i wore trendy instagram outfits to school (for a week)

i wore trendy instagram outfits to school (for a week)

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  1. That boy in the background that tried to kiss her i love him so much. I feel so bad for him. Uhhhh… i want one of them. I think his taylor?????????

  2. when they were talking ab her camo pants like "you have no pants" i was like what?? then i realized..

    camo pants

  3. i feel like with the outfit you wore on tuesday, the brown fluffy jacket would’ve been nicer because the cameo pants have a bit of brown in them so like wearing something brown on top would make them match (i love your outfit that you wore though!)

  4. 🤦🏽‍♀️oml ur pretty but like u don’t have to roll your jeans up ALL the way to like your knees and all hear outfits are cute so how would they be embarrassing. People wear these clothes as normal clothing and I would too

  5. The number of times that the camera was directly aimed at the bottom of their faces just constantly reminded me of how I have a double chin. Sad life for some. :,)

  6. the skater boi outfit looks like something my sister would/has wore and i’m now contemplating is she’s a skater bOiiii or nahhh

  7. Wednesday and Friday were literally the BEST looks (black obviously goes very good with you, even tho i feel like the friday brandy shirt would look good on you in EVERY colour, it also has the best fit for you)

  8. your guy friend freaking LOVESSSS you we need a ship name sis. we better see yall together 😂😂 the way he looks at you is so cute 😍💕🤤

  9. I was about to buy that white brandy cropped sweatshirt today but I ended up not, and now I regret it because it looks so cute

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