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  1. Great video. I wish these products had been around when I was having MY period. I am 67 now and haven't had a period for about 15 years or more.

  2. You should try the ModiBodi brand (from Australia but sold internationally). They are better coverage, comfort and absorbance thank the Thinx ones 😊

  3. Thinx has seamless leak-proof undies and no padding in the back- I love them but they really are only for the last day or super super light moontimes. They work okay as back up though!

  4. Modibodi also does period underwear… And as an aussie its nice to buy aussie brands. I do have a couple of thinx too tho.

  5. Thank you for sharing this, and for all the great content you create. I love how practical, honest, and down to earth you are – especially in this video. 💖 Cheers.

  6. Hi! We’d love to send you some of our period proof undies to try out!

    Our undies hold 4 tampons’ worth and can be worn even during heavy days. We offer five styles including our Detachable style that can be changed anywhere without stepping foot off the ground!

    You can find out more at fluxundies.com and get in touch with us at [email protected]

    Look forward to hearing from you! 🥰

  7. i get SUPER light periods… i cant wear tampons cause the smallest ones stay dry and it hurts soooo muchh to take out. i been using disposable pads but they make me feel uncomfortable and irritated. i was thinking of trying period undies. i wonder if that would be a better option for me.

  8. I've been using the cup for about 2 years or so and it gives me piece of mind when I sleep. However, I haven't completely rid myself of the pads because occasionally the cup placement isn't right or I have a heavier flow that day and need reinforcement. But I've been considering THINX for a while now and never knew about those cloths, so I'm happy there are options. I want not to be dependent on wasteful products asap! If you learn of any deals on the THINX underwear, please do share because they, like the cup, are on the pricey side.

  9. Thank you Janell for having the courage to make this raw no nonsense video in all its truth…I SO APPRECIATE THIS ON EVERY LEVEL….you are helping soooo many ladies out here who have doubts, questions, concerns and you covered it all….you are a blessing, thank you love for BEING YOU <3

  10. I have seen the thinx undies all over my social media lately but i had no idea about reusable pads. considering i don't really get much of a period while on contraception i think I'll try them out. way to go for doing the review.

  11. Janell Kristina
    – Ok, I am a guy and I will tell you about this video. Totally great video, very cool women's products that are a healthy alternative to the current norm. I have 2 girls and will let them know about this stuff! Great, great body, by the way, you are a very pretty woman all around. Thanks!

  12. I feel like I bleed so much and I even leak with a tampon on.. I also have really bad cramps to a point where I literally cry for 2 days straight because of the pain. 😔 I wish I could do this and not be wasteful, but I still struggle with pain and abnormal flow.

  13. I like your panties. Do you still shave. You do have a full female ass that I have too👭💕💕💕💕💕❤❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥🔥

  14. I have the cloth pads too! I had the same issue with it sliding back in my underwear (I never wear thongs though), so my solution was to use a couple small safety pins at the front and top of the pad so it is fastened to the underwear. It won't move now when I run or walk or have a busy day at work. : ) Never had a safety pin stab me, by the way. I need very large pads, so the pins are always well above my… ahem clitoris, and my thighs can't rub against them, nor is there any way they get stuck in jean zippers. If you wear leggings, wear a long shirt, the pins will be a little noticeable through legging, lol. Unless you're at home, then it's all good.

  15. I loved your minimalism video which lead me to this one! I really needed the inspiration. Working toward minimalism lifestyle and less waste! Thank you! Keep doing this 🙂

  16. I found your minimalist vid which has 1M views. Then I found this one which got dat ass lookin like a snack with only 24k? BLASPHEMY. Thank you for this.

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