47 Replies to “I Swapped Clothes With My Boyfriend For A Week”

  1. HELLO BBs!!! yes, i made tyler give me his clothes for a week (and made him wear mine too, lol). which outfit was your fave? do you wear your significant others clothing?? check out the vid in which tyler wears my outfits here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4IhT1lDInc

  2. 8:07 legit nobody in vegas dresses like that and i live there going into a casino like four times a week😂 t shirts and jeans are everywhere 🤣

  3. This is a safer challenge now than it once was. “Raiding my boyfriend’s closet” would have ended with distressing porn discoveries but these days you’d raid his phone for that & it would be seen as a much bigger invasion of privacy

  4. Hi Saf, frankly speaking I am not such a YouTube person, but few weeks back your feeds pop up and since then I can't help myself but ended up watching most of your videos. I absolutely love them….really you guyz are total fun. You and Tyler is totally like me and my boyfriend. We have been together for approx 9 years. Like you guys, we also have different taste but we are like best friends. Love to see you guyz. Lots of love☺☺☺

  5. almost my entire wardrobe is a mountain of xl mens shirts, long black skirts, shorts that one would wear to the beach, large baggy pj pants, and tanks i wear around the house, so yeah, alot of baggy, over sized things

  6. You could totally wash Darth inside out in cold water and then even though it may take FOREVER for him to dry (then again you live in sunny L.A. so maybe not) you can just hang him up to dry. =)

  7. It's good to know that I am not the only one with a boyfriend named Tyler who has a love of tshirts and shorts 🤣

  8. 4th grade Tyler never could have predicted that those gym shorts would one day be worn by his future wife

  9. Washing the sweater just have a gentle wash and don't dry it just let it hang/dry which I do to my shirts.

  10. What sorcery did Safiya do to be able to pull off literally any item of clothing and how do I get in on it…?

  11. School shirts and shorts are always so big! My band shirt from when I was 10 still fit me when I was 25 and 9 months pregnant!

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