Oh [Applause] you so today we are making Steve Harrington's uniform his scoops of holy you know scoops of hoi scoops ahoy uniform from season three of stranger things ladies didn't see you there and it just so happens that there is a pop up scoops ahoy ice cream shop like an actual scoops of hoy in Burbank for a limited time around the release of season three I'm gonna go up there suit up in my uniform try to get a job we'll see how it goes hopefully they hired me because lord knows this isn't making me any money just like seemingly every other person on planet Earth I really like stranger things it's just fun it's it's a fun show that is really well made and and I appreciate that a whole lot and this season in particular they kind of went in a little bit of a different direction which I think paid off for him but the fact that they made Joe Carey wear this uniform for the entire season is hilarious to me and props to him for rolling along with it owning it doing such a good job fantastic so to pay respects to Joe for putting up with this goofy looking costume for an entire season of television we're gonna be making it as screen accurate as possible it's part of the reason I waited until after the season came out to make this is because I wanted to get all the reference points all the little bits that I could you can buy this costume party city sells it I think maybe spirit Halloween will end up coming out with one but if you've ever tried on a party city costume they're just made out of used napkins and dental floss and it's just the most like yeah like uncomfortable ill-fitting weird they never look like the photos it's always just bad all around so I wanted an actual like you work at scoops ahoy here's your uniform everything's spot-on in real life not fake dumb party City versions of things so that's what we're gonna do so I am I'm not gonna do a full how to like step by step on this if you want to use this as a reference to make your own costume I am gonna be including like pattern numbers and the materials I'm using some of the techniques how I'm doing things I also have the you know zippers and and little brass rivet things and ice cream patch and all that but you don't need to see that because you'll see it at the end whatever okay but so [Applause] [Applause] pockets I've never actually made a like a proper pair of trousers with you know a zipper and and a fly and pockets inset and all that stuff so this is it's gonna be a little bit of a learning curve here I don't think I don't think it's gonna be that bad a lot of people when they are making a costume or get into cosplay or anything there's a large hesitancy to do anything that involves so and I understand it it's it's not something that is easily understood without you know having experienced it but I will tell you it is something that you can pick up relatively quickly there's a wealth of information out there on sewing and and tutorials and credible YouTube tutorials you can learn any and everything you need on YouTube and the instructions that you get with patterns and you can get a machine for I think my first machine was a hundred dollars it was a singer something but it was just cheap oh no machine hundred bucks I could straight stitch with it and maybe some zigzags and it was plenty I made I made a full on full wizard cloak with with gold satin lining and everything bagel hood and all that on a hundred dollar machine legitimately that costume the the fabric cost more then the machine and it's you know I I didn't know what I was doing I you know called my mom a few times to get some tips and you know when went on online and looked up little tips and tricks and all that and it worked out and I have a beautiful beautiful wizard robe now and after that I'm self-taught like I grew up around sewing but I never partook I think that's kind of what gave me the confidence to start as I knew it was possible I saw the people around me doing it successfully so it wasn't scary I just never bothered to learn when I was younger but man once I once I picked up that hundred dollar machine it just opened up a whole new world it was fantastic so do not be afraid of sewing please go and pick up $100 machine grab a pattern that's something you want to try get some fabric and just try something it it's extremely I want to say a big thing but it's it's liberating and then you can not just costumes you can alter your own clothes you can do I mean anything it's it's you know it's the the textile equivalent of getting a welder which that takes a little more practice to get really good at but same kind of thing that the freedom that that machine gives you is just insurmountable it's it's incredible so please do it go get a sewing machine [Applause] holy shirts sorry that was bad we're pretty much done with the shirt look at this thing these these sailor collars are difficult they're not they're like awful awful awful awful but to get everything to line up and be nice and tidy is turned out to be a little bit of a task the collar piece itself I ended up losing some of it to my seam allowances and stuff so you know just kind of learning I made I made the pattern for this piece myself just kind of doing some guesswork it turned it you know I'll give it a not bad not bad if 10 for a first try I'm gonna do my test fitting time to change clothes now I'm not in the habit of taking my pants off on camera but I'm pleased to report that these shorts fit incredibly nice shorts of course they are gonna be hemmed up quite a bit higher than this somewhere around there I think I just have to look at some reference and do a proper proper fitting on this and now put this puppy on this is exciting I really really hope this fits obviously I who wouldn't want it to fit it's a little tricky to put on because it's not stretching at all yeah I think it fits I would probably want it a little bag ear honestly it kind of fits a little too well but I mean for our first try no maka this is great okay well back to sewing got to finish this up real quick here okay come on I feel like I'm in an Anne Hathaway movie feel like for some reason she always makes movies that involve ill-fitting clothes alright now we have the shirt then the shorts are done they're in a really good spot I'm super pleased with that and in case you're wondering what that is so am i I just noticed it I don't know where it came from I think I probably I guess I like scratched myself maybe taking off the shirt who knows yeah so we're moving on to accessorize the store-bought stuff was pretty simple to find except the shoes so first we have of course our ice cream scoop you can see in this one shot that it has a red handle so we got a nice little red handle cliquey ice cream scoop they white belt with a flat metal buckle on it so we got that guy and the adidas gazelles now these aren't made anymore as far as I know I couldn't find them from any actual real source so I ended up getting knockoffs and they feel like they're made out of paper I'm not sure you know but they look like it so that's what counts we're in the business of making fake look real so that's what we do the other stuff we're gonna have to make and it's mostly just the scoop holder and the apron and I don't have any patterns or anything for that so we're just gonna go ahead and make it up just look at some reference photos kind of draw some stuff see what we come up with shouldn't be too big a deal yeah oh and the the little kerchief little handkerchief Dooley on the shirt we're gonna do that too out of the red set team and then slap that patch on whatever the one of these arms just a little iron-on patch so that's an easy easy job okay back to sewing back to making things how could I forget the sailor hat that says a wholly across the top and the name badge that says Steve and the little anchor and all that those are actually probably two of my favorite pieces from this costume they're they're so iconic and and really really great designs I have made digital files for the graphics for those and I'm gonna have an engraver and grave out the badge for me and then go into an embroidery shop for the toy to go on a sailor hat I already picked up the sailor hat actually at a military surplus store it is a real like an authentic I don't know if it was Navy but it's an authentic sailor hat not a not a cheapo costume one so it's gonna be nice and nice and a good form factor there okay now back to snowing see did that yes [Applause] [Applause]

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  1. "Yada yada yada" is probably the best way to do the obligatory end-of-the-video pitch. You're also really making me want to finish my Hopper costume from Halloween 2017 πŸ˜…

  2. I love everything about this!! 😍
    Also, yay for welt pockets! The first time I tried one of those it confused the hell out of me, haha. But where there's a will, there's a way πŸ˜„

  3. This was superlatively better than a USS Butterscotch! Thanks for sharing!
    (congratulations on passing 100 subscribers)

  4. Hey, this video is great. I work for Caters News and we would love to work with you in order to share this video with the largest audience possible. Please feel free to reach me on [email protected] Thanks.

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