I Tried Different Methods Of Peeing In A Wedding Dress

I Tried Different Methods Of Peeing In A Wedding Dress

– Let’s go pee. (upbeat music) Hi, I’m Kristen. I’m getting married, and one
of the problems that I have is that I have to go to
the bathroom all the time. So I was wondering, how am I actually going to use the bathroom
in my wedding dress? (upbeat music) We’re gonna try lifting the
skirt over the back of my head while my friend lifts
my skirt from the front. This one I’m very worried about. Because I’m not gonna be
able to see the water. Oh my god. Everyone should give their
bridesmaids more presents. I don’t know, I don’t know what to do. I feel like I’m a cave dweller. – How do you take your underwear off? – I’m trying, I’m trying. All right, I did it, oh, we did it. You literally have to stare me
in the eye while I’m peeing. (friend laughing) Good bonding, cool, okay. This is the bridal buddy. I am going to put it on under my skirt and draw it closed like a drawstring and I should be able to
gather my whole skirt in it so I can sit on the toilet. Let’s see if that works. I’ve got to get under this thing. I will say that this thing
probably shouldn’t be white because it’s very confusing. Okay, that’s an arm. Shoot, I’m looking out the back still. So so far I’ve learned that
you have to put this on before you put the dress on. Oh snap. All right, I did it! Yay! I didn’t quite get it
right, but it did work. (upbeat music) I’m also going to be
trying the trash bag method where I tear a hole in the
bottom of the trash bag, step into it, and then
gather my skirt into it. Here we go, okay. It’s like I’m taking out
the trash and I’m the trash. Just when you think you’re out
of dress it just keeps going. Okay, oh oh oh, okay, I think we got it. Tada! I think that this is a very cheap, effective way of peeing by yourself. You do feel a bit like a bag of trash. (upbeat music) We’re gonna try sitting
backwards on the toilet and having my lovely friend
here lift up my dress from the back whlie I
lift it up from the front. All right, first of all
I gotta turn around. Sit, I did it, yeah, we did it. Woohoo! This is a good method. It just depends on peeing
in front of your friend. Overall, depending on the
type of dress you decide on, sitting backwards on the
toilet or the trash bag were the most effective ways to go. But sitting backwards
on the toilet is free, first of all, and only
requires you to be able to pee in front of another person. So start practicing now. Be nice to your bridesmaids. It’s not easy helping someone
pee in a wedding dress. I’m super sorry, bridesmaids everywhere. (whooshing)

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  1. Some halls have special bridal bathrooms where the toilet is in the middle of the room and you just gather up the back of the dress and it all goes over the toilet .

  2. it really annoyed me the whole video that her glasses weren't pushed up. I don't know why but I wear glasses and I can't stand when I don't push up my glasses after they slightly fall

  3. Why is everyone being so crude about her size. Joke or no joke it's wrong and you shouldn't say things like that. I think she looks beautiful regardless and she has a great personality and seems very fun. Isn't beauty only skin deep. That's what matters in a person.

  4. I love her so much and to find out that she is getting married just makes my day I'm so happy for her

  5. I pee so many times on my qunice night and I had to have my cousins and friends help me . Wow! That day was so revealing ….. Plus my dress was way bigger than hers!

  6. This and being able to dance is the reason why I'm getting a short dress with a detachable long overskirt so the dress will be long for the ceremony

  7. Reason # etc. that I'm not gonna wear a dress when I get married. Yeesh. I already hate dresses for having to sit a particular way.

  8. If anyone wouldn't mind taking less than a minute to vote for my photo so I can win $500 off my wedding dress I would love you forever!


  9. 15 seconds in, and I'm already like: "Kristen has diabetes…". Pretty dress though 🙂
    It must feel really glamorous to be in a pretty dress, with bridal underwear and bridal shoes, styled hair and fancy makeupp… in a trashbag while going to the toilet XD

  10. thankfully the bridal room had it's own toilet. So I made my husband help me pee. the backwards method is the best and I didn't have to ask one of my ladies for help. So win all around.

  11. What if you have to go like right away but you have to spend time trying to figure out how to sit on the toilet😂

  12. OK so I was at my dads wedding, true story, there was a bride and a brides maid. the brides maid was lifting up the brides dress so she could pee. the bride gave me some advice and said "when you get married don't get a big and poofy dress like I did because as you see I regret it" I am taking that advice.

  13. My mom thankfully was near by when I had to pee. She gave birth to me, so that wasn't embarrassing at all. We just lifted the dress up and around me, just like I normally do when wearing a dress, but it was just way more fabric.

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  15. Hahaha I done this 14 years ago, man it was a challenge just to go to the bathroom let alone getting into the bathroom stall

  16. Kristen,u look beautiful in ur wedding dress. It's lovely! Good luck on ur wedding day! Hope u have a great day!

  17. Imagine while you are getting married you really gotta pee and you’re basically at your limit…
    I’d run away and say “I DO REALLY HAVE TO PEE”

  18. Hi watch this on your sc story today, ever thought about adding closed captioning for us Deaf and Hard of Hearing people out there on sc?

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