28 Replies to “I Tried Athletic Clothes as Everyday Fashion · ATHLEISURE HAUL! | YB Chang”

  1. I like watching your channel. But fabletics is a kinda sketchy company. It’s great they are working with you and you got a lot of stuff from them. But, in my opinion, Kate Hudson is a millionaire and does not need to go the “Become a VIP to get this great price. Make sure you discontinue before you get charged monthly!” Because if you look at the BBB there are a lot of complaints about this practice from this company. And most people forget to do the cancelling before their next shipment.

  2. Ahhh!! All the outfits look gorgeous on you, but the second one is my favourite! As well as the first one the coral looks good on you.

  3. LOL Keith at the intro. Would love to wear athleisure at work, even though our dress code isn’t too strict either

  4. It's LA so it's pretty common to see people in workout clothes haha. In NYC people would probably be like "Do you live at the gym?"

  5. Thumbs up for looking so good in athletic clothing! (I think outfit 2 with the boots was the best) Checked out the site, but too bad they didn't have a fully working mens section 🙁

  6. I really liked the 2nd outfit 😍 Omg the shoes! The shoes! The combat boots 👢!! I just adore it 😂 Hope you have a great day YB 😬

  7. You’re already fashionable YB, so this should be no problem for you. Also Keith is hilarious 😂

  8. How come Try Guys don't put you on their show and promote your channel a little bit? They should give you some shoutouts so you can grow your channel.

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