yeah how are you guys doing today I am doing very fine so today I had a good idea and I've been seeing this like go trending on YouTube solid she's like let me just try yeah I was like just let me try this out to see how what would happen so today I'm gonna be doing the scandalous oh so I don't know if this is like so scandalous point that Jordans gonna be like oh my god like take that off or he's gonna be like oh babe you look cute so let's see if this this is scandalous enough so we're gonna find out right now and I might pull it like some hoop song just to make it seem like at the outfit like it's put together so I'm gonna right now and to infinity of can you hear I was saying within Jordan we at the gym yeah so we love you so much thank you so much for all the subscribers thank you guys so much for all the support we love you so much bye guys it's actually there but it's there so yeah guys so put the hoops on get ready one eternity later or might just go to like the restaurant my friends or the fair hmm you the fair beach or leg restaurant no Barbie one my French just fun hey be just fine but fair restaurant yeah Mengele cirfairy that round sickos a puss impose one what do you mean this is cute thank you for the beach no well I'm wearing a like after for the beach that's what like you know they pay again to your clothes this is like the clothes for the ferry there okay no no that's fun for the beach how are you gonna walk through there what are you doing to another girl with this because I'm reading this to one of my first sermon I should win a crop top already friends a little box you know usually not yes they are my friends are my friends they're not they're completely different it's how you to wear something like this song oh yes are you gonna lesson somebody yeah yes you know he's a basketball players and he's a basketball player on the from the work rounders all the Raptors you thought you got me you got me anyways be more reasonable of – anyways girl – listen baby go you're not going with that put on some clothes and you go like this no I don't see what happens what is the door and you could see what happens what do you know so yeah and afternoon first of all this is for tomorrow then that's that first photo someday with clothes babe I was gonna beat you but then look who you look like if this is the way you dress number oh I'll be single for tomorrow so run that by me good I'm gonna be single tomorrow because you were not by me I've seen like so and you know that okay yo is that song I got you that you got your females and Longhorn I guess well as summer comes I'm feeling boozy tomorrow and I'm gonna like have fun and do my friends do what friends yes oh yeah put on some clothes what are you doing huh some clothes there's nothing pregnant I want to get pregnant you just miss just missing out sorry when what's fun to you though I'm going to be sure that was fun – boy – the ferry getting out cotton candy looking good guys wait go go on rides with guys wait yeah go on the beach with guys right all right all right yeah more baby I'm not gonna have no girl over you treating me like a little side piece while she can go out and get a little chicken nuggets oh fuck it we're home like it oh the hello Darla I'm the hope of failure the buffet on the Buffett you get that rate are you oh you're gonna spend you spend all your time and energy on chicken livers all right well I think I'm the whole meal not just the buffet the home you really have says are these no sense cuz I'm Annie I'm all you keep I eat you can never lie I love me so much I could do more pushes in you right all right get that right no get out get out go go go go go eat your little six-piece you look for peace major you're lucky I can't be too far oh there's you're gonna go get less clearly don't like the buffet just Oracle The Crow and once he sees the beat I'm not going over I just want to see the you reactors in my outfit and I were worth it myself know what your little chick in no good but that's what I like I like a lot I don't like a little bit I'm gonna be hungry well you're clearly not hungry I had that camera right here the whole time is baby what do you do here though bro why'd you post me on on why did you post it on YouTube looking like this bro you did it to me the last video so I get you now baby stop it me coming down why would you post I'm not posting this boy in English a fam I love you so much thank you so much for watching so yeah Jordan loves you as well oh I love you think she looks ugly he looks he's always cute he looks cute to me all the time I love you so much guys thank you so much for watching I think I just hit that twice now but you know thank you so much oh yeah joint team Sam team Sims the best classroom team sail all the way and thank you so much for everything and you know T symbol the way and Jordans mad and I got better this time so sorry you know you tried it so anyways guys thank you so much for watching I said it three times for you oh good night guys love you


  1. Omg I love u guys y'all are cute couple ever ❀️😍
    I think this was a good prank!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

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