I wore a Pride Dress in Dancing With The Stars!

I wore a Pride Dress in Dancing With The Stars!

We are sitting outside today!
The Dance studio was full! To many People were rehearsing and they told us to get out because they needed the Space. So we went to a park and sat Down. So we will watch dancing With the stars in a park! Hey guys! We are back! Me and Rikke will react to Our Dance yet again! We will reac to Our second dance that made us move forward to the NeXT episode! We will now react to Our tango. How did it og? Amazing!
Yeah. It was better than the first dance.
The judges thought so too! The judges gave us a better score than last time. They gave us four 9’s. Only 9’s, and that made us end up at the top today! That made us really happy, and no one stole the first Place like last time! Excitet to see how it looked on Television.
We have not seen it yet so… It is sunday now, so we danced yesterday! And we have already begun rehearsing wienervals Because we are doing wiener vals to Harry Potter! That will be so cool! We are self centered, so we’ll only watch ourselves. Oh Yeah! That’s right. (They filmed us rehearsing) He is really good at dancing and tonight he will show some New sides. This is Victor and Rikke! It was really fun hearing what the judges had to say. You are an amazing Ivo Caprino doll on speed! New week and we will dance tango That is one of the Dances I was nervous about. Not only tango, but tango to the song Born This Way – Lady Gaga! A song that means alot to me, the queer community and pride in general! I am bisexual and am a part of that community and I want to pay my respects. When I was younger and found out that i could fall in love With both Girls and boys… That was a vulnerable time in my life, and there was not much queer culture in the media then. It is so much better now and that makes me happy! I want People to look at me and think:
“Oh, okay. I am fine just the way I am.” We are different! And we should celebrate that. That is what I want to do With this dance! Do you remember what the judges said?
Not so much, no. You get a Standing ovation from Tore Petterson! I think you are so cool! You have made it so that kids out there have got a super star that is queer! You are so Important, you are so important, you are so important! UGLY CRY! You just raised Your hand in that tango and I was like WHAT?! Almost like you have been in ballroom Your Whole life! It fell Down sometimes but you are showing us beautiful dance, and understanding for the dance we are doing! And Rikke, what a choreography!! This was a dance that meant a lot to you! Yeah, I wanted to get my Message across and i hope everyone got the Message! I did not know what to say. Here is Your Points! I kneel in rainbow dust, NINE! We looked in different directions!
Yeah, I could not look them in the eyes! You are at first Place so far! My mouth was so dry again! It went well and it looked cool! Did you think that when you first started the tango?
No! Absolutely not! Me neither.. Kidding!
No, I understand! I had a hard time! It was hard! It was nothing like JIVE! And so much to think about! I quickly understood that you would nail it. Yeah, and we can see how happy we were by the judges scores! And we got credz for the good dance and Your choreography! And we moved on to the NeXT episode! So thank you for voting for us!!

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  1. Jeg likte at du gjorde det, du er ikke redd for å skille deg ut og er et forbilde for mange. Du virker ikke flau over at du er bifil og har gutte kj. Du er et stort forbilde og inspirer mange. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  2. I love your videos sooo much! I'm from Tyskland and I'm bisexual myself. You are such an inspiration. I wish you and Rikke the best of luck. You guys are great!

  3. Jeg synes at jeg snakker for alt her når jeg sier at vi er alle her for deg og vi støtter deg med den Harry Potter danse.

  4. Blir det her en serie på denne kanalen her? Og, ja veldig god tango må jeg si:) Dokk to har blitt veldig gode venner ser det ut som. Spent på å følge dere to denne høsten.

  5. First after TWO episodes — that is SO amazing! You are doing so well and your trust and connection with Rikke is so evident in the results! I didn't even notice the switch in leads until the replay because it was so seamless, but it was so appropriate for the nature of the song! Keep it going Victor — I only wish i could vote from the USA…

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