I Styled Clothes I Never Wear for a Week

I Styled Clothes I Never Wear for a Week

– (sighing) Okay, let's do this. (happy upbeat music) Hey guys, it's Sierra,
welcome back to my channel. So, today I went into
my closet and I chose the five least warn items that I own and I'm gonna try and
style them for a week. Usually when I do these style swap videos, I buy crazy outfits online or dress like celebrities, but this week, I'm gonna try doing it
with my own clothes. So I'm gonna try to
style each of these items that I never really wear in a way that gives it new life,
that makes me feel confident and that matches my current style. And after a full day of wearing each item I'll give my final verdict on
if my mind has been changed and I see myself wearing that
piece of clothing more often or if I just don't see how
it fits into my daily style. We will part ways and I'll donate it. If you're new to my channel,
make sure to subscribe, and a join the family, I post new videos every
Tuesday and Friday. I'm also wearing my own merch today, if you didn't see that, you guys can check it
out at thecurvycrew.com. It's my favorite shirt,
my favorite V neck, so there's a link for this
item down in the description. But without further ado,
let's get into my week. (whooshing) Good morning everyone, so I just scoured my closet
for all of these items that I have not worn in a long time. I chose five clothing pieces and I tried to do some variety, so I think I ended up with two tops, two dresses, and one skirt. Some of these are items that
I've maybe worn once or twice, things that I bought and just
never got a lot of use out of. And then there are a few items
that I used to wear a ton and over, I feel like, the
past six months to a year, I haven't even touched. So, for my first day, I'm going with this black and white striped
long sleeve, mock neck top. This, I believe, it's from,
yep, it's from Old Navy and I got this maybe two years ago. I used to wear it all
the time with leggings and boots but I feel like it's just not super my style any more. So I went into my closet and I grabbed a bunch of items
that I think could maybe work as a outfit with that top. Obviously, everything is black, that's kind of the vibe I'm
gonna go for with this look. So obviously this top
is a little bit longer which kind of covers
me up a little bit more unless I'm wearing it with leggings and that's the look I want. But for the first thing, I was think of maybe pairing
with these flowing pants but then tucking it in and pulling these to be high waisted. So, let's see how that looks. Okay, I feel like this is
pretty cute, kinda cute. The stripes are just kind of a lot, especially for the way
that my style has evolved. I don't really wear one,
thick striped pattern like this that much. I love the mock neck and
I think the black pants definitely break it up a little bit more. I actually really like this look, the way it's coming together so far. So I just tucked it into
black super high waisted jeans and I feel like these give more structure than the flowy pants. I'm thinking a little belt and maybe a blazer or a coat. Okay, I actually really like this and it's rainy today, so
the coat's kind of nice. Maybe with some black
booties or something. I don't know, I really like this. Okay, here is my leather jacket, I like the look of the leather jacket too, it's a little bit more edgy and this belt, I actually
just got this belt a few days ago at Express and
I really like the way it looks with the gold circles. It's kind of fake Gucci, it's
giving that Gucci belt look but it's from Express. I think the leather jacket is cute, I like this look but I think
the long coat is more me and because it's raining
today, that'll be nice. So yeah, I'm gonna do the jacket but I also like the way this outfit looks without the jacket, so when I'm inside, I just
won't wear the jacket. But I'm really pleasantly surprised with the way this outfit came together. I think this just goes to show a good pair of high waisted
jeans can fix anything. (laughing) I think the last
time I wore this shirt, honestly, was on a cruise
with Steven's family over a year ago. I think it's one of those pieces that it's easy to make
an outfit around it. Obviously I was crafting
what I'm wearing today around this shirt, this
shirt I was gonna wear no matter what. But I think when I'm going into my closet just looking for something to wear, I gravitate towards things
that are easier to style and this does take a
little bit more thought and effort but I really like the outfit. So, let's get on with my day. (whooshing) Okay, I'm
at my parent's house, it's my mom's birthday today. Mom, what do you think of my outfit? – I like it. – That's not my mom. (laughing) Mom, what do you think of my outfit? – Well, it's interesting. (dramatic sound blast) – Interesting? – I don't usually see
you wear a big, boxy coat with an outfit. – I really liked this outfit. Okay, fine, I'll take the coat off and you can see the underneath. Well, apparently my mom
doesn't like this jacket. How's the outfit now, mom, how is it? – [Mom] It's nice. – Yeah, better? – It's very nice, very nice. – [Brother] Interesting? – Yeah, very nice. The outfit, the jacket is
fine but when you come in and you take it off. – Yeah. – 'Cause it's boxy, it's not like a– – It's interesting. – It's not like a tailored jacket. – Yeah. – It's not a tailored jacket. – Sure. – [Mom] You should leave it off. – Sure. So apparently my mom
likes this outfit better without the jacket, I
though the jacket was cute. But like I said, not
gonna wear it indoors. I finished off this outfit
as I was leaving the house with a black bag, kind of matches my belt and little black booties. But overall, I really like this outfit, I think it came together really well. Okay, putting the jacket
back on since we're outside, even though my mom
thinks it's interesting. I like this jacket, let
me know in the comments what you think of it. I think it's really cute, but anyways. I've been in this outfit
for most of the day, it's starting to rain, so
I'm gonna make this quick. I love this outfit, I feel so good in it. I think a bit part of it is in the jeans. These black jeans are just my favorite, they're super high waisted, so I feel super comfortable in them but I have extra room in the waist so I don't feel like they're squeezing me. They're just, these are just great jeans. I think the all black look is really sleek and my heals give a little
click-clack when I walk, which Steven was making fun of me for. But I fell like it make
me feel like a boss lady, I'm like (heal clacking)
get me in that paperwork. (heal clicking) No
extensions on the deadline. I'm not sure if I like
it better with the jacket or without, without the jacket, it definitely shows my figure more, you know the belt finds
my waist and everything. But the jacket's very business lady, which I feel like kind of
combines with the healed booties to make me feel like a boss, which I love. (whooshing) I am so glad
I started off my week with this shirt because oh my gosh, my mind has been changed. I for sure thought that
this top would end up in the donate pile but
styling it with this all black ensemble made
for a really mature look that fits my current style. Yep, it's a keeper. (whooshing) Good morning, day two. I just finished doing my hair and makeup, I usually do my hair and
makeup after I get dressed but since have a specific
thing I have to wear today, I was like alright, let's do
this and then we'll do this. So today, we're gonna go with this dress. So this is a button up
midi dress Bali Brand in my trying YouTuber clothing lines video and I love this when I tired it on, so I was like, I'm
absolutely keeping this. I'm totally gonna wear it and I have not worn it a single time since I've filmed that video. So this is actually gonna
be my first time style it and wearing it for a day. Compared to the first outfit, there isn't that much
I actually have to do styling wise with this because it is just a dress. So I'm thinking maybe some black booties and a little hair scarf
to tie it together. We'll see, I'm gonna go try it on. I'm still so shocked at how
flattering this dress is, oh, I have to put on the tie, too, there's a little tie belt. How frickin' cute! And I love the little tie belt, it emphasizes my waist even more than the dress already does on its own. I added this little navy
blue, floral hair scarf. It matches perfectly and
I love wearing my hair in a little top knot, so I
thought that would be fun. And I'm really surprised that
the buttons aren't pulling. It's definitely tight,
it's a body con type dress but some how the buttons,
for the most part, lay really flat. The only parts where I see
a little bit of pulling are right here and right here. But even with those two spots, I feel like it doesn't ruin
the silhouette of the dress, it doesn't look like I'm
gonna bust out of it. And I rarely wear anything
button front like this because I feel like the
buttons always pull. Even if size up, it's just an issue and on this, this is a tight fitting dress but the buttons don't look terrible. And that's what I originally
loved about this dress that and the shape but I think I just don't really wear it because it's a little
bit too mature for me. This feels very flight attendant, very mom taking her kids
to the library for playtime and I'm more having a glass of wine while I watch The Batchelor
on a Tuesday night. Let's get into my day. Wait, nope, before we get into my day, I wanna test something. Whenever I wear things
that are button front, I feel like they look
terrible when I sit down, so got my chair and
I'm going to sit in it. And, you know what, doesn't
look as bad as I expected. You can see the buttons
are definitely pulling a little bit more when I sit down but it doesn't look horrible and the buttons aren't gaping so it's not showing my bra or
my stomach or my underwear, they're just pulling a little bit but you're not actually seeing any skin. I don't know how they
constructed this dress to make the buttons not
do that but still be tight but I'm here for it. (whooshing) Okay, I am in
the dressing room at Target I'm filming a $100 shopping challenge which by the time this video's going up, you've already seen that. So, I hope you liked it! But, anyways, still going
strong in this outfit, the buttons aren't bothering me as much as I though they would and I feel like a very put together business women, like I'm
a journalist or something. I'm very professional but I'm so cute. I'm in Walmart right now, I just walked into the dressing room and I realized this button popped off. Well, it didn't pop off,
it just came undone, I can fix it but I have no idea how long
the button had been like that, hopefully, not too long. But I do think that showing that I would need a bigger size in this if I was gonna order it again. Well, okay, you can tell how late it is because my makeup is
lookin' patchy and old and ready to come off. I have been in this dress
for a solid 12 hours now, I think I put it on a 9:00 AM. I did some work at my desk in this dress, I went to Target, I went to Walmart, I filmed a video, I went to church, I cooked dinner, it has been a day. I'm on the fence about if I
want to keep this dress or not, so I'm gonna think about
it a little bit more and I will let you guys know now! (whooshing) So this blue
dress is tough for me, I really like the way it looks, I think it's a flattering dress, it's mature, it's well made but I've already had
it sitting in my closet for six months and I've
never worn it a single time. And to be perfectly
comfortable in this dress, I think I would need to
order it in a bigger size because that button did
come undone at one point throughout the day. And where my style is right now, I just don't see myself
wearing it very often, even if it was a size up. So I'd rather give it to someone who's gonna get a lot of use out of it and really enjoy this piece because it's a great dress, it's just not for me. So I'd rather not let it sit there and collect dust in my closet, into the donate pile. (whooshing) Okay, so, day three. Today, which of these do I want to style? I'm gonna go pink t-shirt
'cause it's a casual day. So this is a shirt I used to wear a ton maybe twoish years ago and I
probably haven't touched it in a year and a half. It's just really not the kind of thing I wear that much anymore. What I used to really
like about this top is it's kind of shear, so I'd
wear it with a bralette and it's longer in the back so
I could wear it with leggings and it would cover my butt. And I still wear a lot
of t-shirts like this but there are two things
that I'm not super fond of. First I the color, this pink
is not really my thing anymore. It's so bright and I feel like lately my color palate has been
more pastels, muted colors. And second thing, I've been wearing a lot more cropped shirts
that are still kind of wide and boxy but end about here, so this one's a little bit too long. I mean, putting it on, it's
honestly not bad at all, it's just not something
I gravitate towards. I think I'm gonna need
to tie this knot tighter 'cause right now it just
looks a little bit awkward or just undo it all together. But I think I'm gonna stay In
these little capri leggings and then maybe a denim jacket, a baseball cap, my ADIDAS. I'm not really sure, so, let's
experiment a bit. (chuckling) Retying the shirt and
adding the denim jacket, I actually don't think this is that bad. It's definitely a casual look and I still think the pink
is a little bit more bright than I would typically go for. But I think the jacket
really pulls it together more and makes it look more like an outfit instead of just pajamas. So I think I'm gonna go with this today. Wow, this is weird, I'm
literally not even gonna try any other outfit combos. Today Steven and I are driving up to L.A. because I'm doing a shoot tomorrow so that's gonna be fun. And that's another reason I
went with this shirt for today 'cause I'm just gonna be in the car and then hanging out in our hotel, packing here before I go. So for a casual outfit, I
feel like this, not bad. Honestly, it kind of came
together decently well. (whooshing) Okay, I'm
packing my bags right now, literally holding a bra in my hand because I need to put it in my bag. Into the bag, oh hey, it's Steven. Steven, what do you think of my outfit? – It looks cute, it looks normal. – [Sierra] It is normal but
what item would you guess that's part of this outfit
is something I never wear? – Probably that pink shirt. – That is correct, we have a winner, it is the pink shirt. I feel like usually when I ask you what you think of my
outfit, it's for a video where I'm wearing really,
really weird things, so. (laughing) – [Steven] Yeah, this is
a pleasant change of pace. – Yeah, even though this
pink shirt's bright, it's a shirt, so that's– – It's pretty close to what
you usually wear thought. – Yeah, that's different from other videos where I do style swaps, for sure. Hi! Oh, look at how much pilling
is on the front of this shirt. Ugh! I feel like that just
makes it look so ratty. It looks like an old t-shirt,
I mean it is an old t-shirt. I mean the fit is fine
it's just all this pilling is not cute. I'm about to head out though, it's gonna be a long drive in the car, so at least this outfit is comfortable, that's a plus. (whooshing) I'm about to head out and so I was just cleaning up
some of the trash in my car. I found four of the rainbow fish scales from that Fashion Nova video. If you saw that video, when
I said I was shedding scales, that was no joke, anyways. Pink show, still rockin' it,
let's head out up to L.A. I'm at CVS, I had to stop to buy a razor 'cause I realized tomorrow,
like I said, big shoot, and definitely haven't shaved in a month but that's winter. I guess I can't even
blame it on witner anymore 'cause it's March but I just am lazy and don't really shave. But tomorrow I've got a
sleeveless action going on, and my dress is my top, so, razor. It's been a long drive, yet another stop. I got some Veggie Grill for dinner and then I will finally
be going to the hotel. But his outfit has been
super, super comfortable for driving. This t-shirt is honestly
super comfortable, it's soft, it fits me well. Other than this outfit which I do like, I can't
imagine very many other ways that I would style it, so. (sighing) you know, I'm
gonna think about it a little bit more but I'm thinking that
this shirt might be one I'm saying goodbye to and
putting into the donate bin. (whooshing) This pink shirt,
it's time to say goodbye. I really tried to style this shirt in a way that worked for me and I do still stand by my statement that a denim jacket can
make every outfit better but the color is already a bit much for me and then add that on top of the fact that the fabric pilling and stretching. It just kind of reinforces
that I think this shirt has run its course in my life. So, goodbye pink shirt. (whooshing) Right now I need to figure out my outfit for day four. I'm filming this a day in advance because as you guys saw in day three, I drove up to L.A. I won't have the luxury of being able to dig into my whole closet and figure out what I
want when I'm up in L.A. So I kind of need to plan it now. So day four's outfit, I think I'm gonna go with this polka dot skirt. This is a flowy midy skirt, this right here is the top, the waist and then it's pretty long. There's nothing wrong with this skirt quality wise, the fabric
is great, the fit is great, and this skirt, when I bought it, it was not cheap, it was from Anthropology and I bought it with the intent of wearing it a ton. And I still think it's really cute and I look at pictures of me in this skirt and I love it but I've
maybe only worn it twice because even though I
love the look of this, I just, it doesn't fit into
my daily style that much. I don't wear a lot of midy skirts. I like the idea of wearing
a lot of midy skirts but that's just not really what I end up picking in the morning. So we'll see if I can
find a way to style this that is more of an everyday look and something that I would
maybe repeat in the future. I really hope hope that I
change my mind about this skirt 'cause I want to keep it,
I think it's gorgeous. See I think this is just a
little bit too mature for me. Maybe I would really get a lot of use out of something like
this if I was a teacher. I feel like this is a
very cute teacher outfit. I don't know. I think I am gonna pair
it with this gray sweater 'cause I think that looks cute. Maybe I'll try adding a
belt, let me see that. I had to tuck in the
little string in the front because it's meant to
be tied in a little bow and that would make it too bulky. But I think the belt make it better but this belt is also a little bit loose because this is a belt I wear with jeans. So it usually is hitting about here, not at my actual waist. But it's kind of being
held up by my hips anyway, so it's not a big deal. This is by far, I think, the
cutest piece that I chose for this video that I don't
know how it's gonna work but I'm thinking I'll
wear either brown flats or little black booties with it. So hopefully that'll be cute, let's fast forward to the future when I'm actually wearing this. (cassette tape scratching)
Good morning, (laughing) the lighting is terrible right here but I just go to the studio
where I'm filming today. I feel so cute in this, I feel like I just wanna
twirl around in little circles 'cause I'm in the pretty skirt. Okay, I'm at the studio now, Skylar's here and she just complimented me on my skirt and I was like, oh, it's for a video. And she's like, what video? I was like, well, I'll turn on the camera and then I'll tell you. – What video is it? – It is wearing my least
worn clothes for a week. – Oh! – So I bought this skirt at Anthropology two years ago and I
remember when I bought it, you were like, oh, that's so cute but I never see you wear stuff like that. – Yeah. – And it's so true. – I'm obsessed. – It's more your style than my style. – Yes. – And I think that's the difference is– – I literally have a
skirt identical to that. – I love the look of it but it's not, this doesn't
look like a me outfit. This is cute, right, it fits so well. I'm tempted to hold onto it because I know I'll get
use out of it later. Got my coffee, got my makeup done and I'm actually going to be changing into the first costume, so I'll be out of this
until about lunch time. But I'm still feeling kind
of iffy about this skirt and I'm definitely
struggling with the chub rub 'cause I didn't wear biker shorts but this skirt is so
long, that's a me thing, not a skirt issue. Skylar keeps telling me how
cute I look in this outfit and I'm like, you know, I like this outfit but I just don't feel
like I'm pulling it off. – I think you look so cute. – Thank you. – I love the way you styled it, too. I feel like seeing you in ballet flats and tight gray top– – Thank you. – Is adorable. – But it's funny 'cause
we were talking about this 'cause Skylar was like,
that's how she feels with athleisure. – Yeah. – She looks at me and feels
like i look put together but with you, you're just like… – I can't, I can't do it. I feel like even if I'm
just wearing yoga pants, I fell like messy. – But see, it looks cute,
it's just in your head. – Yeah. – And I feel like that's
how I am with this outfit. I think it looks cute but it's
not fitting me and my style. (whooshing) This is
another tricky one for me. I look at this footage
of me wearing the skirt and I think it looks adorable. The skirt fits me well,
the print is really cute, it's high quality, and I think the belt really helped to define
my waist even more. With that gray sweater the flats it all came together and it made a really cute outfit that I genuinely liked. It's just a little bit too
mommy blogger for my daily style but I decided in the end
I am gonna hold onto it. It's really difficult for me
to find skirts that fit me as well as this one does and even if I don't get a
lot of use on the day to day, I think it's perfect for nicer occasions. You know, for maybe a baby shower or a spring wedding or a nicer brunch, I think it'll be perfect. (whooshing) Outfit number
five, the last one. I'm gonna be wearing this
floral dress from Express. Again filming the planning
stages of this outfit in the future 'cause I'm
gonna be wearing it up in L.A. So here it is, I think
this dress is adorable. I love this dress, I loved when I got it, I still love it now. And I actually have this same cut, I think it's called their
Flutter Sleeve Surplice or something like that, I don't know, but I have this same dress
in three other colors. I have it in yellow, black, and purple but I just never choose this one 'cause this print is kind of a lot. I'm thinking brown booties and maybe I'll try a
denim jacket over the top. I feel like the other outfits
that I've tried a jacket with, especially when I don't like the print, it really minimizes it. Well, I swear, a good denim
jacket literally makes every outfit look better. It dresses it down and it
covers up some of the print. I do really like the sleeves though, so I don't really like that
this is covering those up 'cause I think the sleeves are real cute. So, denim jacket, no denim jacket. I'm thinking denim jacket
but maybe I'll take it off when I'm inside, I don't know, we'll see. I'm gonna be wearing this
to go to some meetings and then I'm speaking on a panel at the YouTube Studios. So, I think it's cute for
that, I think it works. I don't think my mind is being
changed on the print though, at least so far, I think it's cute but only for the perfect occasion. If I was going to a barbecue
in the late afternoon, in the spring, then this
would be the perfect outfit. But for everyday looks, I
still think I would choose the monochromatic colors over this. We'll see though, it's
gonna be hard for me if I decide to give this
one up and donate it because I life it so much. I just don't know if
I'll ever wear it again. But, we'll see, into the future. (cassette tape scratching) Alright so here we have
my outfit for the day, I'm just about to leave my hotel. I'm going to get my hair done and I'm gonna do my makeup in the car so this will be fixed later. But from the neck down, I
think the look is pretty cute. My only real issue with this dress is it's pretty shirt, so I
can't wear biker shorts under it so the chub rub might be an issue. But, it's pretty cold today,
so hopefully, I'll be fine. And I did go with little
brown booties on the bottom. I think that these match
really, really cute with the whole look, kind
of ties it all together. So, let's get on with my last day of wearing cloths I never wear. (whooshing) (upbeat music) – [Woman] Okay, it's
gonna a GIF, two, three. Perfect. – Yay! (laughing) Still rockin' the dress I never wear and there's a ton of people around me so I feel weird filming but we're just gonna get through it. The main problem I'm
having with this dress, honestly, isn't even the print. I really like the print, it's
this crossover in the front, the fabric is kind of folded over, maybe it's just needs to be ironed but it shows my bra a little
bit form time to time. Which doesn't happen with the other colors I have in this dress, so, I don't know if it's a
defect with this dress or I need to just get
it ironed or something. I think I'm gonna button
my jacket like this when I go on the panel and hopefully that will
make me feel less exposed. – (whooshing) Sierra,
can we start with you? Just tell us a little bit about yourself. – Yeah, absolutely, so my name is Sierra, I've been creating content on YouTube for about four years now. (whooshing) This dress,
(sighing) the silhouette. the silhouette is so flattering and the print actually
really started to grow on me throughout the day. And I think part of that
was because the denim jacket kind of toned it down a little bit and I really liked the way
this outfit came together. But that issue with my bra peaking out if I didn't have perfect posture was a struggle that I
didn't expect to have. I don't really have that problem
with the other colors I own in this exact same cut of the dress. So I don't know if it was
maybe the bra I was wearing or if I just need to iron this dress. But either way, I decided that I am going to donate this dress because regardless of if I could get that bra issue fixed or not I don't see myself ever
choosing this print over the other colors I
already have in this dress. (whooshing) So in the end, I was able to change
my mind on two pieces, the striped, mock neck, long
sleeve top from day one. And the polka dot midy
skirt from day four. The other three pieces I will be donating to a local woman's shelter, so hopefully, those items can get some
new love by someone else. I'm glad I decided to do this video, it was a really fun challenge to try and craft an outfit I like around an item I don't really like. And it made feel a lot more confident about my decision to
keep or donate each item as I was going through my closet because I gave it a fair shot. So if you liked this video and you want to see more
style swap videos like this, you can click that card right up there or the link in the
description for that playlist. So be confident, love our curves and I will see you guys on Tuesday with a very exciting video. It's my third episode of
recreating celebrity photos but this one will have
a very special guest so make sure you've got
those notifications on and I will see you then, bye! (upbeat pop music)

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