I Tried Different Types Of Spanx

I Tried Different Types Of Spanx

– [Woman] The ones that you
guessed were 18 dollars, were 88 dollars. And the ones that I’m wearing right now, are cheaper than that. Are you surprised by this? – Yes, I’m blown away. (bright music) – So this week we’re
going to be trying Spanx as well as the cheaper versions of Spanx that they sell in Targets and Kohl’s. Everyone knows about Spanx. They cinch in your waist,
give you those clean lines. Whenever celebrities talk
about wearing shapewear, it’s always Spanx brand. But they’re also really expensive, which is great because they
also make a lower end line, called Assets. I have the theory that the
cheaper versions of Spanx are probably just as good as
the more expensive versions. So we decided to try a bunch
of different types of products. I’m going to be wearing
very skin tight dresses, taking photos, seeing if anyone will be
able to tell the difference. (bright music) These are the cheaper Spanx shorts. I feel like a mushroom
wearing bike shorts. They are already rolling down my back. I don’t know why it’s
doing this I secured it. These are the cheaper Assets short. They are the thickest fabric. Here are the more expensive Spanx shorts. They’re slightly easier to get on than any of the other shorts. They’re the light fabric you want, but it doesn’t roll down. These look the same. They’re like the twins from The Shining. These are the Spanx tights. The weird thing about the
tights is that I do feel flatter even though I know I’m not flatter. So these are the Assets. They are 14 dollars. I feel secure, it feels comfortable. This is the Spanx body suit. It is the most expensive thing I tried on. This is the Assets bodysuit. It’s 60 dollars. My body just looks the same. Overall, I’d say my favorite thing were the 14 dollar pair of tights. Once I put everything on and realized how similarly they felt, I wondered if they even looked different. We took a bunch of pictures of me wearing the Spanx and the same dress to see how they compared. It wasn’t much pushing everything in, as it was just pushing everything up. I had a rounder butt, but
I also had a rounder tummy. I have always assumed
that more expensive Spanx equals littler. Okay, now I’m going to
go ask some of my friends if they think I’m wearing Spanx and if I am wearing
Spanx, how much it costs. And I wearing Spanx in that? – Are you wearing Spanx or not? Fuck. I’ve never looked at
you this deeply before. (laughing) Can I see your butt? – [Woman] Yeah. Am I wearing Spanx right now? – Yeah. Your posture’s changed. I think these are like 15. – [Woman] 15 bucks. Am I wearing Spanx right now? Yes or no? – No. Are you? – No. – This dress looks great. – It does. – I don’t think you’re wearing Spanx. – When you’re wearing
them, do they hurt more, the more expensive ones? – [Woman] They feel about the same. – Fuck, then what’s the
god damn difference? – A lot of people struggled to figure out whether or not I was wearing
cheap or expensive Spanx. Or Spanx at all. You’re gonna guess which of
the group is the most expensive and which is the least expensive. – Most expensive being
one, and then middle two, least expensive three. – [Woman] You think
the one on the far left is the most expensive. The one in the middle
is the middle expensive and the one on the far
right is the cheapest. – Yes. – The purpose of Spanx are
to like suck you in right? – Presumably. – Right, presumably. – It’s kind of like
sucking you in the most, medium and the least. – No that’s not what I… – I think you’re
overthinking this a little. This feels like an eye
examination, I love it. Your butt looks really good in this one. So I’m gonna say like this one is 60. – So I think that the most expensive is the photo on the far left. The medium is one on the far right. The cheapest is the one in the middle. – How long did it take you
to try on all these Spanx? – Way too long. – Can they all be evenly priced? Is that an option? – Do you think they’re all evenly priced? – All three photos look
exactly the same to me. – [Woman] You said that this
one was the most expensive? This one was the middle one and this one was the least one. This is 88 dollars. This is 60 dollars. And this is just underwear. – What? – What? I don’t see it. – You looked at pictures
of me in just my underwear four times and you ascribe them
with four different values. – I should not be on the
Price is Right, ever. – One, I feel deceived,
two, I feel a little dumb. – Everyone should feel free to wear things that make them feel better. But I think that we’ve all
been kind of conditioned to believe that Spanx
are just like this thing that we need to look smaller and slimmer. No one really notices. I think wear what you want, but don’t feel like you need this in order to be the best you. Spanx do come with these
great little butt holes because having a big butt is in right now, so we don’t want to
tuck those in too much. (upbeat music)

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  1. I’ve always found my shape looks way better without Spanx / the cheaper versions I buy elsewhere; all those just make me so round and actually eliminate my curves

  2. As someone who’s 180 lbs, spanx are literally useless, they just made it obvious that I had a bigger stomach than normal

  3. Save your cash! You look best with just underwear underneath. That's great, because I'm a larger woman who hates skintight undergarments!

  4. I love seeing mostly comments saying stop Hatting when there's barley any hate like chilllllllllll no one cares

  5. She looked much better without the spanx/asset and I think it is because of her size. I would be interested in the same experiment with several women with different frames and sizes just to see if the effect is the same. Then we would know if these type of clothing really slim you down or make you look rounder.

  6. I have a fat pancake stomach. Some Overweight people like myself their stomach grows under eventually covering their vagina and so forth. The purpose of Spanks is to lift that lower tummy from not reaching the ground. Kind of like a bra. I am loosing weight and in order to loose that lower tummy I need spanks to put if back in place. So yes it makes you look rounder, but the end result after wearing for a long period of time is a flatter stomach.

  7. Oddly enough she does look thinner without Spanx, I have a knockoff set of the highwaisted shorts but I don't use them to slim my stomach, I wear them to keep my thighs from chafing.

  8. Also another think to point out is at 1:57 if they were taken on the same day she could just be bloated by the end. Which is why she looks the best with nothing u know

  9. huh, isn't that interesting…i once tried on a cheat shape wear in store and thought it made my body look WAY worse and completely opposite of what I was going for…this video proved that I'm not the only one that has been deceived by what shape wear is suppose to do.
    You look amazing, regardless! But it was definitely noticeable that there was a change when not wearing VS wearing

  10. Thank you so much! This was the best thing on the internet EVER! and you Did it in your underwear for ME! AWESOMEEEEEEEE

  11. I think because they bring you in on the side, it pushes your stomach out. I think it's just what the cut is to get the hourglass shape. Read Lucy's Corsetry where she talks about how the core of our torso is more oblong from side to side and waist tucking makes it more rounded, so it protudes toward the front. So the side shot is a little bit unfair.

  12. I absolutely love these preview of products mostly because I have begin to feel better about myself and my fuller figure…..it’s a perfect wake up call for all women…..acceptance even if society is critical in a negative way

  13. I don't know why I'm in the comments, knowing it's going to be a bunch of skinny bitches wanting validation for their body types and guys with an inflated sense of their own attractiveness, outraged that a woman isn't suffering in the hope of getting their attention. But here I am.

  14. I thought Spanx were meant to smooth lines like the rolls and cellulite not necessarily make you thinner looking just more put together

  15. I used to wear the Spanx body suit, but now I saw screw it and don't wear any shapewear…I"m just me and I'm fine. I'd rather enjoy my night out instead of feeling like a sausage stuffed in casing.

  16. Woman, you are the greatest! It's so nice to see someone who is not a model trying different things on. I tried different versions of Spanx and got the same results you did. Everything pushed up, but not in. They made me look heavier. I thought it was just me, so I'm grateful to you for doing this!

  17. I'm not trying to be like this but Spanx are intended for people who just need a little bit of sucking in at the stomach… You're not going to magically fix someone who's obese with Spanx

  18. Cute video. I’m supper thin, but I’m older so my skin kind of sags. Or hangs over my waist band. Looks like I have back fat when I put on a bra, but it’s just hangy skin 😬Even skinny people get muffin top lol.
    I thot u looked best WITHOUT the spanx.
    U cant turn SOMETHING into NOTHING, right? Simple science.
    BUT, u can move it around and smoosh it lol.
    The thing spanx does for ALL body types is at the very least is makes our undies / bras lines not show. They make our bodies look smoother. So that’s a plus.
    If u were going to wear anything like that, I would forgo the spanx and get urself some padded underwear. Lol. I know. Ur thinking u don’t need any extra padding, but…… padded underwear, ones that have pads to make ur butt and or hips look larger, just that alone would better balance ur body than spanx do!
    I had a nice butt till I was about 40. Now I’m 60. I have NO BUTT LEFT AT ALL lol.
    I Didn’t think I cared or was vain enough to buy padded undies, but I was lol.
    I love them!
    They help balance out my appearance a bit more. Had boobs and no butt.
    For 22.00 bucks I got a butt lol. A really hot butt too lol.
    There r a variety of sizes.
    I found adding the buttwear, made my waist look smaller.
    Unless u want a Nicki Minaj butt, don’t get butt undies that r wider that ur shoulders. Meaning if u get hip pads too, don’t go much wider that ur shoulder width.
    Does that make sense lol.
    Bet u thot us skinny bitches don’t have body issues lol.
    Loved ur video.

    Shows u had fun making it too. That’s all that really matters. ☺️

    U prob seen them before.
    So Skip the spanx and go for the buttwear Lol. .

  19. YESSSS I bought shape wear from Walmart just to keep everything tucked in and noticed all it did was push my stomach up and I looked 9months pregnant

  20. U have to get spanx really small and hard to squeeze into for them to make u smaller. I think she just got ones that fit her but weren't small or tight enough

  21. Spanxs are meant to smooth you out – not make you skinnier.
    Front on photos would show the real difference with how your belly sat.
    Definitely lifted your butt though

  22. Don't ever wear spanx its a sausage casing, if you meet somebody and decide you want to have an intimate encounter with them imagine taking her clothes off and having to literally unfold her Spanx and her rolls

  23. I'm just seeing comments about people comenting about pepole comenting that the people in the comments should chill and not hate lol

  24. I’m not trying to be rude, but she really needs to lose weight. It isn’t about looking good, it’s about being healthy. Please, nobody take this the wrong way.

  25. Also if you feel like you need shapewear with an outfit, but don't have the money to buy Spanx or something similar, you can always simulate it fairly cheaply. What you do is wear two pairs of pantyhose one size smaller than you would normally wear (I don't recommend using this method during summer). You will have to be careful pulling the bottom pair on, so you don't cause them to run, but the end result is close to the smoothing effect of Spanx.

  26. Shape wear is more for wearing pants, to clean up the mushroom top. I don't really see the need if you're wearing a dress.

  27. Great video. I was on the verge of trying spanx and you did it for me. I thought you looked better without the spanx or fake spanxs.

  28. spanks or any shapewear really do make you bigger if you have an already round tummy ,it just looks even rounder and bigger

  29. I keep seeing comments saying that they keep seeing comments telling people not to be mean but no comments being mean but I don’t see any comments telling people not to be mean😂😂😂

  30. Spanx are good for smoothing, she has a SOLID apple shaped body, its not going to change that, it’s more for cellulite or rolls

  31. I love how all of the models in the beginning are super thin and have exactly the same body type. God forbid models show people with actual curves and "bumps." You're gorgeous and I love that you utilize your social media presence to help others with that struggle.

  32. I think spanx are the most useful for those who just have a lot of extra skin from losing weight, having kids, or getting older. It’s not gonna do much for actual overweight people except give you better posture and smooth out any cellulite bumps (which isn’t bad, it just isn’t what we hope it’ll do).

  33. America is COPE nation, so much so that over there you can make billions by selling them cope clothes to cope with their inability to eat normal food. America should be nuked, in Minecraft of course.

  34. Thank you for demonstrating the shapewear. I wanted Spanx but was struggling with the cost of them. I'm glad I searched for "How to wear Spanx" and your video came up. I won't be buying any Spanx.

  35. I honestly just use the Nike spandex shorts during one of my games or when I’m wearing a dress or skirt so I don’t get chafing in between my legs. It’s not really “shape wear” for me

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