I Said YES to The Ball Dress!

I Said YES to The Ball Dress!

(upbeat music) – Ding, hello Hunnay, watch me Hunnay. (knocking) Hi, Lisa! Hi, Tyler! Ooh, I like your haircut. Wait, when I see this, this
means like an exciting shipment is either coming or going for somebody. – Yeah, the exciting shipment’s in. Nine tenth’s yours. – Really? – And one tenth’s ours. – Wait, are you serious? (Lisa laughing) Nine tenths of these are mine? See that? Let me tell you about fabulous stylists. So I called Lisa and Tyler and I said, “I have a really exciting
charity ball coming up “and I wanna look
fabulous, fun, glamorous.” Because usually I’m always
working these events and I don’t get to just kind of have the Cinderella moment on my own. So basically, the client, or the me, asks the stylists to help
dress her for whatever event. These stylists go to town
working and twerking. So they call every showroom they know, call the designers, ask them for specific things they’ve seen on the runway, specific things they know
are about to be released. All these things come shipped in like this mofo load right here. And also stylists have this thing where they want to squeeze in things that you never want to try ’cause you’re not open
minded you’re and insecure about your body but they believe in you more than you believe in yourself so they want you to try it and they stick it in there anyway. My eyes are draw towards this one, because its got that glitz
that I’m looking for. And it has a little bit of
the 80s vibe which is in now. I really wanna see what it looks like to just have this like spillage of tulle and then, boom, and nice
little leg to be like, “Eyy!” Who made this dress, guys? – The designer is Michael D. He’s from Paris. – So you guys shipped this in from Paris? – [Lisa] Yeah.
– Yeah. – For me and my ball? Thank you, merci, Michael! – I actually would love
to see this one on you. It’s actually by the
same designer, Michael. Just love how sleek, sexy it is. It’s got a slit as well. – These are mirrored leopard prints. So we’ve got a petal
that’s gonna go on here, ’cause we don’t want a panda eye. – If we need to take these off and move it around for placement,
we can do that as well. – Have you even done that, actually moved the
pattern for someone’s nip? – [Tyler] Yep.
– Yeah. We’ve added more, like if
we had to add more pieces or move more sequins
right to cover something, we can do that also. – Like if somebody had
a third nipple, boop! – [Lisa] Tyler. (laughs) – It’s a nubbin, it’s a nubbin. – I actually wanna see you in this. – Oh, I mean that’s a scene stealer. – I mean this is like, the gown. – It makes me think of Charlize Theron walking out in J’Adore. (dramatic orchestral music) – Actually this is the
same designer, Michael D. Can I tell you the reason
why we love him so much? – [Jeannie] Why? – Because he literally
goes from a column dress, to a high low dress,
to something like this. It’s so unexpected. It’s completely hand beaded, it’s got all these beads
are individually sewn on. – I know that we appreciate hand beading, but if there’s machinery that can do it, why do we still appreciate hand
stitching each (beep) bead? – Well, because, when you use a machine, it’s gonna be symmetrical in some way. And when you’re doing a hand beading, it’s so strategically placed. – Just like when I fake
my freckles, I get it now. I wanna try this on too. Because it’s just a
scene stealer, I love it. (upbeat electronic music) Notice the lashes. Okay, that has to move up. (gasps) – That sequin has to. – That’s pretty. I was kind hoping this
to be a little higher. – [Lisa] That needs to be higher. – Yeah, I would take it in right here. – First of all, I’d start with
taking it in at the waist. – Yeah. – Which, look at that, it
already changes the silhouette. There is a lot of fabric here, look how it starts to
change when we get rid of some of the fabric in the back here. Yeah, what if this was a little shorter and it was became something like that. – Like the salsa dancing emoji. Ladies, how many of y’all
hate the little like pit pour that happens here where your
armpits pour a little extra into your cup? You just have to ask your tailor
to open up both sides here and let it out a tiny tad, so that you have more room for more pits. Is it your pit or your (beep)? – Tit pit. – It’s your (beep) pit.
– Yeah. – Open it up. – See how she opened it
up and all of a sudden? – Yeah, yeah less pit,
look at that, how fab. (upbeat electronic music) – I don’t get out of bed for
less than $10 Thousand a day. Likes that is! Just kidding. (laughing) (gasps) Oh (beep). – Wow, hello. – This is majestic. – This is, like, seriously. – This is stunning. I almost wish this went down lower. I’m obsessed with this dress. This is also Michael D., right guys? – [Lisa] Yeah.
– [Tyler] Yeah. – Majestic, it’s elegant. I would even go a little bit more leg. No, I think we’ve got enough leg. (laughing) We’ve got a little ass too. Ooh, hi, you. But I– – [Lisa] This is a real contender. – Really? – We could put some jewels on it. – [Lisa] Oh yeah, oh yeah. – Okay, you guys gotta comment below, ’cause I wanna know what you think. – [Lisa] I’m in love with this. – [Tyler] I’m love with it too. – Like as the main choice. – [Lisa] I have to tell you
that I’m in love with this. Can you see some leg? – [Jeannie] Oh my god, this, you guys? – [Lisa] Maybe it’s her, sit tight. – Yeah, oh yeah, that helps. – [Lisa] Ooh! Now we just want lower in the front. Gorgeous. (laughing) (upbeat electronic music) Can you turn around? – So pretty. It’s stunning. Oh, the side? – [Lisa] Yeah. – How would you do hair for this? – [Lisa] I still feel
like you have to do it up, because this is a dress. – I think it would be sleek, sharp up, with like maybe some almost origami– – You could do sleek, sharp. – Origami like–
– Oh yes, yes. – Things.
– That would be great, yeah. – Now what? Move a tiny, now you gotta go over there. – Oh my god, wow. – Look at that, look at that angle too. (upbeat electronic music) – [Camerawoman] Jeannie! – [Jeannie] Look at these
faces, look at these faces! – It’s got a mystery to it. It’s everything. – It is.
– [Lisa] It really is. – It is, it is, it is. This is so Oscars. – [Lisa] This is a ball gown.
– [Jeannie] Yeah. – Suck it in.
– Are we killing you yet? – Suck ’em in where? Hold on, hold on, let me lift ’em up. (relaxed electronic music) – Ooh.
– Take a look. – Now hold on. – Wait, guys, this is beautiful. – You look like a
princess, like seriously. – Wow it’s really,
– You look beautiful. – You guys, it’s the color. – This is really beautiful.
– [Jeannie] It’s the color. Wrong hole, Tyler. (laughter) – [Tyler] Story of my life. – [Lisa] ‘Cause in person you wouldn’t. – Guys, oh my god. I mean, I’m not gonna be
sitting next to anybody at the table, I’ll be the table. – Can you sit? (laughs) You will be the table! – [Jeannie] I will be the table. – If you have to sit, I think
you should pose all evening. – I love the invisible mesh. It actually matches my skin. You’ve seen those ice skaters who wear mesh that’s not their color, and it’s one big mesh. Love the sweetheart
neckline, it’s so tasteful. – You can’t breathe, but
it’s perfect. (laughing) – It’s fine. Breathing is overrated. Who is this designer right now? – Michael D. – Michael D from Paris. What size box did this come in? – Big. (laughing) – Like a big, tall box? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Balls aren’t enough,
you need ball gowns, because they’re ball gowns. – Right.
– Let me see you twirl. – [Jeannie] Move, guys, this’ll hurt. – “Gone With The Wind” fabulous. (Lisa laughing) – To the right. Have it to the right! Who needs you, Tyler? – Is this a retro? (upbeat electronic music) Is this too short? – Only on top, yeah. – Oh no. This should be like that,
and then. (laughing) I don’t mind this, I actually love it, because it gives a waist. – Yeah. Shoulder makes waist smaller. This gives you hip. – Hourglass.
– And then poof. That’s like what it is. – It’s everything. – I’m in love with this designer, he’s a great friend of
mine, Michael Costello. He’s the super phase for Beyonce and JLo. His art is draping across a body. All these lines of a woman’s body. He’s got the drama with the shoulder pad, he’s got the plunging cleavage, you still feel like you’ve got skin with the arm and the leg. – And this is already
like one of those dresses where there’s like a lot going on, but it’s done right, ’cause it does flow. – High slit, you have great legs. – Thanks. – It’s got this sash here,
which gives you more hip. – Right, right.
– And it’s sexy. – Can you imagine reaching for a chicken wing across the table? Oh (beep) well that’s just not gonna work. (laughing) – Oops! (laughing) – Sorry, everybody. Yeah, thanks guys. – And by the way, you
could put a belt here. – Can you? (upbeat electronic music) – [Lisa] Then you do it with a boot. – Yeah, what to do you mean, the bootie? – [Lisa] Like a boot, yeah. – [Tyler] Like a slouchy, white bootie. – [Lisa] Yeah, that would
be freakin’ awesome, a slouchy, white bootie. (upbeat electronic music) (chicken clucking) – I can already tell that
the dress is wearing me and I’m not wearing the dress. I think it’s this. – Do I go here, or do I go here? – Yeah, that’s one of the key things to look out for when a dress is too much. Like right now in this,
you’re looking at this. You’re looking at my boobs,
you’re looking at my legs, you’re looking at what the
hell is going on with my hands. Are they gloves that
are matching feathers? So that overwhelms. – If you have these things hanging out, but you’re looking everywhere
else, there’s a problem. (Lisa laughing) – That was it, that was it. And that I look like a big bird. Oh my god. – I have to tell you, though (laughing) honestly, it’s pretty sexy. – You’re right, I actually see it. – You see it? It’s hot. – But I can also see all the memes with me next to chicken
nuggets, next to Big Bird, next to a Yeti. Oh, this bitch is Googling. Here we go. (upbeat country music) Break a rib, just go all the way in. – Yeah, break a rib, what? – No, I think the straps on are good. But I just wanna see it,
I know what you mean. Yeah, but it takes away
that beautiful embroidery. – I just would lower it a
little bit in the cleavage area. – Okay, so, guys, we love this dress. I look like a very expensive Persian rug. Tyler is doing exactly
what I was thinking, which is to give it a
little sweetheart neckline. I’m obsessed with this dress. This is designed by Vassallo. Tyler, what would you do to
open up the clavicle here? – So just to open up a little bit, we’d bring this down a little bit. – Check out the girls, so we
give a little bit more girls. What would you do, Lisa? I’ll hold this for you. – Yeah, so then what I
would do is pull it in here by your waist. Look at that. – (singing) My waist, my back. – Yeah! (laughing) – So already now you see a little bit– – Now you have hips, exactly. – And to be a little further on the hips, Tyler, can you just do a little stitch? – Just make it straighter. There you go, that’s beautiful. – Ow!
– Beautiful, beautiful. – Yes, hunnay! This is stunning. – Yeah, this is pretty.
– Yeah, it is gorgeous. – This could be actually the ball. What do you think, fam? Do you like the Michael Costello? Do you like the lovely leopard? Which dress would you choose for the ball? – Michael D. – Which is the lovely leopard. – It’s the leopard, the
sheer leopard black. – Okay.
– The lovely leopard. (upbeat electronic music) – Okay, so I’ve got everything. I’ll read your comments
to see what you guys pick. Don’t forget to subscribe, hit that notification bell! See you at the ball, hunnay! (light electronic music)

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