I Styled the Ugliest Dolls Kill Clothes for a Week

I Styled the Ugliest Dolls Kill Clothes for a Week

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  1. I hope you guys enjoy this video!! Remember that style is subjective, and just because I don’t like something doesn’t mean you can’t rock it 😘 also, here’s a link to my poshmark store if you wanna buy anything I wore in this video! https://posh.mk/huJWnj323W

  2. I have actually not heard of Dolls Kill before this video.

    A a lover of Zenon, I was definitely thinking that the whole time.

    if you're interested in doing another one, I'd love one that was more budget friendly. Maybe five items under $20 since I notice they do have a good selection for those.

  3. That holo see through dress is extremely cute. I wish I had it. You should have styled it with a black tank top or crop top and black shorts.

  4. OMG u are me my bf drags me to all the marvel movies too and I'm fine with it as long as he drives and I can get a Manhatten and a cheesecake

  5. Side note: that must be real love you going to see Avengers not gonna lie that was torture for me lol

  6. I liked the green shorts with the over sized shirt, to give it a little more coverage you could tie a sweater or something around your waist

  7. The cow print looks silly as a dress to be completely honest, but I really want a tank top like that now. I'm surprised you found a way to make that look so good!

  8. In the spirit of diverse style.. My take
    The kimono with a white or pastel bodycon dress
    The cow dress.. If it was fitting.. With a neon undershirt.. But you really knocked that one out of the park👏🏾
    The dress can be restyled with the happy hour shirt and the neon biker shorts

    You slayed everything tho🖤

  9. Sierra could you do a luxury haul? EX. get some stuff from the modist? their clothes are expensive and i want to know if the price is worth it

  10. 7th grade, 1992… I'm having some intense flashbacks with those neon biker shorts. Of course I had no style and paired it with a hot pink teeshirt and burned out everyone's retinas.

  11. OMG when you said “not a super hero movie person” I was like YAAAAAS!!! I feel like such a minority 😬

  12. Sierra, after several videos.. I think you wear underwear that's too tight and too low rise. Invest in proper fitting items, it saves 95% of the bad outfits 😉

  13. That overall dress with the purple shirt underneath gave me some serious Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz vibes 😍 It actually looked really cute on you 😊

  14. We have such different styles but I love your videos so much! I would love for you to find the most wearable clothes on dollskill and try to make them blend with your every day looks

  15. They might be low-quality but they look nice as f*** on you. Who would have thought the ugliest things nobody buys on dolls kill or that you thought that was ugly as f*** actually look nice on you

  16. Ok soo weird – I was hanging out with my bf and I just started singing super nova girl. And he was like woah wtf old and random 😂 Thennn I was on a reddit sub and someone commented on a pic of a dude and they said “makes my heart go boom boom,” And i was like wow crazy… but now this too?!? All in one day??

  17. I was wondering what the weird spots on the screen were when you held up the smiley face shirt
    It was the fairy lights shining through the shirt….
    Why is everything at Dolls kill seethrough???

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