I Will Not Wear the Puffy Coat! by Ellen Byerrum

I Will Not Wear the Puffy Coat! by Ellen Byerrum

Hello and welcome to Fashion Bites. I’m
Ellen Byerrum, author of the screwball noir Crime of Fashion Mysteries, featuring Lacey Smithsonian, a fashion reporter in
Washington DC, The City That Fashion Forgot. Today, my friends, I’d like to
share a style that I will never wear. A coat that forces me to rhyme! I do
apologize. This time. When winter’s got us by the throat, why must we wear a puffy
coat? There are other styles that fit and flatter, and do not make us look much
fatter! I will not wear a puffy coat! I will not wear it on a boat! I don’t care
if it can float! I will not wear a puffy coat! Puffy coats are cool, I know, they
keep us safe in ice and snow. They’re good on ski slopes in a storm. I have
heard it said they keep you warm. The puffy coats have fans galore. They’re here
and there, in every store. Puffy coats are no illusion, but don’t you think they’re
just collusion? You think the puffy coat is new and bold? Ha! It isn’t new, it’s
rather old. Created in 1937 to stop a hypothermic trip to Heaven, by Eddie
Bauer and Charles James, it’s gathered fans and praise and fame. But like an undead frock in the ’80s, the coat is a vampire, a big FAT tease! But
let’s not wear it every day, from September till the end of May, like a
Pillsbury Doughboy or Michelin Man. Can you tell I’m not a puffy coat fan? The
puffy coat adds 20 pounds and makes you look so full and round, adding bulk made
of fill and feathers. Give it a rest, except in cold weather. I don’t want to
be a monumental nag, but I will not wear a sleeping bag! Covered up from knees to
ears, they drive me to the brink of tears. I will not wear the puffer here, I will
not wear the puffer there, I will not puff up like a bear, I will not wear it
anywhere! There are stylish choices that look much
better, over a cozy jacket or bulky sweater. A coat that warms and still
inspires a woman who knows what style requires: Something different, something clever, something you can wear forever.
Contrasting shades in collar and cuffs, but finding it can be quite rough. Where
do you seek such hidden treasures? Vintage stores are full of pleasures.
One-of-a-kind is an added perk. Try it, you can make it work. The price can be a
big surprise and the quality will pop your eyes. Winter days are dark and cold. Look for colors bright and bold, with variety in lines and seams, a coat that’s
made of fabric dreams. Cold wind is stopped by leather and suede, and a
sheepskin coat is finely made. Lined with quilting or faux fur plush, the
feeling you get is wonderfully lush, not to mention stylish and clever. You’ll
want to wear this coat forever. This burgundy number comes from the Fifties, it’s comfy and roomy and awfully nifty, with braided soutache on the shoulder. Big
buttons only make it bolder. There’s more to outerwear than protection: a trench
coat worn for disguise or private detection. Patterns and feathers and
colorful wrappers are winter wear for your fabulous Flapper! This butter soft
suede belonged to my mother. It’s one of a kind, there won’t be
another. The shoulders and seaming are really an art. The golden color makes it
stylish and smart. I recently found this coat in a vintage store. It’s destined to
become the stuff of lore. I paid a C-note and saved a grand! A lucky buy that was
never planned. It was never worn and kept with care, and now it’s mine. I will not
share. I will not wear a puffy coat! I will not wear it on a boat! I do not care
if it can float! I will not wear a puffy coat! …That’s all I have for now. If you
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  1. This just became one of my favorite videos. I agree with everything you said. I have not worn a puffy coat since I was a kid while playing outside, and I do not intend to wear one again. Your mom's coat is stunning and timeless. Wonderful job!

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