I Wear Women’s Deodorant

I Wear Women’s Deodorant

– Link, you smell like a woman.
– There’s a reason. My name’s Brett and I’m from
Michigan. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Gooooooooood Mythical Morning.
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– That brightens my morning. That makes me smile when I go out into the
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However you experience it, let us know. Make a video response. Say, “Hey, I’m
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– Last week, in a previous episode, I shared that, under an impulse buy– a rare
impulse buy in the grocery store, I bought – Old Spice deodorant.
– Mmhm. I also shared with you people that, for
the previous few weeks, I have been using my wife’s roll-on deodorant
because my deodorant ran out. And it’s been– you know, it smells
flowery in here. You know how sometimes a woman enters a room and it’s like,
all of a sudden it smells good? – Yeah.
– You’ve kind of been the woman here, for the past couple of weeks. I appreciate it. – Well…
– I’m glad you’re wearing women’s – deodorant. I think you should continue.
– Well, the Old Spice deodorant was men’s deodorant, but what has happened is:
I’ve gone back, people. I have gone back to my wife’s deodorant. The roll-on. You
know, I love the Old Spice commercials. This is nothing against Old Spice, but it
didn’t work for me. Listen, I don’t know if this is groundbreaking news for you,
but I am thoroughly convinced that I am immune to Old Spice antiperspirant slash
deodorant. It doesn’t matter how good the advertisements are, I’m sweating!
You know? I started putting it on and I realized, I get the trickle. I’m gettin’ the
trickle. And it’s not even lunchtime yet, and I– – The dreaded trickle.
– I notice that I’m gettin’ the trickle. At first you think, are there bugs crawling
out of my armpits? Moist bugs? It’s just a drop of sweat. Thank goodness it’s just sweat! That’s
looking on the bright side. But the dark side is: I’m immune to my deodorant!
Did you know that this can happen, people? – I’ve experienced it.
– Did you know that you could become – totally immune to your antiperspirant?
– I cycle… ever since I was old enough to use deodorant, which I guess is, what,
eight grade? I’ve been cycling through because I found… Well, you know, I
remember it. We were at Buies Creek – Elementary School.
– Yes. Somehow we were in elementary school
through eighth grade, which is confusing in itself, but… I remember some of our
friends. I specifically remember – Sarah John…
– Okay. – who you ended up dating later–
– Yes I did. said, “You can become immune
to your deodorant.” – Really? Even back then?
– Oh yeah. – You didn’t– you’re just telling me now?
– You didn’t know about this? – I don’t remember knowing about it.
– She was like, you can become immune to your deodorant. I was like, hm. And
then about two or three months later, after I was into my first round of
whatever it was– Right Guard– at the – time, or whatever…
– Yeah, yeah. I started noticing all of a sudden one
day, it was twelve o’clock, and I was like… “I stink!” And it wasn’t
even sweat, yet, it was just all of a sudden I stunk, and then I stunk for like
a week. I was like, I gotta do something. And that was when she told me, “You gotta
switch.” I switched to a different one. Boom, I was good again. Until I
became immune to that one! Now, for me, it’s pretty much when I get
done with one, I think I’ve just stumbled into getting a different one, because you
go back and there’s so many choices, and of course I base my decision on the price
and the scent. So I end up getting a different one. So I think I’ve bypassed
this immunity thing this whole time, in just getting a different kind
every time I went. It’s a new one. – But it is a phenomenon, right?
– Yes it is. Yes it is. I’ve done some research. Here’s the thing that I found:
when I Googled this, I expected, oh, immediately someone’s gonna give an
explanation. Now, I did learn a lot about– First of all, there’s a difference between
deodorant and antiperspirant. But I couldn’t find anybody– I could find a lot
of people talking about the fact that they were immune to their antiperspirant, but
I couldn’t find any doctors giving definitive answers that, yes, you can
become immune to your antiperspirant and you need to do what you’re saying, which
is rotate it around and get a new one every single time. I find it– anecdotal
evidence is insurmountable on the internet. You can support it in the
comments. But among the medical community, at least in terms of what I could find on
the internet, I was surprised that there – wasn’t a definitive answer.
– I think the deodorant companies are lobbying with the medical community,
because this is bad for the deodorant companies. Because if you’re Old Spice, or
Right Guard, or whatever, you don’t want to publicly acknowledge that you
become immune to it, because then– Yeah, because then you’ll choose another
brand. I’m not gonna buy Old Spice anymore because I think– It’s my problem, again,
it’s not Old Spice’s problem, but I’m not gonna buy it anymore ’cause
I think that I’m immune to it. And I think you can get– I have had
different stages where I’ve become immune to the antiperspirant. Like, all
of a sudden I’ll feel the trickle. – Yeah, yeah.
– And then I’ve had times where I just – become immune to the deodorant.
– Now, let me clarify at this point. According to my research, deodorant makes
you not stink. Like, if you’re going into the locker room, you’re about to play
basketball or something, you might as well just put on deodorant, because you know
you’re gonna sweat. You don’t need to avoid sweating, but you
need to avoid stanking. Well, not when you’re playing basketball.
I think it could be when you post up on somebody, it could be like
some sort of offensive mechanism. – Right, exactly. You want to sweat.
– You wanna smell like– – You wanna stink?
– You wanna smell like a horse on the basketball court, lemme tell ya. I was a–
you know about my basketball days. – You stunk.
– I would rub things, like – trash up under there.
– And then you would– – Yeah!
– That’s good. Thank you for that. That was my secret. I just gave it away.
You youngsters out there learning basketball, make yourself stink.
You’ll score an extra two points a game. Imma get a little educational here, so
bear with me. There’s two different types – of glands–
– Whoa, glands. (laughs) –in your skin. And one of them–
I don’t know the names, we can throw ’em down there– one gland, it just
spits out proteins and fats– – Yeah.
– which, then, bacteria start attacking – and make it stank.
– Mmhm. – They make it stank.
– Bacteria makes it stink. There’s a totally different gland that
makes you sweat, and all that comes out of that gland is water and salt. It
doesn’t stink, it just– when it evaporates, it cools you off. It’s like
an internal air conditioner for humans. – Right.
– But they’re two totally different things. Now, you gotta make sure that you don’t
just buy a deodorant if you don’t wanna sweat, because a deodorant makes you
not stank, but it doesn’t make you not sweat. Two different things.
They target two different glands. Then there’s the whole
aluminum thing, though. Right. Antiperspirant, the active
ingredient, is aluminum or, like, I think it’s zirconium or zinc or something
like that. Something with a Z. – Some element.
– But basically it clogs up your sweat pores down there so that
no sweat can come out. See, I think some people would say,
“That’s unnatural.” That we should just let nature happen up under here, you
know what I’m saying? Let nature happen – here, happen in other people’s faces…
– Yeah. and just get over it as a culture. I
tried, because I was kinda freaked out about reading about this aluminum and
how it can cause Alzheimer’s and all this different stuff. I went to the straight-up
Whole Foods just deodorant. Just, like, – putting a flower up under there.
– Yeah, yeah. – That stuff doesn’t work. I smell like–
– You have a river flowing out. I smell like a horse again, very soon,
like an hour later I smelled like a horse. Then our good friend Gregg
was like, “I’m using the crystal.” – I remember this.
– He had some kind of special crystal. He said, “I got a rock
that is a deodorant.” Is it magical? Is it some
kind of new age thing? He was like, “No, it kills the bacteria.”
So I got the crystal. It’s like a Thai – deodorant, they call it?
– And you’re supposed to wet it before – you put it on.
– You put it under the sink and then you rub it. And I was like, “Hm, this is pretty
cool, I got a crystal up under my arm.” – I used it–
– What’s the point of an antiperspirant that you’ve gotta get wet and then put
under your arm in order to stay dry? – First of all, that’s backwards.
– Well, because it transfers the contents of the crystal into the underarm region,
and then that dries. You kinda have to let it dry a little bit. You have to wait
to put your clothes on, which is kind of – inconvenient.
– Brush your teeth like this… But I was using the thing for about two
weeks, and I was like, “I don’t think it’s working that well.” And then one day I
was just, like, smelling the crystal. I picked up the actual crystal before I
put it on. Dry. I smelled it. It smells like B.O. How well can this crystal
be working if it’s B.O. on the crystal?! Well, maybe it’s taking it off of you.
It’s like a sponge, you know? You don’t know if you’re cleaning unless the sponge
gets dirty. Leave a comment and let us know if you’ve ever been immune or become
immune to your antiperspirant or your deodorant. Or if you’ve used one of those
rocks under your arm. We’re pretty certain – those don’t work.
– I don’t know. It might work for you, but I’ve got horse underarms
and I’m a big man. – Basketball weapon.
– Played a lot of basketball, you know? (Link) Here we go, spinning the wheel,
seeing how this thing is gonna end. Submit your ideas for how we should
end the episodes of Good Mythical Morning. We’d add ’em to the wheel if it’s
something we can do in a few seconds. Make it something doable,
people. Help us out here. (Rhett) Rhett leaves angry. Okay, so we’re sitting here, we’re ending
the show… I don’t know if you’re getting offended… just get mad and leave. Well, this has been great.
I think we learned a lot today. (yells) Aaagh! (stomps) – I’m leaving!
– I feel like… I feel like more of a – (door slams)
– whole person who maybe smells better. Oh, he really was angry. [Captioned by Caitrin:
GMM Captioning Team]

100 Replies to “I Wear Women’s Deodorant”

  1. my deodorant stopped working and then i used my dads Deodorant and it barely worked i am now convinced Deodorant has little to no affect on me i am becoming Immune and i aint even a teen yet

  2. No matter what I use or how much I use of it I still sweat, I sweat so bad it's crazy. I have used women's deodorant, mens gel kind and regular, different brands and it just does not work.

  3. For a deodorant try mixing sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) in equal parts with coconut oil. Coat your fingertip and apply to your armpit. You will still sweat but you won't smell 😉

  4. I think some scented deodorants may even smell worse on certain people due to body chemistry. Finding the right scent is important.

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  6. I stopped using commercial deodorant because of the aluminum. I make my own out of baking soda and coconut oil. Works excellent on stink but does nothing for sweating. Seating is healthy for you and plugging up sweat pours is not. I don't have a significant problem with sweat unless I'm working out but that's expected.

  7. I've never became immune to my deodorant but I have had a uncomfortable experience with one of my friends. One day I went to school and went to go sit down by my friend. I smelled b.o around me so I smelled MY armpits but it wasn't me. I got closer and smelt near his arm and…. WHOOOOO-EEEE!!! He stank so bad! So I tried to tell him in a nice way.. he said he doesn't stink and I was like… um YES YOU DO BRO! Then he got mad and said, "NO I DON'T, I DON'T USE DEODORANT CAUSE I DON'T NEED IT!" Ya you do buddy! And you still do…

  8. I use the crystal. It totally works for me. It is the only deodorant that does not cause irritation. There are to catches to using the crystal. 1. you have to have shaved underarms pitts and 2. you wet the crystal then rub it on your armpit till it is dry. By doing this it leaves a film on your skin that prevents bacterial growth. Do NOT drop the crystal as it chips and shatters as well.

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  12. I don't become immune to deodorant. I become allergic. So I can wear one for a small amount of time before I become allergic and than can never wear it again. One of these days I will run out of options.

  13. I've been with my wife for 18 years now, and I've used her deodorant, shaving cream, and even razors. The thing is though when I run out, until I can buy my own, I use hers. I'd rather smell like a feminine deodorant than stink. That's just me.

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  15. Im late but yes ive become immune to my dove deodorant. And its the only one i like the smell of. So changing will be hard for me.

  16. Deodorant didn't quit me. I quit deodorant! Deodorant is bad for humans …just make sure to shave your pits and you will be alright. 🙂 🙂 🙂 No hair: little stink

  17. Mitchum — great stuff, both antiperspirant and deodorant. Use just antiperspirant and you'll start having odor problems. Use just deodorant and you'll have sweat rolling down your torso. Use the combo, Mitchum. And there's even Mitchum for Women!

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