I Tried Wearing Eyebrow Wigs In Public For A Day

I Tried Wearing Eyebrow Wigs In Public For A Day

*singing Céline Dion* Alexa pause we’ll come back to that. *russian accent* Helloooo Zombaess Hello Zombaes Hello…Zombaes How many people come to my channel, do you think- And think right away that I’m Russian cuz they just click out right after I go “Hello zombaes” Is anyone convinced? Maybe not. I don’t know if you can tell but my brows are still there but they’re getting awfully light and They’ve kind of lost their magical shape because it’s been about a month since The infamous eyebrow transformation by Kelly Baker. I figure you can tell they’re just not what they used to be. Brows that special can’t last forever. Up close it’s really funny looking because the blonde is starting to grow back in. So I have like salt-and-pepper brows right now I’m George Clooney. As I lose my perfect brows, I’ve been thinking is that something I can sustain every month of my life? To go get them tinted, which is not legal in California, so it’s hard to find. Can I bother Kelly Baker every month? I don’t know. Can I get them shaped? Cuz once they start to grow back in, these tails – they drive me crazy I’m so tempted to shave them off my face right now but I’m trying not to and I don’t know, I mean for someone who never had to deal with any brow upkeep in her entire life The idea of doing this once a month, as cute as they’ve been, is something I don’t know if I’m ready for. Is there some kind of alternative to get real looking brow hairs that isn’t me filling them in to try to mimic Real dark brow hairs, but that are actually real dark brow hairs without having to get waxed which was traumatic So did that hurt? Yeah Ahh Kelly Clarkson! Tinted And shaped to be fair having real brows for a while save me a lot of time and I don’t know if I can give that up, but there might be another way that is just as fast and just as real looking without the monthly upkeep. You already know what I’m talking about because it’s in the title of the video I keep doing this. I introduced to you: brow wings I first heard about brow wigs when I worked at a makeup store and they sold fake goatees and beards and mustaches and eyebrows and I’ve always wanted to try some. I ordered these straight off Amazon I don’t know if this is the best brand or not But this is the brand I could find that looked the most natural **not sponsored** But I want to glue one of these on my face and test it out for the day I know the title is very Safiya. Hi Safiya. So I got two colors here. One is very blond and one is Black and my hair is currently blonde, but I kind of want to try the black So we’re gonna put these puppies on and I will weigh in at the end of the day. Oh yes Upside-down brows. We should make that a thing. So this is just hair on little tiny Lace cutouts – lace like you would have in a wig – and you just glue these to your face. Look at that! These are actually kind of as light as my current brow So I think I’m gonna try the black ones I also feel like the black ones will be a better test because I think the lace, to me, It looks a little more obvious that it’s a fake brow. So I’m curious if we can fool the masses with the dark ones. Oh So the lace is invisible. I don’t think I’m gonna trim them at all I’m just gonna try to go for it and you know truthfully if these work out well, this would be a great option for people with alopecia or I’m not gonna say this right trick-trick trickle-ello-mania? trick-a-lelo-mm? when you pull your hair or Who have gone through chemo or for whatever reason don’t have eyebrows at all. So this is not just a costume type option This could be a potentially very useful option for a lot of people “cut brows to desired length/shape Ideally using very small sharp scissors only if necessary” Oh “use sharp scissors or nail clippers. Trim carefully and place in freezer for up to three minutes between trimming to stiffen brow” This is sciency “Apply medical grade cosmetic adhesive to the false, eyebrow. Allow approximately 30 seconds for the adhesive to become tacky. Step 4: stick brow to face.” I like that one That was very to the point “Step 5: pluck brows if required” Oh come on. The idea is to not have to pluck the brows, But I’ll let that slide “Step 6: apply eyebrow pencil or foundation to edges if necessary.” What’s the point if you have to still fill them in or pluck them? We’re gonna see how good they look all on their own. That’s what I want Okay, so it says to only apply it to the back of the eyebrow. This says that it’s a water-based adhesive. Oh It’s pros-aide. Guys, it’s pros-aide! We’re familiar with this That’s good because I had my pros-aide ready in case it didn’t come with adhesive I figured that would be the best thing to use. Alexa resume *music plays* All right, it’s time I already hate them so much. Oh God, I might leave it with the blonde. I love dark brows and blonde hair I’m Cara Delevigne, bitch You thought it was hard to get your eyeliner even. Wait until you try to get your eyebrow wigs even I feel like I want to try this one differently than the instructions say. I’m gonna put a little bit of pros-aide On the back of the the eyebrow wig, but I’m gonna put some directly on my eyebrow, too, this time Oh, I think oh my hair sticking to my eyebrow. I like this look Why am I blowing on this? There’s no glue on this. Okay. Oh boy, oh boy, oh no, sisters not twins, sisters not twins, aim for twins, though. Oh, no. This one’s lower. Oh God. I think this eyebrow of mine is actually lower than that one to be fair. So that kind of fluffs with me Alright suddenly brows, but from far away They look kind of sharpied on cuz they’re so dark. And up close, I feel like they look pretty questionable You play Fishdom once a day? **not sponsored** You guys are dorks. I just glued black eyebrows onto my face. “What why?” No, mom, they’re fading. They’re almost gone. Yeah, so I thought that I would glue fake hair onto my face because I already glue fake hair onto my face and my head “Oh my God they really make fake eyebrows?” They do But we’re gonna go out and see if anyone gives me any funny looks. First, we’re gonna need a wig to make this less distracting This color is very Kylie Jenner a la 2015-16 I like it. Well, they certainly move like real brows. I’m not a huge fan of the shape of these So I feel like the eyebrow wigs are less striking now because I have teal hair to distract from that I want to go out in some public places See if we can run into any zombaes and I got a few other things I want to do I’m not gonna bring glue to save- no I should bring glue to save me. I’m gonna bring this glue to save me just in case they start to peel off. We’ll see how they hold up throughout the day. Let’s…go! So I thought of another test I could do. What better way to see if these are actually convincing in person up close Than with someone who knows my face very well who has seen it a million times That would be the best friend miss Spankie Valentine. Let’s go pay her a visit and see what she thinks Hello So uh, you notice anything weird about me today? Weird? This is not a roast Mykie video. You have the- You have the brows What about them? They’re there. They are live and in full effect right now What does that mean? What is live and in full effect? Okay I need details. I see them. Don’t make that face at me I see something’s happening Helicopters! Could you give it a rest for a second? I’m trying to get some information here. You’re my best friend Yeah You know my face better than almost anyone Yeah The face is wonderful; the brows… I’m not certain You don’t like them? I think from this distance then yeah slay bitch werk hunty yaass Yes, but up close what’s wrong with them? It looks like the there is like fishnets It looks like you know like the netting and then you like paint over it there’s like a stitching and stitching that’s the word I’m looking for Yeah, like like- It looks like- Crochet?? Crochet needle points. It looks like there’s something actually attached to the face Ding ding ding ding ding! I’m wearing eyebrow wigs I have no idea what the hell that is. Feel ’em That’s so weird! It’s like Scotch tape with brows! They look good from right here. If I get like eight and a half feet away Distance That is not eight and a half feet. If I get three and three quarters feet- That’s five feet If we get five feet and I have some plants blocking my view ever so slightly, they look amazing Like so good just the best thing that I’ve ever seen, ever done. Bravo These frickin helicopters Oh my gosh! Can you just find the bad guys already? She’s right here guys She did it Take her away. All right, so it didn’t pass the Spankie test. Anyway, thanks. I’m gonna keep trying to fool the world. Good luck. I kidnapped her to come with me for the rest of the video. Whoops. She never left I feel like they look kind of shiny because of the glue. It’s really hard to apply them without getting glue onto the other side of them. I need opinions. Let’s find some zombaes. We found one. This is zombae Caitlyn. I have to ask you a question. What do you think of my eyebrows? Be honest. Be super honest. They’re kinda crusty up close, right? “I told you from far away.” Mykie: My brows feel crusty. Do they look crusty? Spankie: They don’t look crusty, they look textured. Yes, like abnormally textured. Zombae Ava, everybody. What do you think of my eyebrows? Mykie: Don’t lie. Don’t lie. Yes, yes everyone is exposing me. They’re wigs. Could you tell from like here though? I’m gonna fool somebody I just have a question for you. Don’t sugarcoat it How do you feel about my eyebrows? Look really closely But you tell that there’s like something on there. Did you notice before I said anything? I just wanted to know if anybody could tell. So far everybody can Zombae Monique we have here. I have one question for you. Be honest, what do you think about my eyebrows? So like from this far away? The only thing that matters is that my eyebrows stayed on. They passed the test. I swear to God if it’s green glitter, I’m going to be so pissed. Is it green glitter? My eyebrows are sticky. They might pick up things from time to time when you’re doing the worm on freshly cut grass I can’t help that Okay, here’s the true test Don’t try this at home y’all But I gotta be thorough Don’t do this. You should never do this. But so far so good. They’re still on Alright, I don’t want to end up like that girl in Hereditary I’m gonna stick my head back inside now. They’ve passed the wind test. Sorry, Mom. Sorry Dad. They’re still on. Well, okay well that one’s peeling a little bit. It passes the gym test. Yeah, I worked out with a wig on. So what? No, I don’t normally. I swear I don’t. I have a limit. I’ll wear some makeup sometimes but I have a limit anyway. Wow Yes big hair, do care. They lasted fine through movement, through Walking around all day. They lasted through the wind test Although I don’t think that they would last under a really strenuous workout where you’re sweating a lot I don’t think they would work in a pool setting or a shower setting because they are held on with pros-aide which is water based Which means water will remove them and they did not hold up to the best friend test or the up close in person test from any of our zombaes that we met but I’m still gonna try the blonde ones because I have a feeling I might be able to get away with a bit more because maybe they’re just their overall lighter and I think maybe the dark hairs of this one make the Nodding on the lace a bit more obvious, but it seems like in general they work pretty well I do think that if I found a way to apply less glue or not get glue in the actual hairs Or maybe clean the glue off of the hair, but leave it underneath, they might be a bit more convincing But I do believe you can take these off and reuse them. Goodbye brows. Ow! F***! Nevermind. Cuz can you imagine being at a pool party and having this happen? My eyebrow has a shadow Peel off eyebrows. Oh, but the good news is – If you want to experiment with like where else your eyebrows could go That’s fun I swear I’m not sad. It’s just my face I’m having too much fun Somebody stop me. Serving looks. Hey, some people rock the unibrow. It’s not me but some people do I didn’t think I was gonna take this video here and yet here we are On a serious note, these can be used for a lot of really good things like people with alopecia or trick- trickolo- Trichotillomania Or we’ve gone through chemo, lost their hair for whatever reason, burn victims So there’s a lot of good that can come out of eyebrow wigs, I think, that don’t involve tattooing your face You can still change up your look. You can still get the appearance of real hair, but I don’t think it will replace Either everyday filling it in or getting my brows shaped and waxed and tinted once a month. That is my conclusion But it was a fun time. But anyway, that’s all for now Please like this video and hit subscribe if you have not already and if you’re already subscribed Please hit the bell next to subscribe because the bell is basically the subscribe button. Tha- that’s all I don’t know how to end this video. Alexa, play Careless Whisper. This is a Glam and Gore first. Well now I really don’t know how to end this video There’s nowhere to go from here. If Alexa won’t play Careless Whisper, there’s just no where to go from here. I give up. Goodbye

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