I Tried Being A “Say Yes To The Dress” Bridal Consultant | Lucie For Hire | Refinery29

I Tried Being A “Say Yes To The Dress” Bridal Consultant | Lucie For Hire | Refinery29

I’m Lucie Fink. I’m a video producer at Refinery29,
but every so often I like to try other people’s jobs. Today I’m at Kleinfeld Bridal where I said
yes to my wedding dress. No, it is not this one, and I’m going to see
if I have what it takes to be a bridal consultant. This is Lucie for Hire. Saying yes to the wedding dress. As a bride to be who recently said yes right here at Kleinfeld Bridal in New York
City, I can tell you that finding your wedding dress can be quite the magical experience. Some brides find it on their first try. Others try on 10, 20, even 50 dresses before
they find it. And whether it’s a slow and steady appreciation
or love at first sight, when you know, you know. If you’ve ever watched the TLC show, you know
that Kleinfeld Bridal is the place to shop for a wedding gown. Kleinfeld boasts 30,000 square feet and is
filled with the largest selection of wedding dresses in the world. Since I had already been here as a bride to
be, I wanted to explore what life is like on the other side of the dressing room. For this episode of Lucie For Hire, I shadowed
Shay, a senior bridal consultant who’s worked at Kleinfeld for over three years and has been featured on multiple seasons
of Say Yes to the Dress. I’ve worked at Kleinfeld for about three and
a half years, but I’ve been in bridal for about 10. What it takes is a passion for bridal and
a love for people and for brides in particular. I want her to feel amazing. I want to her to feel beautiful. I want her to feel confident and powerful. And there’s nothing more rewarding
than to see that happen. Consulting can make anywhere from maybe $35,000
upwards into the six figures. It just depends on the amount of traffic, what type of dresses you were selling. I believe the most challenging aspect of the
job is really kind of getting to know a stranger and then to find their dream dress in about
an hour and a half, two hours can be quite difficult. I think Lucie is going to do pretty good. I think there’s going to be lots of giggles but a lot of fun. And I hope some bride says yes to her. With Shay by my side I attempted to help bride
Megan say yes to her wedding dress. My name’s Megan. I got engaged in March,
and I’m getting married next fall. This is my first time looking at dresses, so I
really hope that I find something I like. And I don’t know, maybe I’ll find the one. Okay, so Megan is my co-worker at Refinery 29
who generously volunteered to take part in this video. I’m obviously not a professional at this job,
so I didn’t want to just jump in and crash some random bride-to-be’s appointment. Megan is actually engaged, though, and she
is looking for a wedding dress. She brought her friend Jen along for the experience. First challenge is to consult with the bride. Shay helped walk me through the most important
elements of this initial consultation. So imagine Megan is like your good girlfriend. Okay. And you’re super excited. You want to know all the details. Okay. Go! Megan, congratulations. Tell me everything. How did you and your fiancé meet? What’s your story, and when’s your wedding? Sure, so we met in 2014 on tinder. Tinder! She swiped right. He’s an attentive listener. So after just a few moments he seemed to know
everything about Megan. Megan’s probably an introvert, which is important to know because Megan may
not like a lot of attention on her, which informs the dress. Okay. What I’m thinking of now was, oh,
a little bit cleaner. Right. Traditional, nothing overly opulent or flashy, just a classic bride. Is this describing you? Everything you just said. Ding, ding, ding! That’s why they pay him the big bucks. That’s why the big bucks! After we gathered as much intel as we possibly
could about Megan’s style… I like lace, I like beading, but I also like
to be simple. Wedding details. My wedding is gonna be at my parent’s farmhouse
in New Jersey. And budget. My budget today is between $2000 – $4000. We are going to put you in the best dress
that’s going to make you look like the most beautiful bride in the world. Ever! We’re good to go! Awesome, well done! It was time for my second challenge:
pulling dresses from inventory. So you really want to kind of get a nice array
of dresses that will really spark conversation with the bride so that she can
give you more information, so you can find the best dress possible. So before we get started,
I have a little ritual I do. I have a think. And I think by having a gummy worm. I’m visualizing her in something that’s
going to show off her waist. So fabric like chiffon could be great, or organza. Once we had our ideas in order, it was go time. We ran through the massive selection of gowns
and pulled four or five that we thought would be a fit. Now, the most important thing is what? Cinched waist. Money. Price point. Budget. That’s actually a really good choice for her. This is a bit of a different neckline, so we
can see if she likes the straps more. Very good. You see this makes an A? Yep. A-line. Oh gosh, these are 18 million pounds each. Part of Shay’s job is knowing every single
designer that Kleinfeld carries. So Alyne is a designer. Watters. Watters. And Enaura. So much to know. One thing that was kind of difficult for me
at this stage was making sure I was pulling dresses that were a fit for Megan and not
based on my personal taste. That one is beautiful. She did not ask for that neckline. See now, you have to think like Megan. I’m thinking like Lucie. These dresses can be heavy. Here we go. And once we hauled them back to Megan’s dressing
room it was time for me to share what we pulled with the bride. Gottem. Okay, so now we’re presenting the dresses, so you can’t look like you went to a rummage sale. Okay. We’re coming! Hello. All are within your price points. Shay continued to correct my terminology,
reminding me not to use certain words like plain. Plain is for yogurt. You’re right. Understated is for brides. You and your beautiful face will command the
attention and the dress will be the chicest part of the whole night. Yes! Okay, yes! Okay. Very good. The third challenge is helping the bride try
on the dresses. So it’s important to really kind of use whatever
sample necessary to make sure the bride understands what the dress looks like, that she feels comfortable and confident. That looks good. Getting a bride into a gigantic wedding dress
is no easy feat. So you want to make a donut hole for
your bride on the pedestal. These are clips. Okay. So there’s an art of clipping that we’ll walk through. These gowns have layers and layers and can
be uncharacteristically heavy. So it’s actually easier to step in and pull
it up than it is to throw it over the top of your head. And then the cameras stepped out of the room
while I helped Megan step into her first dress. Once in it’s time for all the zipping and
clipping. And the goal here is to make sure the bride
gets a sense of what the dress will actually feel like when it’s in her exact size. Wow. Wow, how glamorous. With my help Megan tried on four to five
gowns, giving us feedback along the way. I like how this is like draping on me. I feel more antique bride. I feel a little exposed. Might be too much crystals for me. I like this shape. She even stepped outside of her dressing
room to show each option to her friend. Ooh it’s so pretty. Oh my gosh, let me have your phone and take
a photo of the bride. Lucie’s also hired as your photographer. Yeah, if you need one for the wedding day. I use an iPhone 10. At this stage, it’s very important to listen
to what the bride is saying. These little thoughts and opinions will help
inform the future dresses you pull and will also bring you one step closer to helping
her find the one. It was time for my final challenge: helping
the bride say yes. If you’ve done one, two, and three right, four should be a piece of cake. This was Megan’s first time dress shopping, though. And we were a little bit restricted time-wise
because we were filming. For that reason, we got a whole lot closer
to finding the style that Megan is gravitating towards, and we even found a dress that she
really liked and she’s considering. It’s great that we discovered what style you like. And now that you know this your second appointment
at Kleinfeld can be a lot more targeted. So we’ve gotten so close. Yay! She said maybe! So although I didn’t get my bride to say yes
today, we came pretty close, and I was very proud
of the work we did. This is a job. Even working with just one client was exhausting,
and most Kleinfeld Bridal consultants have multiple appointments a day. This job is up on your feet, fast-paced, and
highly technical. So if you’re interested in breaking into this
industry, be sure to do your research and maybe hit the gym first for some stamina. Let me know what jobs you want to
see me try next time, and we’ll see you then on Lucie For Hire. Hey, YouTube, thanks for watching
this episode of Lucie For Hire. Comment below and let us know what else you
want to see me try in this series. Click here to subscribe to Refinery29 YouTube channel, right here to watch some more videos, and right here for my personal YouTube channel. See you.

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