I'm a Vintage Clothing Dealer | Behind the Seams★ Glam.com

I'm a Vintage Clothing Dealer | Behind the Seams★ Glam.com

I consider myself a vintage clothing store however a lot of people consider what we wear costumes which I take offense do I have real clothes on everything I'm wearing is 50s but it starts from underneath I have the girdle seamed stockings not just any stockings a bustier and a petticoat to accentuate my waist even more when I've dressed like this I feel confident myself to me nothing is sexier than class we're in the front of my 5,000 square foot showroom we probably have about 10,000 items in here let me give you a tour one thing that people really like about this door is the fact that we've done things by era this is all authentic 20s Hollywood 1930s I love this time period these are 1970s when I tell people yeah I buy suits like this they go what I don't want to see any Browns or navy blue is I want to have loud and crazy you expect to see prints like this in the 1960s this is my era so when people come in and say dress me in the 60s I say no problem I just think that the movies depicted 40s beautifully pinup clothing that's big I mean with the blessing that's going on in this town they also love printed dresses one of these prints they're just crazy and people come in all the time saying Oh vintage nothing's ever gonna fit me wrong get the size of this is gonna fit you I'm probably the biggest buyer in California there isn't a day that people don't just show up to sell me stuff and then that rare occasion when people say do you still do house calls I usually try to get a questionnaire going with them on the phone if I hear 80s one more time oh you know the first question got a Pucci Gucci's when I go into someone's home I usually want them to show me first I don't want to step on their toes and then I'll sort through and I can tell by the way it's hanging on the hanger or just the fabric that there's something great jiwan's eating my favorite I'll pull out a 40 stress sometimes with the tags on it I mean how does a 40 dress still be in a closet with the tags on it we want people to see the older pieces and unfortunately not really touch them we do have this 1920s case all these hats have been totally restored by us all these pieces are all authentic people seem to think that it's okay to grab a hundred year old hat and yank it down you don't want some digits shove it on their child to take so I've gotten yelped a lot but I feel like I'm responsible for these things everything in here is vintage except for my own line of clothing we did her online of twenties dresses we have them out for you to try on and play with we spent two and a half years putting together this line and the nice thing is I've been able to make them in several different sizes so we can accommodate everyone couture is when they're made by a famous designer Oscar de la Renta Gucci Pucci Yves Saint Laurent and number one Chanel I say to people all the time I only buy vintage I don't buy use clothing and I said and let's it Chanel I don't care if it's five seconds old are you ready to go into the back watch your step welcome to madness we have 10,000 items out there people's zip through the store and they want to come right in here they want to know what they're not seen I know one ventures to go actually they're not allowed to venture to go that's more like it Alexander McQueen you think I'm leaving that on the floor you're wrong we had a fabulous designer called Lillian check out the side buttons and some Pucci 60s look at the prints I mean the guy was phenomenal look at that fantastic people say oh do you have to travel to Europe no it's here it's in this town and the nice thing about it's because I display so much of it people wander around go oh you know I've got my grandmother's things they've been sitting in the closet for 20 years and they'll bring them here because they want them to have life it's just fantastic and San Francisco is so much fun because anything goes connecting the right dress with the right body at the right time and the right time period all those nuances coming together test nirvana

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  1. July '2019
    Yes INDEED…
    "CLASSY LADY"!!!

  2. I love vintage clothes ,my style is 50’s ,but I don’t own vintage underwear probably ruins the look. I don’t know where to get vintage undergarments in my size.

  3. Cicely do you consider the 80's vintage- I don't. You know SO much more than I about vintage, clothing overall so would appreciate your opinion. I have gotten into arguments with "cats" in stores about what is and isn't vintage- I love to shop thrift, helps me and a charity but there are differences… Wish I could say I will be in later…

  4. I love the 1940s and 50s, there is nothing i love more than a good, strong , 40s shoulder. Those 30s clothes eeally showed true woman power!

  5. Well if she doesn’t want them touched she should have a big sign and keep them out of harms way. I don’t think I’d like to buy anything from her shop regardless of how fabulous.

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