I Tried To Make A Dress For My Girlfriend. Did I Fail? | SLICE n RICE 🍕🍚

I Tried To Make A Dress For My Girlfriend. Did I Fail? | SLICE n RICE 🍕🍚

– What’s up, ninjas? – This is Slice… – And Rice… – [Both] And Coolirpa. (laughter) – As you can see, we
have two special guests. – Hi everyone, my name is April, and– – My name is Erik. – On my channel, I do a
DIY fashion, I teach people how to sew and to transform
old clothes into something new. – So, with that being said,
we thought it would be really funny to have Erik and Matt buy us clothes from Savers. – So on our channel, you
will see my design of what I came up for Glory, and
on Coolirpa’s channel you will see the design
that Erik created for April. – So stay tuned and keep
watching, and may the odds be ever in our favor. (laughter) – All right, let’s get started. – Yeah! – [Glory] Savers! – [Matt]
I’ve never been here. – [Glory] Skirt, skirt! I’m excited. Maybe it’s because I love thrift stores. – Yeah but, I’m the one
picking this stuff out, so you gotta follow me with the camera. (distorted laughter) – I’m gonna make you look
sexy, Glory. (Glory laughing) (intense music) – [Glory] Oh, sorry. (bleep) (music with heavy bass) – [Glory] Wait, this is pretty.
Who’s this thin? (bleep) – I’m a fashion designer. (Glory laughing) – [Glory] Shut up! – I’m
gonna make you look sexy. Let me look at your body. Let me see. (upbeat music) (record scratch) Okay, so
you’re like a size, you’re like a two. I think I found something, so– – [Glory] Already? Come
on. You don’t have–No! – [Matt] Hold it up to
you. Okay. I can see it. – I don’t like it, I
don’t like the pattern. – [Matt] Mmhmm, take a
little bit off there, there. (scissors snipping) Okay. This– – Actually, this is kinda
like, Vogue. I don’t think it’s my color. I don’t wanna look like a couch. (Matt laughing) That’s
something my mom would’ve worn when I was in kindergarten. That’s cute. – Nope, when you say that. – [Glory] No, come on! (bleep) Alright, what are the final pieces? – Between these two.
So, we’ll go with this. (Glory gasping) (cheering and applause) – [Matt] I’ve got a lot
of (mumbles) to work with. – You went with your gut. I’ll
have to give that one to you. – [Glory] $9.25, Matt. – We’ll make you look fabulous. – [Glory] He’s gonna
basically, recreate this, and like try to make me look amazing. – Make something new? Okay. – [Glory] Have you seen like those thrifted transformations on Youtube? – Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Glory] Yeah? (laughing) So, you went for the first thing you saw. – Yo, I’m a fashion designer,
you know, I don’t play no games. I don’t play no games. – Whatever. Oh, I need to fart. (baby crying) – Did you hear that? – That’s why the baby’s
crying, cause you farted. (bright music) (record scratch) (Matt laughing) – [Glory] What? What? – No… no, I think it’s the outfit… – [Voiceover] Oh, yeah. (bright music) – All right, so I saw what
Glory looked like with this on. I have ideas. I have no experience. Look how thick this joints
are, these are thick! We just gonna make new ones. We gonna start with getting
the chippity choppety on. I’m gonna cut it off. (frantic music) – Cut! This is like your
Sunday’s best. All right, boom. Got it– oh, that hung down. So the straps just came up. I got it, I know exactly
what we’re gonna do. We’ll cut this whole top off. There’s gotta be an easier way.
April, what’s the effective way– Erik’s got an advantage on me. (rapid piano music) You know, one time, I took
a sewing class, and we were sewing pillows, and I failed
my project, because the cotton wouldn’t stay in the pillow. (frantic music) Boom. So we got, we got nice… (snorting) It don’t gotta be a straight
line. Now we got this out of the way, we need
to work on the straps. So I personally think… (soft music) (bleep) I personally think, Glory should get some thin straps. So here we go, we gonna get to cutting. After we get to cutting,
we gonna get to sewing. (rapid music) By the way, these are food scissors. So– the strap. Has to be long enough to
go from front to back. So let’s test this out. All right. Here we go. Yeah. This is
gonna be an exotic strap. So you see here, you just gonna… (thunder) (bleep) All right, so now when
it’s twisted up like that you gotta create a knot. So
I’m gonna create a knot, boom, so this is what’s going to hold… Yup. There we go. And then
it’s like a little ribbon, you know what I’m saying,
you got the little ribbon that’ll hang there. So you gotta work on the second strap. – So, how’s everything going? – Making your straps. There we go. This is perfect! We were
here the whole time, now I got perfect measuring. All right, boom-bud-y-boom. Whatcha doing, you’re like– – I’m ticklish! – You gotta keep it
straight, yo, extend the arm. I just gotta make sure this connects. What you doing? I need you to be straight. All right. Yo, come on! All right, so I see, this is why it’s good to have your test dummy here. – Dummy? – No, I didn’t mean test dummy! All right, I think this
dress needs to be shorter with a slit in it. (surprised music) – Ooh, you’re gonna give me a little leg? – Well, you’re only wearing
this around me, so… (rapid piano music) Boom! Yo, this is turning
out really, really well. Aight? Erik don’t know what
he going up against right now. (bleep) So… – Ba bum ching! (cymbals clash) (bleep) So, Slice has never used a
sewing machine in his life. I don’t think he even knew
what it was before this video. (rapid piano music) – [Matt] You know what I see
people do on TV, they like to lick the end. Yum. (Glory laughing) See, and it makes it like, straight. I don’t have a table to see. (rapid piano music) (fanfare) – [Glory] Oh! It works! (fanfare) – Ow!Ow! – [Glory} What Happened?
Did you hurt yourself? – I poked myself. (laughs) – [Glory] Oh no, are you bleeding? – No. How you gonna laugh after this? – [Glory] Come on, you were funny! (bleep) – My hands are too big. (lively music) – [both] Yay! – I did it! Alright now, pin that. Okay, go. (Glory laughs) What? – [Glory] I’m like actually impressed, actually I’m mildly impressed. – How you go from actually
to jus mildly like — – [Glory] Wow. – I got pretty far. – [Glory] I’m like so
impressed, I can’t even — Mmm, my boy know how to sew! – But can you all know. Might just start making my own clothes. (frantic music) – [Glory] (foreign language) – Yo shut up! (Glory laughs) – I love you! – (laughs) – Oh my gosh, yo. – [Glory] Oh my gosh, smell my foot! – Come on, Glory! (foreign language) (Glory laughs) – [Glory] Wow, whoever
thought four years into our relationship, Matthew would be seen at a sewing machine, getting excited that the thread went into the needle. – Ow! Ow damn! (laughs) – Lemme do it. Wake up! – I was sleeping yo. – [Glory] You really slept!
You really fell asleep! – I’m tired yo. I think we did it. Bout to find out now. – [Glory] What?! Oh – – Let’s see. We did it. – [Glory] Matty! – We did it. – [Glory] Oh my gosh. – Alright so, I got the strap.
And I realize how difficult it is to sew straps. I probably
should have hand sewed it. She just gonna be one strap in. But, What I got lucky
with is that this bad boy came with like a football cardigan. This thing got like shoulder
pads and everything. So we gonna hide the
second strap with this So she gonna put if over, that way I don’t gotta worry about it. So we’re gonna try to turn this into something. Here we go! (rapid piano music) Ladies and gentlemen, I think we’re ready to see if this fits. I think I did (claps)
great. Let’s do this. Alright so after hours
of blood sweat and tears I’m really excited to
see what Glory looks like with my final thrift transformation. Alright ninjas, here we
go. Glory, come on out. (upbeat pop music) Aay! Get that money! Let’s see what’s going on under Oh!Look at the strap!
Look at the single strap! The strizzy-strap. You look like a Flintstone, girl yo. – I actually, would wear this. So, I actually like it.
Like I really thought that it was gonna turn out really ugly. And like I think this was a mistake, like you meant to do
two but I like the one. And I like how this is like a bow. Like I see this in, like, modern style. And the cardigan I was like “Oh my god, that is definitely going to be bad.” But it’s like kinda nice, it’s
like a, you know what I mean, do like off the shoulder,
you know like, elegant stuff. You can go to church and be like, yass. – Oh you’re wearing this
to church next week? – Not with this slit yo! (bleep) I love how he tied the
back, because at first it was like really wide but then this gave it a bit more flow to it. I, at a scale of one
to 10, considering your lack of experience, and
short amount of time, I give you a nine. – Ooh a nine? Are you serious? Yo! That’s what I’m talking
about! I’m like “Yes!” – I like it! I’m so impressed. – You know what I’m saying.
I’m glad you like it. Ninjas, let me know in the
comments what you think. And if you come in from
Coolirpa’s channel, you know what I’m saying,
this is what I got, you know what I’m saying,
this is what I got. I mean, I hope you like it. I
hope I did better than Erik. I don’t know what Erik’s look like yet. We’ll see man. There you have it, it’s our designs. And Ninjas, we want you to vote, which design you like the best. – And make sure you guys go
to April’s channel: Coolirpa We’re gonna leave the
link in the description, mainly because you wanna
see what Erik did for April. – [April] Yeah and let
us know who you thought did a better job down in the comments. – [Glory] Yes, be honest. – [April] We won’t hate you. – And make sure you go
over there and show so much Ninja love. Show how much
our Ninjas are great. So make sure you comment there and be like “Slice and Rice sent me” and also just to check out their videos. She honestly has such good
videos, let me just say actually for like one second, I discovered her like a
little bit over a year ago. And it was actually kinda
crazy meeting you in real life. She is so talented guys! She literally has this whole series called ‘Thrifted Transformations’ and even if you’re not into sewing,
like I’m not even into sewing like something about it just makes you want to keep watching it. So make sure you check out her videos. And Erik does such a good job filming her, it’s just such a good team so… We all bonded really well, so this is our like, friend-iversary. – Aw. – So definitely go check them out! – I got the slice- – I got the rice- – [Both] And we got the sewing machine! – [All] Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! – [All] Woosh! (laughter)

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  1. You guys crack us up! Great job, Matt! I feel bad cus Erik had the advantage with all my supplies LOL and omg Glory, your little sewing machine is adorable!! This was so fun to watch and I agree, the knotted bow was a nice touch on the strap 😛 -April

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  8. I went and checked out April’s channel. It was an unfair challenge. Therefore by sheer ingenuity, with no help from Glory, Matt wins.

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