I Won’t Wear A Jacket

I Won’t Wear A Jacket

You guys are babies. It’s not that cold. I haven’t worn a coat since I was five years old. I got my t-shirt, my backpack, and I’m just fine. You chilly little bitches gonna sit and whine. I strut around campus because you think I’m tough. That guy won’t wear a coat, I bet he’s cool enough. I do this for attention. I can’t pretend Please talk to me, anyone, I have no friends.

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  1. Opposite of relatable. I'll be wearing a hoodie and jeans when it's 80 degrees out. I ain't even from a warm region.

  2. I don't blame him….everytime I wear a Jacket it gets hot ten minutes after I leave the house then I have to carry that heavy ass jacket everywhere I go

  3. I actually wear basketball shorts even when it snows not because of attention or masculinity but because my balls need their own personal space. And you don't need to iron those shorts that's a plus too.

  4. I dont have a jacket… i live in the netherlands and i have canadian blood in me. My parents wanted to buy me a jacket and evem offerd me to buy a northface jacket and i just said no. 1e of all northface is fucking expensive. 2e. All jackets are. And im not cold in my 10°C winter

  5. and then there's that kid that flexes with his jacket…
    even in summer or inside.

    backpack kid basically is a classic example.

  6. Why do you feel the need to bully me with this slander? Just because it's entirely true does not make it nice.

  7. So where i live, its hot af and after school there are like sooo many people wearing jackets likeee wtfffff its like 30°

  8. there's a dude that struts round my uni campus in a trenchcoat and berret and he looks like the bastard lovechild of Charles De Gaul and a mime

  9. I feel offended. I'm actually hot all the time so I can wear just a shirt in 40 degree weather and not feel it. Putting on a jacket just makes me sweat. 🙁 It's not for attention, I promise!

  10. No, they're not saying you must be cool, they're saying, "Man I bet that guys pretty cold." You're just hearing them wrong. Go put on a coat "those guys", make your lives a little more pleasant.

  11. Me everytime my boss tells me to wear something hotter than a hoodie in the middle of the winter in Canada. Although to be honest, I just fuckin' love my hoodie.

  12. My mom kept the house very hot as a kid. It genuinely felt good to not wear a coat. Longer than like an hour without one kinda sucked though.

  13. And you have people who actually don't have cold or didn't realize it takes awhile for their body to get cold.

  14. Its funny because honestly sometimes I really dont need a coat but will wear one to not seem like I'm grabbing for attention Haha

  15. You guys are babies, it's not that cold
    I haven't worn a coat since i was 5 years old
    I got my tshirt my backpack and I'm just fine
    You chilly little bitches are gonna sit and whine
    I strut around campus because you think I'm tough
    "That guy wont wear a coat I bet he's cool enough
    I do this attention, I can't pretend
    Please talk to me, anyone I have no friend…

  16. Hey, I didn't give you permission to sing a rap about me. I'm gonna call my dad, he owns YouTube and I'm gonna have you banned.

  17. I grew up in a colder place than where I live now, so genuinely some winters I've gone without wearing a jacket. Not to be cool, not for attention. Hell, I'd wish people would bring less attention to it and just let it be.

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