I Sewed My Own Clothes for an Entire Year ✂️ LOOK BACK | SEWING REPORT

I Sewed My Own Clothes for an Entire Year ✂️ LOOK BACK | SEWING REPORT

32 Replies to “I Sewed My Own Clothes for an Entire Year ✂️ LOOK BACK | SEWING REPORT”

  1. I'm a bloke & never used a sewing machine, but have an interest in well fitting clothes. So this year, I'm going to make this a habit.
    Thank you.

  2. You did the right thing quitting. CNN is negative, bitter, angry and can't get over the fact Trump won.

  3. New to your channel! I'm going to look around and hopefully find a video showing us how to make clothes. If you don't have pls consider making one!

  4. Love all you did especially blue dress with pink and birds. I am remodeling a lot off my clothes this year, I figured I sew since I was 4, so I can, at 58 no? I made all my kids clothes till they turn 12 , then it was only so often, now they want me to remodel there's to. So fun. Loooooove sewing. Thank for the video.

  5. You have done an awsome job sewing your clothes. I am struggling but getting better. My first pair of pants are done well but too small.

  6. Great job with your makes. I love how you compiled them for this video. So creative and fun. 😀

  7. Congratulations on completing this amazing challenge! I think your skills get better over the year 😀 delightful to see this accomplishment of yours, thanks for sharing <3

  8. I'm an older lady who used to live to make my own clothes. It's refreshing to see a lot of interest in sewing again. I say yeah!

  9. Great job! You (literally) made it! I'm hoping to sew a lot more clothes in 2018 now that I have a serger. This is great inspiration!

  10. THANK YOU for keeping it real in style and accessible for our skill level (mine at least, lol). I can already see that your online sewing career is going to continue to be a big success. Three cheers for your 2018!

  11. Awesome! Great job, everything looked great!
    The sheet dress really opened the door for me to look at fabric differently!
    Now I go to thrift shops and look at all the “fabric”.

  12. By the way, if you quit CNN because they are betraying the public trust with their propaganda mill over there, I applaud you. I don't mean to offend. Everyone has to make a living. I hope you find another position that makes the best use of your talents. I love your channel here and your inspirational outlook even to me as a long time sewist.

  13. Great job very inspirational. I've been sewing for 45 years. Since age 12. I'm rather slow and take a long time to decide not only what to sew but how I'll make it personalized with my own take. I rarely make the pattern as is. Consequently I don't roll out a large amount of clothing every year. I tend to make items that are very expensive to buy like dresses in luxury fabrics as in 100% wool or items whose design will be stylish for years. I don't tend to make things like underwear that wear out and need to be discarded. I do make high quality items like tshirts made from fabrics typically not used for tshirts or I do mixed media tops. My goal is to put the work into items I'll have for many seasons or years. Otherwise I feel it's not worth the effort.

  14. Congrats!! It's so amazing that you completed the goal and you made some amazing things. I can't wait to see what 2018 holds for you! I would love to do this challenge in a few years. But I had a baby this year and my challenge is just sleeping at the moment! Haha! But this channel has been inspiring!! Thank you!

  15. You did make a lot of beautiful things! Congratulations on a successful year of meeting you goal 🙂 I have joined the 2018 challenge of not buying one item of RTW and making ALL my own clothes. I feel ready upon reaching my 3rd yr anniversary of my return to sewing after an almost 40 yr hiatus.

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