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  2. The first bodycon outfit was so cute on you. And the last one, which was my favorite! You looked SO GOOD!!

  3. You rocked all of these outfits , I think you can wear whatever you want .

    I also don’t like wearing my hair down. It just bothers me ! Not that I don’t like the look of it , I do, It straight up annoys me .

  4. Loving this consistent uploads. I'm away from home for the whole summer by myself and while I'm having a good time meeting new friends I get home sick and your videos make me feel a little more homey!! Also I loved that stripey colorful one thing at 2:48!! And the body con dress looked lovely especially with the red converse. I mean everything did but yeah

  5. You looked so good in the final look!!! Like casual and just a little edgy but also elegant?!? 👍👍👍👍

  6. Grace you could put on a paper sack and it would look stunning! You could absolutely pull off a flair leg pant. The multicolored sparkly pants were so cute, even the whole outfit would be nice for a special occasion. The body con dress outfit was absolutely stunning! I've started wearing the space buns myself and I love them now even thought I was nervous too. And I was cracking up when you were trying to put them up… I have the same issues! They are never quite the same, are they?! But they are cute and it's nice when you don't want your hair touching you haha! Like when it's hot weather! But your hair is also beautiful down! I think you might like it more if you straighten or curl it. The red maxi was beautiful as well and would be very nice for a special occasion, especially with some jewelry and cute shoes. The linen trouser outfit looks so comfy and makes a nice casual outfit. The last outfit with the stripe shirt and leggings was amazing! Probably my favorite… Either that or the body con. I truly didn't think anything looked horrible. Some things maybe could be styled differently, but I honestly think you could pull off absolutely anything! But my favorite thing is your genuineness, attitude, and confidence. Just to try this shows that. I hear you on the comfort zone thing… is it for a reason or just nerves,etc? It can be so hard to push through that and I think we do have a comfort zone for a reason with some things, but then you realize that we are our own worst critic and it probably isn't near as bad as you think! And about your bady type… I would die to be blessed with your body! I think you are perfectly proportioned and have perfect hips! And you are right about not pleasing everyone. I know it's easier said than done, but anyone who is lame enough to make a rude comment on here or in person, is not worth your time… especially regarding things you can't change! I guess I just can't relate to people like that. You are a great example to young girls in many ways, even if you don't realize it. You have one of the most genuine, contagious energies I've ever seen or felt. Your videos make me so happy, even when my health is struggling or I'm in a bad mental state. I just can't get enough of you and your adorable self! I hope you understand too, that I'm not just saying these things… I truly feel like you are going to do incredible things! Whether that be on youtube or elsewhere. And thank you for being such a breath of fresh air on youtube right now. There's a reason you are blowing up right now and you deserve every bit ❤

  7. You should do a challenge video where you lift weights for a month. I noticed physical activity made me feel more in control and aware of my body and ultimately made me more comfortable in myself.

  8. The finale outfit makes you look like you're very confident in yourself and your sense of style..

  9. I loved the outfit with the space buns!! Great video, I tend to stick to the same clothes in my comfort zone so I relate and appreciate this lol

  10. ok those rainbow sparkly pants are INCRED, I love them!! also since your hair annoys you so much when it's down, have you thought about cutting it? you could so pull off short hair! I'm talking like above shoulders business, you'd look stun x

  11. The little black dress looks really nice.. the denim jacket and converse dressed it down.. but it looked really nice dressed up as well

  12. i understand that yr not that comfortable with the sparkly top BUT THE WHOLE LOOK IS SO CUTE HOLY SHIT

  13. I came to comment on the red dress because you looked really good in it in the thumbnail but you look good in all the outfits omg ❤️❤️

    I’d say my least fav is the mid evil dress

    But that’s not because it doesn’t look good on you it’s just not my style

  14. You looked really good in every outfit. Even the red dress but I totally get that it wasn't you. And i also have the same issue with hair down

  15. The "lanky with big hips" which btw you don't have out of proportion hips you look like a woman 🤷🏻‍♀️ and the "lanky" is actually the ideal body shape for a lot of people, tall and slim will always be in!
    I loved the body con dress!
    Okay I should stop commenting so much hahaha

  16. Your hair looks nice pulled back (day 3?). I prefer to have my hair out of the way, too. I started wearing braided pigtails, even though I am an adult and have enjoyed it. I would like to get space buns to work. I like this experiment! I would like to try multiple styles as long as they stay modest. Thanks for sharing that you went to church.

  17. The sparkly stripey unit looks amazing but I think it looks better with a thin strap top rather than a tee, not sure about what shoes I'd wear with it. Maybe some strappy black chunky heels? Or flats?

  18. I loved the linen pants outfit! Also your videos are awesome, so happy I found you! Awesome content xx

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