I Picked My Outfit Blindfolded in ROYALE HIGH

I Picked My Outfit Blindfolded in ROYALE HIGH

45 Replies to “I Picked My Outfit Blindfolded in ROYALE HIGH”

  1. Alex is tape
    Zach is a broken heart
    Alex tapes it up
    Zach is better
    But Alex and Zach will always be better

  2. What are you Zachary live I’m seven years old I really want to meet you classy so nice maybe we can be friends

  3. you squad should be Zachalex
    I don't know randomly just asked my sister and she said Zachalex soooooo
    yeah I don't know it's weird though BYEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. :When Zach and Alex upload at the same time:

    Me: WhO dO i ChOoSe!? Whyyyyyyyyyyy god whyyyyyy

    1 like= 1 pray

  5. Sorry i had grammar of zachs name sorry heheh…….. IM SO SORRY!!! Te amo alex & zachary! Te amo!!!! I speak filipino-spanish-english-japanese-chinese-canada. UwU there te amo

  6. Did anyone sawed that there was a grave with zacks name on it and its said "here lies zack 2016-2018" i was like OMG IS THAT ZACKS GRAVE…. ALEX AND DEAD ZACK GET. AWAY. FROM. THE. GRAVE. YARD!!!!!!! screams like alex and laughs like alex Oof

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