32 Replies to “i spent all my money on trendy instagram clothes”

  1. oh wow look a likes, hmmmm. if there are look a likes up on porno of youtube underage girls, then it should be reported as terrorism because look a likes were done do people with people who were warned about the WTC, imagine a porn star doing a look a like porno of someones mom back in 2000 but he worked in the wtc at the time and is now a porn star, someone might have saved him and did this to someone as a joke, but the jokers saved him so they might have known what was going to happen in there .  report it as terrorism with the youtube page and look a like. it will skip the police and lawyers and judges mumbo jumbo lagging justice.

  2. Talk about drop everything for a video. I don’t know why this was so necessary to watch, but it was 😂💜

  3. The two tank tops that were pink and green.. I can’t be the only one who thought “Wanda and Cosmo.. you ain’t slick”

  4. What an iconic YouTuber. A beautiful strong independent woman. Zhirelle, senior year has been so great and honestly, you have been so great in everything you do. I am excited for what you will do in the future because you are a very intelligent person. I can’t wait to walk down the aisle with you and our senior friends.

  5. When you said that you love white shoes I was gonna comment “get the plain white old skool vans, they’re so comfy” and then I saw you have them and I was like “oh”

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