I MADE THIS OUTFIT FOR $10.00 – Thrift Transformation

I MADE THIS OUTFIT FOR $10.00 – Thrift Transformation

I really want to go and see what I can find at the surface or and see if I can turn it into like a really cute little outfit no it's super ugly I'd imagine it as like a cute little skirt with a little blazer and this is it before hello guys welcome back to my channel or today's video we are going to head to the thrift store because I have an idea in my hand that I want to do I really want to go and see what I can find at the thrift store like whether it's like an old ugly dress or just something like that and see if I can turn it into like a really cute little outfit but you guys know I love drifting I've made like a few videos where I've gone 13 before but I've never actually done much besides just like buy stuff and cut it up like I get like cute shirts and I'll just cut them up and that's pretty much it but at this time I actually want to like challenge myself and try to make something out of it with the limited amount of money that I'm going to be using so I think my budget is gonna be like around $10 and I just want to see how much I can get with that $10 and try to make like a really stylish like maybe like a little two-piece outfit or something I haven't really decided I guess it just depends on what I can find at the 3rd store so that is what we were doing for today's video so we are here at the thrift store we got some free 3rd Starbucks I got a caramel hot latte her entire drink is caramel there's nothing else there's not even coffee in here good blobs of caramel every Sara moment whipped cream disgusting so here we are time to go in incognito there's a lot of people in here in this awkward way it's pretty good Henry nice super I'll go ahead imagine it as like a cute little skirt with a little okay it's summer you don't need that smock that you're getting she looks like the girl from clueless sounds pretty good actually penny why are you getting that stuff those are mom clothes I look good I take the simple approach to life what these booklet everything everything's washed out and ugly that's 50% off but is a yellow tag it's yeah it can be I don't know your style is going downhill fast Kennedy's new collection sewage wrap that's good it's a golf shirt like 70s golf shirt money do two different outfits on I think I think that's a good idea why don't that literally makes me feel a little nauseous like legitimately No and you just wanted to be her idea you know they use a sewing machine there you go yeah that's that's good I think it's a kid today okay so it was pretty damn successful if you ask me I kind of found exactly what I was thinking up in my head like an old lady a jacket that was super big and long and not cute but had a cute pattern so that I could turn it into something like a really cute little again see these are more like 90s inspired two-piece outfit yeah everything's like so expensive there now even if it's not cute so so you want to get home and try to turn these into something that come now and this time if you start seeing if we can make one of these ugly things into something cute so I got this one which is like a long dress type thing then I also got this yellow coat which I showed you guys in the store which I actually like this one better I think I'm gonna try to do something with this one first it's just a really long yellow coat and then it just has like a cute pattern I'm some fabric glue and some scissors and we're gonna get to work so this is it before of what it looks like super big super not cute but I'm thinking that if I were to crop it up here and make it a really cute little cropped blazer type thing sleeves are a little big but maybe I can like roll them or something and make them a little cuter and then I'm thinking with the extra fabric that is down here I can turn it into like a little mini skirt I just wanted the sleeves and I cut it and I might have to like fold these little raw edges under so the front of the skirt just has like the buttons in the little pockets which i think is like a cute touch so I don't want to ruin that I'm gonna go ahead and cut the back seam and I'm gonna re glue it on top of each other to make it a smaller size you know what I mean okay so I just went around the edges of the jacket with some fabric glue just to fold them in just so there is no rough edge anymore so now it's a nice smooth edge and looks like it was stitched and made like that and now I'm just waiting for this skirt to dry okay so it's coming along I have a feeling that this is gonna come out really good I'm really excited actually because I feel like I did everything right this time I've tried to do stuff like this before like all my own head never comes out right but I feel like I got the sizing right on the skirt and then it buttons in the front so it'll be really easy to put on I won't have to like how to get it up on my legs or anything they jacket is pretty much finished from what I showed you um I think it'll look really here with like a little cropped white tank top underneath and then like the mini skirt I'm just finished I'm just waiting for the glue to dry and then it'll be time for the big reveal I'm also gonna go show Ken D and Brandon because they saw what it looked like when I bought it but they haven't no idea it's gonna look like when I'm finished so I just realized this jacket actually does have these ugly shorter pads they literally had to rip a giant hole and like cut the shoulder pad out I was wondering why when I tried it on my shoulders literally looked massive and that's why here is the finished outfit it came out so cute and actually like fits really good in the back it's a little it's a little Genki but besides that it's so cute it looks like a little outfit that like Cher from clueless would wear and I always wanted to dress like her when I used to watch that movie when I was younger but yeah this is like exactly what I had imagined when I saw this in the store I just put on some little Steve Madden nude heels with it to like complete the look so I think for my breath I think for making this out of literally the biggest ugly jacket I think it's pretty damn good and all I used was glue there's the finish product for a total of 10 99 of you close your eyes 3 it's really cool I feel like it's something that you'd see like zendaya wearing I actually really loved how it came out like I'm honestly really impressed with myself and I managed to do this I think I did it within like 45 minutes if we came home and I just like went up and did it real quick and it's all done with glue like it was so easy I am NOT so proud of myself well let me know what you think of my little outfit that I created that just goes to show when literally spending $10 at go welcome video the whole freaking outfit I went outside and took a little Instagram photo shoot in it so here are those photos if that is there for this videos thank you guys so much for watching a be sure you give this video a big thumbs up I love you all and I will see you in my next video bye [Applause]

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  1. I really loved it but why would you ruin your content by showing the after look right there in the thumbnail?
    Well, anyway. Just had to say it

  2. claudia: you could wear it open with a little white crop top
    kennedy: omg u know what? you would wear it open with a little white crop top

  3. you guys should do a challenge where you guys go thrifting and see who makes the best fit out of it ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚!

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