I’m 32 and Only Wear Children Clothes!

I’m 32 and Only Wear Children Clothes!

Some people are so stylish! Like they just know how to rock all those
cool outfits. And then there’s me. Let’s take a closer look! When they take photos for Instagram. When I take photos for Instagram. When they go on a date. When I go on a date. When they go workout. When I go workout. When they go out to party. And when I go out to party. Never mind I never go out to party! As you can see: I have a problem! If you watch my videos or follow my Instagram
you know that hoodies and sweatshirts are all I wear. Come with me I’ll show you. This is my temporary wardrobe for the time
until I get a new closet, but it doesn’t even matter. Because all we can see here are hoodies and
sweatshirts. Piles and piles of same old clothes! And I’m not talking about those trendy Ariana
style long sweatshirts paired with thigh high boots that look really good. I always go for the most childish sweatshirts
in store. You don’t believe it? Check out my favorite pieces from my closet. Do you see it now? I literally dress like 5 year old kids. Lie! OK I know even most 5 year olds have a way
better style than me. But it wouldn’t even be a problem if I would
dress like this occasionally, because honestly I really like these clothes. The problem is that this is all I ever wear. Filming. Going to town. Cleaning. Cooking. Grocery shopping. Going to the cinema. Sunday road trips. I live in these children sweatshirts! I also never go to events, red carpets and
these fancy occasions like other youtubers because I live far away from all that stuff. So I’m never forced to dress into something
a bit more serious. Consequently I’ve just become more and more
lazy with my style and all I really want is comfort. Yup. But this love for comfort has gone way to
far! Psst… Can I tell you a secret? Promise it will stay between you and me. OK! So the entire winter, when it was a bit cold
outside, I’ve been wearing these shirts to go out, shopping, to town, the cinema and
everywhere really. And guess what – these are all pajamas! Yes! I am the worst! All I ever buy, wear or anything are hoodies,
sweatshirt and pajamas. This is literally me. I mean what is next? Will I just wake up and go out like this? You know what? This has to stop! It’s time to grow up and completely change
my style! For real! Yes! Today and going forward I want to challenge
myself to experiment with fashion, try out new things, and dress a little bit more grown up! Come on guys, let’s go shopping! I’m back home guys. I got quite a few things but I’m going to
show you everything in the morning! Goodnight! Today’s the day! Good morning guys! It is the next day and I am so excited to
show you everything that I picked up and try it on. Hopefully together we can determine whether
this new style of mine is any good, or I should just give up and accept that children clothes
is all I’m ever going to wear. First up I got two skirts. But! I got the skirt style that I’ve never tried
before in my life: Midi skirts! See, I love seeing midi skirts on other people. But for some reason if I imagine myself in
a midi skirt – this is what I see. Not a cool look. Anyway! This is how my first midi skirt looks like. It’s yellow with small black polka dots. I love how nicely it is fitted in the waist
and what I love even more is the slit at the side. This kind of helps making it look more youthful
and less granny-ish I think. The second midi skirt that I got is this denim
one with buttons all along the front. The material is so nice, light and flow-y. And since it is denim I feel like it won’t
be very difficult to style. Wearing this is definitely out of my comfort
zone, but hopefully after I wear it a few times out and about I will get used to it. Next category: Pants! I only wear sweatpants, tights and jeans. So I wanted to branch out and explore some
other pants possibilities. I chose these red skinny pants, that are very
comfy and soft but a bit more special compared to my usual jeans or tights. I also like how they are a little bit cropped
plus this color is so bright and fun which is right up my street. OK, the next two pairs of pants were a bit
more risky purchase because I still don’t know how I feel about them. They are these culotte trousers. I’ve seen a lot of people rocking these and
they look very cool. On other people. For me on the other hand – I feel like this
could really go either way. I really may just end up looking like a clown. Or I may be able to pull it off, which I’m
kind of skeptical about. I picked two colors – red and yellow. And it’s a bit ironic that I actually got
them in a kids section of a store. But hey they don’t look childish, right? Which is just another proof that kids these
days dress way more sophisticated than me. Let’s continue with dresses! OK, I do own two or three dresses but the
thing is that I never ever wear them! For example this beautiful dress I only wore
in my morning routine video years ago and then never again. Why? So this summer I will wear dresses this one
and a bunch of others that I just got. Promise! How cute is this blue dress with a ton of
little pineapples allover?! So adorable! I honestly don’t even know what my issue is
with dresses and why I don’t wear them. Because they are super comfortable, perfect
for hot summer days and just so easy to throw on. Just grab a dress like this and you’re good
to go. Another gorgeous one that I chose is this
super flowy red one. The colors look pretty autumnal but I like
the combination and even more so I love the cut and how lightweight it is. I’m going to be so mad at myself if I don’t
end up wearing this one, because it’s seriously beautiful. Next we have a cute dark blue mini dress with
off shoulder sleeves. This one is a bit more tight at the top, but
the bottom is super flowy. Off shoulder tops can sometimes be a bit uncomfortable
for me, because they slide up every time you lift your arms but this one actually feels
quite nice. Let’s continue with this pretty yellow number! This is such a girly girl’s dress, which obviously
isn’t something I usually go for. But this shopping trip was all about stepping
out of the comfort zone, so I decided to give it a go! The color is beautiful, it’s very comfortable,
not too short so why not! The last dress I picked up is this emerald
one and I feel like it’s the most elegant looking of all. It was also a bit more expensive than others
but luckily I got it on sale so yay for that. There are little holes allover the dress through
which you can see the silver fabric underneath. Also by the way you may have noticed that
I’m wearing sneakers throughout this entire try on. Well it’s because sneakers are all I wear. I do have 2 pairs of heals but I literally
can’t walk in them and also don’t want to walk in them. They are way too painful for my comfort loving
self. How other women can wear super high heals
for hours is beyond my understanding. Props to them. Time to discuss tops! Just as with my sweatshirts I always tend
to gravitate towards the most childish tops that I can find in store. For example. And if for some reason I don’t end up picking the tee
with some children character on top I usually go for brightest in your face type shirts
like this. I mean… why do I have to dress like a walking
rainbow? Aaaaa! Anyway I decided to try something a bit more muted and toned down so I picked up the following tops. I almost never wear black clothes so I decided
to change that and picked up this black cropped top. I like the wavy detail on the top and bottom
plus the fact that you can tie the straps into a bow. It is cropped, so still very youthful but
at the same time much more grown up looking than the other tops I own. I loved it so much that I had to pick it up
in pink as well. Here’s another cropped top in white and what
I love about this one are the cute ruffly straps. This is something that I normally wouldn’t
picked up because it looks too plain but actually I do like it and I think I’m going to wear
it a lot! Okay this little shirt isn’t super grown up
looking but at least it doesn’t have any giant children character printed allover. So shh! It’s a simple white tee with a bunch of small
cherries. I thought that was very adorable and easy
to wear. Now let’s talk about shorts! Okay I admit here! I bought 2 pairs of high waisted denim shorts. Guilty! But I did it only because I was looking for
a perfect pair of high waisted denim shorts for literally 3 years and I just never found
one that I really love. Let me show you what I mean. In these 3 years I acquired quite a few pairs
of denim shorts but there is always something wrong with them. A, they are not high waisted enough, we have
a few examples of those. B, the fit is just off. And C, they are super high waisted but also so very skinny, short and basically not what I want. So now that I went shopping for only grown
up, sophisticated clothes, I happened to find two perfect pairs of denim shorts. And I couldn’t just let them there. These is the kind of high waisted jeans shorts
that I’ve always wanted. They are really fitted at the wist but then
they are quite roomy and comfortable going down. I love the retro look, the light wash and
sorry but I couldn’t say no to this precious find. The other pair is a bit more special
and has a fun balloon shape, which I weirdly love very much. These are extra high waisted and have some
additional fabric on top. But I just love how quirky and different they
look. I know this is not a smart, grown up looking
piece but I had to grab it! To make up for my two naughty shorts purchases
I also picked this one which is a bit more polished and elegant. These are pretty cute, yellow with some blue
stripes and nice ruffles at the bottom. These would actually look pretty cool with
a blazer but that’s way to much for me for one day. Going from children hoodies to blazers is
a bit of a big jump. Maybe next time we’ll go there. I also got this floral pinky pair of shorts. The material is similar to those culotte pants
and I also got these on the kids section. But they don’t look too kids like, do they? Well maybe a little but that’s OK, right! Finally I bought a new swimsuit! I haven’t bought any new swimsuits for myself
in years and the only one I’ve been wearing is this pink super girly and ruffly one. So I just wanted something a bit more plain,
classic and grown uppish. So I went for this dark blue one piece that
simply says ciao at the front! And this completes my fun fashion experiment. I’ll do my best to incorporate all these pieces
in my everyday life and move away from my lazy comfy fashion choices. Of course I will still wear my sweatshirts and
hoodies because I just love them too much, but I will try very hard to switch it up with
something a bit more grown up here and there. How about you? What clothes do you prefer? Comfy or more put together? Tell me in the comments bellow! Thanks for watching, I love you so so much
and we’ll speak soon! Mwah, Bye!

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  1. A funny comedy video about my childish fashion style 😀 Hope you enjoy this parody full of funny sketches awkward situations, girl struggles, relateable facts and more! This video style is so different from anything I've ever filmed, so please let me know how you like it! Do you want to see more personal and comedic content going forward? Leave me your video requests in the comments! Make sure to subscribe on my second channel as I will be posting a new clothing haul and school outfit ideas in the next couple of days! Love you sweeties! Kisses <3

  2. Sara l don't think that u wear children clothes, but if u wear it u still look very very beautiful👸👌👌 ,those who agree,👍 like my comment

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    Me: SaraBeautyCorner

    Meh Friend Again: :OOOOO SHES 32?!?!!?

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    is unique.

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    Comfort is first for me and what I like I wore that only other's what think about me I don't care and it is also said by someone simple and shower and 😉

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