49 Replies to “I Wear Women's Deodorant”

  1. Yes I have to switch brands every couple weeks cause i build up an immunity to them and have to take a break I switch between old spice and axe antiperspirant

  2. I no this is a really old video , and I have been a subscriber for a long time , but I enjoy your show every morning before I go to work , cause it loads at 6:00 am where I live , great work guys love the show

  3. I knew that germs on your hands could adjust to the brand of hand sanitizer and soap you use, but not soap. But it does make sense.

  4. It's interesting seeing the old episodes of Ear Biscuits, way back before Good Mythical Morning even existed.

  5. Link, the medical community couldn't care less about deodorant immunity as it isn't a disease nor does it really hurt anyone lol

  6. Same with chapstick etc.. switch between products every few days. I use Dove powder deodorant. I’ve tried the gel kind, and Hate it! I know someone that uses the crystal deodorant thing. I never will, seems like it would do nothing.

  7. I've decided to watch every episode of GMMorning and possibly GMMore and participate so here goes. . . I used to use "Secret", but I really prefer "Dry idea." So when the store has it, I get it.

  8. Link wears women’s deodorant and I wear men’s deodorant even though I’m a woman, let’s talk about that

  9. 2 things, 1. Ive been using deoderant since 4th grade haha. My lil bro uses it and hes going into 3rd(he failed 2nd so he should be in 4th), 2. Ive been using the same brand and scent since 7th lol

  10. Mitchum — great stuff, both antiperspirant and deodorant. Use just antiperspirant and you'll start having odor problems. Use just deodorant and you'll have sweat rolling down your torso. Use the combo, Mitchum. And there's even Mitchum for Women!

  11. Deodorant didn't quit me. I quit deodorant! Deodorant is bad for humans …just make sure to shave your pits and you will be alright. 🙂 🙂 🙂 No hair: little stink

  12. Im late but yes ive become immune to my dove deodorant. And its the only one i like the smell of. So changing will be hard for me.

  13. Thank you guys for making my mornings mythical. Seriously. I have been going through some really tough times lately, both physically and emotionally, and you guys seem to make my mornings that much better. I honestly mean it when I say that I appreciate the time and effort that you put into this show. It means the world to me. Thank you guys again. Thank you.

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