I Tried Asos Wedding Dresses Under $300

I Tried Asos Wedding Dresses Under $300

I don’t like this I love it this isn’t it at all and also you guys nothing is it so far yikes you know hello my name is Nina and I am engaged to my wonderful fiance Chris we’ve been together for four years and we’re getting married in June of next year we’re having a traditional Hindu ceremony and I tried on some traditional South Asian outfits for it but for my reception I think I want to wear a western wedding dress I grew up watching say yes to the dress and seeing just traditional Western wedding dresses everywhere and I think I want a little part of it by having a South Asian outfit for my ceremony and a western wedding dress for my reception I kind of get the best of both worlds so I’m bringing in three of my friends to judge my wedding reception looks I’m bringing in jasmine Chloe and Lindsay jasmine is like my very fashion-forward friend who always knows what’s working and what’s not working for people but she’ll probably find a nice way to say it this club reminds me of like president’s first wife Chloe is basically my work life we sit next to each other everyday and she will be here to give me a lot of positive reassurance I like how it hangs it hangs like it’s expensive and dripping with diamonds Lindsey is my very trendy friend and she doesn’t have a filter sometimes and I think that she will say what she is feeling no matter what but I appreciate it this is my favorite so far that doesn’t mean much though welcome friends I am getting married as you know you’ve all known for months I’m bringing in my friends not only to judge the looks but also to guess the prices because who doesn’t love a little friendly competition so according to a survey by the not in 2018 the average cost of a wedding dress including alterations was 1631 dollars you’ll also be guessing whether or not they’re above or below that average price but I have a little secret all of the dresses that I chose are from ASOS and they’re all under $300 why don’t we get if we win you get to marry my fiance okay I give him to you I am pretty excited to see Nina in a wedding dress I don’t get to see many of my friends and wedding dresses because no one I really know is married my knowledge of wedding dresses pretty much equates to how much I watch say yes to the dress I really don’t have any knowledge outside of that like what I’ve done a lot of videos here at BuzzFeed about weddings and wedding dresses so I know a little bit uh as far as me personally I’m very single never shop for wedding dress in my life I don’t know when that would ever happen for me honestly the last time I won this like little wedding dress challenge thing was a fluke I don’t know you could end up in a three-way tie I love three ways let’s see if these dresses are able to fool him okay let’s see the dresses Nina I want you come on out it was cute but I don’t think it was Nina style my initial reaction was just like whoa Nina looks amazing in white yeah yeah beautiful when Nina first walked out in the first dress I was like oh my god cuz the lace it was just so pretty and so that like took my breath away I absolutely love the sleeves cuz I think I lean I just think your boob shape looks incredible like it’s just like a good coverage I think it’s the skirt part that’s like gay to me it looks like you’re wearing like a skirt and the top it’s not necessarily like dress vibes yeah and the skirt just looks really cheap and lowers my initial thoughts when I saw it Nina and that long-sleeve dress was oh my gosh she looks amazing then I started looking at the dress more closely and I was like it might be because this it’s cute that is a different color with this first dress I kind of wanted to go for that boho desert vibe that I’ve been seeing a lot of California Brides do and it didn’t seem that well-received this is like a yueji dress for someone who maybe like doesn’t do edgy things it looks good on you which is not your personality no it’s not yeah yeah it can’t pull me off I just can’t get over how they look to different color fabric why would anyone ever purchase a dress that are two different colors I don’t understand do we think that this is above the average cost of a wedding dress or below everybody’s going with the same thing this one is under 190 oh I don’t know if I’ve seen a $1,600 dress but if I had I knew that wasn’t it is not ugly like no it’s cute why would you buy anything that’s two colors it’s your wedding I think this is the kind of dress that you would like wear to your beach wedding you’re getting married a second time and going to your beach wedding to someone you weren’t quite sure if you loved anymore but everyone apparently wants me to be sexier so I will take that into consideration new dress change I don’t like this I love it it’s cool when I saw Nina come out in that dress I was like oh she looks like a fancy witch honestly I do like it for you Nina I don’t like it for a risk right I think it’s too yellow it feels more prom yeah again it wasn’t totally the vibe I feel like we were going for it didn’t really seem like they fell in love with it as much as I did I want you to put like a mesh shirt underneath this with the boots here this one I think fit Nina really well and I love that it’ll cut out this one was one of my favorite ones I think I also like that it stealing I love that I really just like this dress I like the a structure of it yeah I like that it has like a little like sexiness oh it looked really good on Nina I think she could have really sassed it up with more edginess if she wanted to style it that way I didn’t think I would actually enjoy the strapless that much but I’m kind of into it I’m gonna be drunk and hot at my reception like physically sweating and I like that I can air out the pit I just got like whoever designed it it saw into it because the shaping and the cutout makes sense together it gives you a really nice shape like it’s just like all the triangles are like they’re just edges it felt like a very cool girl kind of dress and in my head I’m a cool girl the thing that’s throwing me off is that when things are so structured like this they’re usually more expensive exactly I don’t know how much more expensive do you guys think that this dress is above the average wedding dress cost or I’m gonna go with over just because it’s so detailed I think it’s definitely more expensive than the last dress but I don’t think it’s reaching the 1600 I think it might be more than a thousand range I too think it’s under I think it’s around three to four hundred bucks so this wedding dress is under how much though the real cost is 237 yeah that’s great yeah good price is cute that’s so cute I was excited that that dress was like so much cheaper than I thought because it looks really nice I like this dress more now I love this because I feel like it has a vibe and it’s also affordable and it doesn’t look low quality the material feels good it doesn’t look like cheap I loved that dress not for me now though maybe I’ll save it for my after party I just want to see one that’s more usable travefy I really want to know what jazz was thinking Jess doesn’t like it I mean it’s definitely not your vibe it’s not your vibe it’s not a reception drys where do I even begin with the fringe I wanted to try a short dress and I picked this one I don’t think I should have the fringe reminds me of like you know the row rent one yeah yeah yeah whatever this club reminds me of like president’s first wives I think it’s really pretty but it’s just not special enough for a wedding this is marketed as a wedding dress this was the most confusing dress I think that doesn’t have a vision or direction [Music] yikes you know it needs to show more chest – way too covered up you want to see more of my – wow I wish she was just like you oh god just like ruin the friends because it’s just like everywhere my fringe is also ropey it was like so covering it was like up to here and I want to see Nina like show off her decolletage a little bit cuz that part is very pretty I feel the only way to do this would be to make things more weird throw on a cowboy hat oh I want some weird boots out let you really go with like yeah we don’t know what the vibe is all of a sudden I was like I love this dress if it was out that way I mean it feels nice but I swear if this is over 16-hundred I think you guys seem exhausted by this I’m not sure why I just want to get it right I’ve been on a roll this far do we feel like it’s above or below that average wedding cause I really hope it’s below I’m gonna say it’s below I honestly think it’s below this dress wait how much do we think I think it’s 800 I think it’s seven for this dress I paid $78 really yeah okay I could have sworn that dress was like in the hundreds $78 for that dress is amazing I thought that was so good it’s incredible how much like after find a price l like how much I just like to dress more when it’s like actually priced right I’m like okay now I can accept you for who you are yeah let’s move on all right back to the old town chapel oh I see boobies Oh beautiful it’s really pretty I liked this dress a lot more than the previous dresses just because it was sexy and like silky and I don’t know I just had a very clear vision I don’t like your boobs enough it definitely needed some adjustment on the chest area I think if I had something in this vein that was more customed to my body yeah yeah I would definitely be more in love with it but I’m not mad at like the style of it I think it looks youthful for once and it looks more glam and sexy I love the silhouette on you yeah I love it I love that it’s body hugging I could see you wearing something like this on the red carpet or something in a different color like a write off as well as it could heal on the wet line too I think it’s a hard dress though because it’s such thin fabric I don’t like the zipper on this side I think this is cheaper everything to me it looked like it was designer except even if it did fit though it’s still not right I just think I don’t think this is this isn’t it at all and also you guys nothing is it so I mean I like it it’s not like yeah I just think this proves that you need to be in a sexy tight dress it was a little too long if she wanted to dance and stuff so it wasn’t like the dress for her I just thought I looked like an old Hollywood starlet and I’m kind of into that vibe it feels very like 30s kind of but then also kind of early to thousands of ministry thirties Oh either way it’s but yeah right you’re right though it’s vintage but then has these like little 90s touches out of my interesting I thought the reaction to this dress would be a little bit better since it had more of that sex appeal that everyone was gunning for this is my favorite so far that doesn’t mean much though do you feel that it is above or below 16:31 I feel like I think it’s under I hate your little smile maybe just be different I’ll say but I’m gonna say it’s under I think it’s around like 1,200 I think it’s like 800 ish this dress is under I am no good at this know better about that I clearly know nothing come on 151 Oh imposter this oh wow that’s pretty good that’s great yeah when I found out it was 151 I was like oh this is good let’s see more [Music] for me so I can’t say hey so I can’t say but like we I was very shocked that Jasmine could tell that it was an a so stress just from looking at it I thought I had the tag sticking out somewhere so there’s like classic ice house looks and this was a classic off-the-shoulder straight down like very simple oh that was really pretty my initial reaction was just like whoa like you look like a little angel I wish it wasn’t hanging down so much because I feel like it’s not fitting you on the chest as well even though it was showing off a lot of this part which is cute I feel like it was pulling down and like just not the most flattering thing I’ve seen I think I would like this if it was like more mermaid like tight and then that was loose it would make more sense yeah it either needed to go really more flowy or really more tight and it was kind of in between my shoulders are naked but then my elbows are covered I do love the pure white on you though there’s something so magical about it yeah such dark hair and dark skin and a virgin I feel like I could see that on some brides I just don’t think it was the vibe if I were to see you wear this here’s option I think you’d look fantastic sure but I just think you need more sex do you feel like it’s above that 1631 or below it’s Bob I think it’s below I’m gonna go with what you guys are this one is under this dress is actually 177 150 okay that sounds about right I feel like a lot of brides are in search of that chic sexy but simple look and for one 7750 this dress is definitely worth it more more dress my first reaction wasn’t shocked or anything it was just pure like hmm that is gonna be expensive surely just finish spend any spin can you come here what are those things stress this dress was beautiful I love sequins I love sparkly stuff I think it really looks good on Nina I like how it hangs it hangs like is expensive and dripping with diamonds if I did seem in the stress I would think like that because she was hiding her body and I know that’s not what Nina wants to do if this was on a tight fitting off the shoulder dress yeah I’d really expect you guys that’s what I’m saying I like the idea this but I think the shape of it is so basic I thought the glitter would just blind everybody and make them think I looked amazing it looked expensive in parts of the dress but then other parts not at all I don’t like the straps look at the back straps it’s like very like oh you can adjust them I really tried to hide those adjustable straps with my hair but Lindsey caught it I could see her law lies to get where the sequins aren’t loose very deliberate it’s like clustered the waist and goes down into like less and it’s like a waterfall this has the most reception vibe for what we want for sure yeah we what we all want looking at the reflection in the mirror and like what the photos would look like yeah do you believe that it is above or below there has to be one that’s over yes over I think it’s under I think it’s under for sure and I think it’s around like 180 this dress is under so where are the over ones they didn’t exist I knew prostitutes from now on this dress is 285 okay looking at it now I see why it’s 285 it’s really pretty very well done all of the dresses were actually under $300 everything was beautiful – yeah and they were all oh no way I was shook when I found out they’re always I did not know Asus had that many wedding dresses I knew they had some I love Isis and it totally makes sense that they’re all from there because they were all different and unique and funky in their own way did you like my little trick no yeah after tallying up the points it looks like we have two winners Jaz and Lindsey oh I’m surprised I feel like I know my wedding dresses I would rather share with Lindsey then watch her lose because then she’ll just crabby not only did I not win I was the only loser I do have prizes for you why they’re not that good oh they’re hogs who needs a boyfriend when you have chocolate this is really fun for me because I truly had no idea what I was looking for in my reception dress and now I have a way better idea I don’t think I want something short but I do think I want something sparkly and maybe a little bit slinky but definitely not with a halter top so I have a much better sense of what I’m going to find in my reception dress now [Music]

100 Replies to “I Tried Asos Wedding Dresses Under $300”

  1. Honestly. Every style video Nina does anything with deep cleavage doesn’t look as good because she never wears the correct bra for her boobs. She’s such a beautiful girl and I’m not saying “she needs to wear a bra” but I feel like some of the items she tries on requires certain bras and she just doesn’t wear them.

  2. her choice of dresses is so… yikes. it's as if she doesn't know her own body/style/vibe that her friends keep talking about. how about stop making these videos and actually go to a bridal shop to try dresses on? LOL
    she definitely should've taken off the boots too.

  3. Heaven forbid she shops for her actual dress with these girls. I hope if it comes to that they would be more supportive. This is why I shopped for my dress on my own

  4. I hate how they want her to have a “sexy appeal”, i feel like a bride shouldn’t wanna be sexy, they should wanna feel like a bride. when I get married I wanna look/feel like a princess, not like I’m going to the red carpet

  5. All the dresses are pretty tacky. There has to be nicer dresses out there for the price she wants to pay. Definitely a proper bra would be a big help. The boots do nothing for her….take them off!

  6. What? I’m so confused. ASOS doesn’t sell anything over like $300, so why would they guess (and why would they make them guess) if it’s over the $1,600 or not? Also, I just feel like they could have picked out a better selection of dresses.

  7. I love Nina and I hope for her wedding she goes to the best bra store in town and gets fitted properly. I am a size M and my chest is a 34H/I. A good bra will change your whole life.

  8. Lol everyone is suggesting nina should wear a bra but are there really no wedding dresses that you can tailor to make a big chest(without a bra) flattering and not hang down too much?

  9. When I was younger my only knowledge of wedding dresses was say yes to the dress and I didn't have a real understanding of prices so I thought $5000 for a dress was a reasonable price

  10. I wanna see jazz and lindsay choose and buy the dress for her, cause they have more vission and understanding. Or at least have more friends that have experience in buying a wedding dress

  11. I feel like with the amount of dresses they've already bought/tried on and whatnot, they could've bought a proper wedding dress

  12. The second dress would look so good with the right shoes and jewelry. Also it's weird how when a flowy dress cinches right under the bust it looks like you're pregnant (not directed towards the girl in the video I'm just speaking generally)

  13. I love this because we’re both Hindu, just got engaged after 4 years, and I want to get a white wedding dress for the reception as well😂❤️

  14. Bruh the whole video is them giving like the least amount of effort they look like they dont wanna be there lmao also is that one chick wearing a green moomoo??tf

  15. The video has kind of a weird vibe to me. The editing is weird and too much. Like we see their reactions and then they tell us what we saw. I’m so happy for Nina and the little fashion shows are fun but also really fake 😕
    Please don’t make this into a cheap “say yes to the dress”. Y’all are more creative than that ✨🌈

  16. A more expensive (off the rack) dress would have more structure around the chest area for all body types. The dresses she selected seemed only to be for small breasted women.

  17. I would LOVE for Nina to do a video where she tries out the Kim Kardashian duct tape method to lift and shape the breast area for special occasion plunging neckline dresses and tops!

  18. Wedding dresses with free shoulders are tasteless.. Wedding is not night party and bride wears white to symbolize innocence and than shows a great part of her body off… It is not lovely

  19. I understand she doesn't like to wear a bra and that's okay but they shouldn't be surprised none of the dresses looked flattering on her and all of them would look a lot better with a bra on

  20. Ultimately, it’s up to her or not whether she wears a bra. However, some of these dresses were made to be worn with a bra. If she isn’t going to wear a bra for her reception, then she’s done the right thing when trying them on 👍 But a different style in dress might be needed

  21. Nina seems like the sweetest girl ever! Some of their comments are harsh and don’t take into account how she feels about the dresses at all… but that doesn’t faze nina. She’s so chill and easygoing and nice! <3

  22. I think a couple of these dresses really would be great for a wedding reception. On the bright side, if any of them are too long or too loose fitting or the straps are weird all of those problems can be fixed through simple alterations!!

  23. Being bigger boobed myself I known that most of these dresses needed the correct bra. Bigger boobs need support to look flattering in most dresses. The boobs let the dresses down.

  24. What makes me mad is that she TOLD THEM they were all under $300… OBVIOUSLY THEY WILL BE LESS THAN THE AVERAGE COST! Was i the only one who got irritated about that?

  25. Nina, you should defo take these three to your actual wedding dress shopping!!! It will be a great appointment and you’ll come out with a fabulous dress!! 😍😊😊

  26. Everyone is saying she should wear a bra… Well with the majority of the dresses, a bra would literally show in the front, back, or side. In addition, I don't think those stick on bras would work for someone with Nina's chest size.

  27. Considering Nina’s ACTUAL style(like I KNOW her😌😂). I don’t like ANY of those for her. They look too matronly!🤷🏽‍♀️😬😏

  28. Ultimately though, you only need one person's approval and that is your own. If you are comfortable in your dress and you feel beautiful in your dress then that is the dress you need. Although, it sounds like your friends were just looking for your reaction which is good. Ultimately they are good friends keeping your own personal style and personality in mind:)

  29. Okay so everyone is commenting on her chest. Dear people guess what it’s not your chest. She can decide for herself if she wears a bra or not. She looks beautiful anyway. So stop commenting about that.

  30. look, its 100% up to nina whether or not she wants to wear a bra. however, in saying that, i think a lot of these dresses look like they were made to be worn with supportive undergarments, and in not doing that she did the dresses a disservice. it made them sit strange, and kinda frumpy. a good bra would've made them sit on her body better, hit at the right places, and not look odd. if she was very set on not wearing a bra, she should've picked different dresses. i don't think this is a fair critique of the dresses because they weren't made to be worn the way she wore them. and the shoes definitely didn't help

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