before this video get started I do want to say that yes we have merch just as this video is airing the merch just dropped it's going to be available for 14 days it comes in white t-shirts and white hoodies there's a pink version and a blue version that I'm wearing later in this video so get it while you can it's only available once again for 14 days it was designed after a my love for Nokia flip phones as you guys know I do protest Apple which is not like the fruit Apple or it's the company the technology company Apple owned by Mark Zuckerberg and all the profits from these t-shirts are going directly back into my pocket to help me fight the corruption of Apple and the detrimental effects that it has on our society if you do buy my merch and you send me a screenshot of your receipt over Instagram my Instagram is that Caroline Ricci so go follow me if you want I will be facetiming you guys so get out while you can you won't regret it carolers so today I'm actually in my guest house big news I moved out here for a few weeks because I'm actually protesting my mom she refuses to stop using aerosol can hairspray which we all know puts a hole in the ozone and because I'm on anti gravity meds sometimes I actually shoot out from the earth into the atmosphere and into the clouds and I don't think that's fair for me so she's actually putting my own well-being at risk anyway so I want to give you a quick really quick small dinky little house tour so um here's my bed I know I usually have a twin bed I mean I usually have a king bed like really luxurious but um this will have to do for the next few weeks that's my closet over there that's my guest house and that's my refrigerator so yeah I know my life might look pretty glamorous right now but you know it's kind of lonely living by myself without all my maids my cooks my chefs and my bodyguards and my limousine drivers but you know my boyfriend did just break up with me our relationship was on the rocks you know I was getting ready to propose to him but he actually just texted me today and said that he cheated on me so I ended that relationship I kind of understand though because he was you know he was cheating on me with zoella if you guys don't know who she is she's actually a youtuber on his platform and she has over 11 million subscribers so obviously I couldn't compete with that I feel like it's more of his loss because it is his birthday tomorrow and I didn't get him a lot of clothes that I'm obviously not gonna throw away because you know mother nature is my chuckle mother and I'm an earth conscious queen so for the next week I'm actually going to be wearing his clothes partly because I don't have a washing machine here so you know I ran out of clothes to wear but also I got in really nice designer clothing and I'm not gonna throw it away so it's day one of this challenge sorry for the decrease in camera quality I actually am throwing this on my dash cam because the people from my insurance company make me use a dash cam because I've been getting in car accidents two to three times a week and I would just like to say that they are not my fault but if I want to continue to be covered by my insurance company I have to be recording at all time so hi Pam from State Farm I know you're watching this because I have to turn in all my footage to the insurance company anyways so I'm about to go to my mom's house her McMansion because you know I had to go eat breakfast hey put on your seat belt God my dog won't put on our seat belt anyway um so yeah I actually don't have to look behind me because I have eyes in the back of my head that you know usually SHhhh so I just broke into my mom's house I forgot I didn't have a key so I had to break the window I'm about to make breakfast I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to be making yeah what are you doing here I'm home from work are you talking about this it's 4:30 they have to do what are you doing are you doing well I'm just came here to make dinner I work all day at the lab well the German Shepherds they just refuse to speak to each it's crazy okay well can you make dinner cuz I can eat all day oh you want dinner I'm just gonna have some wine oh hey carolers so it's currently for 7:00 in the morning and I'm still laying on my kitchen floor I guess I just passed out because I was so hungry I didn't realize it was so late in the evening I haven't eaten all day I guess my mom is she ain't even wake me up I guess she just drank the whole bottle of wine and passed out I'm really sad right now because my ex-boyfriend was actually born at this time 60 years ago so in honor of that and if anyone else's birthday today I think I'm just gonna sing a little quick happy birthday song happy birthday to you happy birthday to you so I just spoke up you know I guess I slept walked back home you know sometimes I do that in my sleep I guess it's easy because my mom's guest house my mom's McMansion is only a hundred feet away from my guest house so I guess for day two I have the clothes I was going to give my ex-boyfriend but it's obviously gonna look better on me um this is a shirt I'm actually wearing it says dirtbag because if you guys didn't know he was actually a gardener and he carried a lot of dirt bags of dirt and fertilizers so yeah I'm gonna be wearing this today and I think we're gonna head off to Kroger so okay so we're on our way to the grocery store we're an hour into our drive we only have an hour drive left I just want to update you guys so I accidentally texted my ex-boyfriend that video of me singing happy birthday on the floor of my kitchen on my of my mom's McMansion and he actually responded and said this is why I broke up with you so I guess that's pretty fair and square because yeah I guess you can't have someone way more talented than you in a relationship because that heat creates an unequal power I do feel kind of awkward and uncomfortable wearing these clothes mostly just because I feel like they fit me kind of weird I kind of like those clothes you know better than what you normally wear so I'm usually more of a wholefoods kind of girl you know Kroger's a little bit dinky but hopefully disowned by Amazon if you didn't know I don't live the coast of Amazon rainforest so I can't go over there that's really unfortunate so I guess this will have to do so ever since I moved into my guesthouse you know it's been a really hard slipping on the ground because my orthodontist says that I've been getting scoliosis in my back so because of that I'd actually at the grocery store to get white bread because it makes a really nice cushion to sleep on oh yeah my boyfriend was Hispanic so today's Thursday sorry I couldn't film yesterday which was Wednesday I was actually at the UN advocating for the ozone layer and climate change because elephants are dying giraffes are dying a lot of dogs are dying in the Chinese dog Fair that happened a few years ago so we're still facing a lot of repercussions from that oh I would just like to say that I was at the UN I was actually announced to everyone by the Speaker of the House job iDEN and I also was able to speak at this event it was really nice that a lot of dignitaries were there and I had an opportunity to listen to me because I am a student body president of the United States we're going to the gym now it is 9:00 p.m. at night because I just flew in from France and I'm back and I got this t-shirt from way I got this t-shirt for my ex-boyfriend for his birthday and I'm actually wearing his old football pants which are padded so when when I'm at the gym you might think that I really I'm a lot bigger than I am but it's because I'm wearing padded pants so we just made it to the gym and I totally forgot to bring my vlogging camera so I think I'm just gonna use my dashcam hopefully Pam from State Farm does not get mad at me because she says it's considered a felony if actually take it out of the car but I do want to I do you want to I do want to show you guys my workout routine because I have been practicing a lot for the Wii Sports Resort how was your workout he's talking about oh it was really good it was really good I think I have really nice muscles now oh so I heard you broke up with your boyfriend is that true choo-choo-choo um he cheated on me but the girl wasn't as pretty as me so doesn't count can you get away I have to go home now one more question one more question how was the UN meeting yesterday it's really good I would just like to thank everyone who allowed me to come especially Joe Biden and I would like to say that I'm eradicating eating dogs for dinner is it true raining to his heart Caroline answered these questions the world wants to know so today is day five it's the final day of this challenge and you know doing this challenge I thought that somehow it would make me feel better about myself and would somehow make me get over my ex-boyfriend but unfortunately wearing his clothes mate has had an adverse effect on me so I have you know started to turn into him when I'm wearing his clothes for example earlier today I was actually driving and there was a cat in the street and I almost went over it but I did catch myself I did realize that that is something my ex-boyfriend would have done but that's not something that me internally Caroline Ricci that's not those are not my values however I am still going to post this video because I want this video to be a message to all of the young girls out there or even boys and I just want to let you know that if you have been cheated on it's okay you can get over it it's not the end of the world you know you just need a solid group of friends to you know make you feel better about yourself and that's something I didn't really have I just always relied on myself luckily I have found a really solid group of friends through tinder I've actually I'm new on tinder I found a rut a lot of boys that want to be my friends and in order to commemorate my month-long relationship with my ex-boyfriend I do just want to you know burn all of his clothes and tonight I'm actually gonna have a bonfire in his honor to burn everything and all of the memories I have of him I'm actually going to download all my memories with him onto an SD card from my brain and I'm going to burn it in the in the fire you are must you hate pasta Lulu next time I saw you still hit your jewelry you act like you're the world's smartest man doing bust money in such a short ass Tara who you homeschool your kids jewelled am the bug happened grant


  1. fun fact – my dang mom bought me a iphone for my first phone because we couldn't afford the new nokia flip phone from walmart ):

  2. I love your videos so much 😂😂 you remind me of miranda sings, you make me laugh so much 🤣🤣❤️❤️

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