what are you what watch this become a trend that everyone's gonna follow my lead what is up you guys welcome back to another video today we were doing something so fun so exciting and I'm so thrilled and so pumped I will hide you for this because I am wearing a ridiculous outfit to see how my best friend reacts meaning Candace hi if you don't know Candace she's my best friend I also love with her and I am wearing the most ridiculous outfit I think I have ever worn in my in my god I'm even nervous to see myself in this outfit and I'm also gonna do my hair crazy weird way to make her really set this in and believe it and the thing is I don't think she's gonna be rude about it I think she's gonna try to be nice and be like like you know like everyone has like their own taste in clothes you know what I mean so the whole plan is we're gonna sit down and film never have I ever so that's what I told her so she's not home right now I'm gonna set the camera out there and get all ready and I'm gonna get ready in the bathroom so I'm gonna lack on purpose to get her sitting down before me and she'll be on the camera and by going press record like start the video there duh I'll be out in like one minute and I'm gonna be wearing the most ridiculous outfit of all time imma look so weird also I'm doing the giveaway so for the entire month of July now I'm doing the service gift card and literally all you have to do is subscribe to my channel be active on here and for my trim right there and be active in there I just I promise I'm a great time so yeah I'm gonna stop the camera and I'm gonna get ready in my whacko outfit okay all right cool you look good okay hey your little Sundra man yeah I'm coming how long does it take the fucker t-shirt I know I have to fix my hair really quick Coffee then coming to my kidding no you member alisonj here watch Will Smith's video about Jaden Smith and he's just the character of a Sounion it is just doesn't care what anyone says and I was thinking like this underwear thing over the pants might be a trend or something I kind of like the look of it in it you can see it's like Calvin Klein like the brand picture oh yeah I got a good winces bond it it was picking me coma I've been never have a bruise on my arm I keep missing in here no I have sockets I have to never have Evers on my pony huggers done and ready – yeah okay what okay no no penis oh sorry like you can admit you cannot wear that yes again what like you're actually okay all right yeah I do like this what are you doing what are you serious – I know I just want to Broadmoor coming this I told you I watch Will Smith video by Jaden Smith now he's the character of his opening doors gonna trans and you can see your nipples through the trip okay so what why bar anyway okay whatever I just wanna do this video get ready three two one boys up you guys welcome back to my channel boy do I have a treat for you today we are gonna do never have I ever excited or what yeah I'm so excited but I can't take you seriously right now I'm not kidding I don't really mean that I can't take you seriously do you mean what weird no well it's weird it is strange the thing is watch watch this become a trend everyone's gonna follow my lead watch Candace okay let's do that three two one welcome back to my channel oh my god I'm so excited to do this one today we're doing never have I ever excited or what I'm so excited also guys I'm doing a giveaway for the month of July Lily all you have to do is to try something out down below what Candace you making fun of me well yeah I'm a good value it's just a little strange yes well obviously I don't care this is you grated sorry you have a creative mind like me what's up you guys welcome back to my channel today we are doing never have I ever and I'm so freaking excited for this I am I'm actually really curious to see what why can't I can see in your face look at me what's wrong with me this this is cool like people are gonna like this then I promise you you're gonna get soaked saying that like what are you wearing really yeah whoa obviously like you can be like wait way about my hair though the Mariette cooks greasy tell what's water it's a great fun no one knows that the necklace is the Nestle addition yeah okay right well it's okay because no one sees your box or anything so you see the time I want to miss my boxes though let's zoom out I haven't I told you earlier like I don't want it show this I know you know our heads off Oh oh I'm not in it see something say what go for it no it defends if I wanna just run right you can copyright what second laugh at your jokes like just crop just edit this good it's fine and it's like I need a lock and we're just real lot you laughing at my outfit whatever it's fine it's not laughing there's nothing wrong with this because it doesn't meet up to society's expectations I can dress however I want I said that I think you're representing yourself how you would that's fine should I change my hair is my hair why well I be sure I personally think everything's a little bit like oh but that's my opinion but if you like it you can do whatever thank you yeah Jaden Smith inspired me yeah so there you go like this it's more purely no three two one what up you guys welcome back I'm drawing a freaking bone it's like oh my god this is okay three two one what is up you guys welcome back to my channel today we have what is up you guys welcome back to my channel today we have Candice anyways I have to never ever lose my phone because I know but I've never tried obviously but about you to see if you've actually done any of it oh my tradition is yeah yeah yeah what did you look at me for kids you look at me you look like this I'm sorry I'm judging guys you judge me all the time you judge me all the time for this film this video I'm filming you're not you're getting offended by her look don't look at me like that never look at you all and all then August era forward is going to be back video okay all right I really want to tell you right now okay no Karina's fucking dog tags up makeup this is the comeup rude or offensive I want you to know I would never wear this this is all a video and I just wants your reaction and it's pretty much like [Applause] we go Oh what you got another okay bye guys this is a lot bye

30 Replies to “I Wore A UGLY OUTFIT To See How My BEST FRIEND Would React *TERRIFYING*”

  1. Ben: What’s wrong with it?
    Candice: everyythingggπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  2. I don't get it.
    Ben says his best friend is Candice. Quincie says her best friend is Ben. I used to think Quincie and Candice are best friends.
    What is going on

  3. Omg Ben u looked soo funny it looked like u just came from a wired circus but I was just looking at candice the whole vid to see her reaction

  4. Okay like dead-ass can we actually make this a trend so I can wake up in the morning look out my window and see this it would brighten my whole entire day because I would start off my day with an actual laugh like please I want this LMAO

  5. Ben should do a prank with Candice . Like Candice is in love with Quincie, and then Ben be like "I knew it! And I ship the two of u" and let's see how Quincie goin' to react🀣🀣🀣

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