I’m Not Afraid To Wear My Hijab

I’m Not Afraid To Wear My Hijab

– I feel like a badass bitch
when I wear my hijab. (laughs) (upbeat music) – Hijab is not just a piece of cloth that we put on our head. – It’s a symbol, to me, about being seen for your intelligence, before your beauty. – Wearing the hijab has
made me unapologetic about who I am, as a person. – When I started wearing
hijab, I was scared of like, “What’s this person gonna say?” I went through 21 years of not wearing it. – Once I came to that realization, that I think that wearing the hijab will make me a better person,
and hopefully help me become the kind of person
I want to be in the future. That’s when I was like,
“Nope, I need to do this.” So I went in, the first
day of sophomore year of high school, with, I remember, it was like a bright pink hijab. (laughs) – I was actually
encouraged by other people, and relatives, to take
it off, and not wear it. So, it was my choice to put it on, and it was my decision to
practice this part of my faith. – Well, my mother was very much against me wearing the hijab, because
my parents are both Muslim, but they’re from Iran, and
over there, wearing the hijab is something that is
enforced among everybody. It is a political tool. Well, I put my religious
beliefs out there, and possibly be harmed. – It’s unfortunate, that people have this negative opinion about the hijab. People who think that the
hijab oppresses women, but I hope to be an example, that I’m not an oppressed
woman who wears the hijab. – I had to keep explaining
that this is not about trying to prove what a good Muslim I am. Whether you wear hijab or
not is between you and God, it is no one’s place to judge. I don’t care if you’re
a stripper at night, and you wear hijab during the day. That is your business, you wear
hijab on your terms, honey, and that’s what I do. – When I go up on stage at
open mics, and I perform, I definitely shock people
because I’m the only one wearing hijab, that gets up
on these public open mics. And they have the stereotypical
thing, when I walk in, like, “Oh, what is that
person doing here?” And then, all of a sudden,
I’m up there on stage, and I’m performing about a breakup, or a relationship, or death, or divorce, or things like that, and people
are like, “Oh, she’s human.” It’s like, “Surprise! We are.” – I have changed the way I
look, to represent who I am. And because my identity is so out there, and I have to embrace it,
and I have to embrace that, yes, sometimes, I’m going to
be looked at and get questions. You have no choice but to
become more confident about it, because you are wearing your
identity on your sleeve. – I do identify myself as a
feminist, and so I do write a lot about social issues,
and cultural issues, that transcend all these barriers. And the fact that I’m speaking
up about these things, in a hijab, it breaks
that stereotype, too, that we’re the introverted,
domesticated, submissive kind of women, when, no. We have a lot of outspoken,
very strong independent females, who do practice this part of the faith. – It’s awesome that earlier
this year, Ibtihaj Muhammad went to the Olympics, wearing
the hijab, as a fencer there, representing the US team. And it just goes to show,
again, that she wasn’t there because she wore her hijab. She was there because she
is good at what she does. – And honestly, whenever I
see any Muslim woman in hijab doing amazing things, making
it to magazine covers, and succeeding in different
elements of cooking, or baking, or fashion,
or business, in finance, it’s a huge empowering feeling. It’s an inspiration, you
see it, and you feel like, “Yeah, someone else
could do it, so can I.” So I’m going to keep doing what I do, practicing my faith the way that I am. – I see women sexualized to the core, I see women having to feel
validation from how they look, and I have struggled through
trying to seek that validation through how I look, as well. And to cover my hair, and
to have everything covered, to me, is a symbol of, “I
want nothing to do with that, “for myself, and I am
taking my beauty back.” – With the rise of social
media, you see that there’s not just one way for a woman who wears hijab to look. You can have so many different styles. – Having that opportunity to
do fun stuff with our hijabs is really nice, to be able to add colors, and add sparkles, and
wrap it certain ways, so that we get to express
our feelings of beauty, in a certain way, as well. (happy music)

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  1. except no-one in the west will stone you to death for wearing your hijab, now try not wearing it back home…

  2. you make me love Hijab more and more, I'm wearing hijab since I was 16 and I feel like I'm more independent and free #iLoveHijab

  3. If I see you wearing a hijab, I'm going to assume you're an idiot who doesn't know anything about Islam, political history or Sharia. I will think less of you.

  4. Hijab and make up is so wrong!!!!!!!You are no more hijabi when you wear make-up , unless it is a political act but nothing related to the religious act . The truth meaning of the act of wearing the veil is modest and to attract the attention of man!

  5. Wearing hijab is just a religious practice of a muslim lady. Same like some Christian, Hindu, Jews ladies who cover their head for their religious practice. Why do some people make it as an issue? Btw, I realised that there're so many hatred comments just because it's a video about hijabi muslim ladies who are wear hijab. So sad for the negative reaction by some people. 😔

  6. Wearing hijab is just a religious practice of a muslim lady. Same like some Christian, Hindu, Jews ladies who cover their head for their religious practice. Why do some people make it as an issue? Btw, I realised that there're so many hatred comments just because it's a video about hijabi muslim ladies who are wear hijab. So sad for the negative reaction by some people. 😔

  7. Disgusting propaganda, like we know it from Buzzfeed. You in the US have the choice to wear this symbol of female oppression when you want. You are no heroines for showing flag for this barbaric ideology. Try to not wear a Hijab in muslim ruled countries like Saudi Arabia and be stoned for this. Yeah Islam is really a gift for the world…….

  8. welp, they're doing it. they are beginning to creep sharia law into the western civilised world. get this trash out right now

  9. There's nothing to be proud of, girl! I would really bow before you if you walked in public without a hijab in one of those Islamic countries though…

  10. I don't know, but something that was created to mark you as someone's property isn't really that liberating. I am not saying not to wear them, wear what you want, but stop lying about them. Christian women still used to wear headscarfs in lots of parts of Europe 100 years ago, as well. There were different ones for single women and for married women, etc. It's mostly a tool for other men to see that you belong to a man. And it serves the patriarchal system, not a god. It's not something that makes you a better muslim/christian/whatever. It is a tool for othering you. And it's a symbol, that you are not equal to a man.


  12. This is a disgusting attempt to normalise the actual oppression of women. Whilst some women wearing a hijab may be doing it under their own free-will, the hijab is nevertheless a symbol of the opression of women in islam. Women in iran who grew up in the 70s would have a thing or two to say about this ridiculous video.

    Buzzfeed is cancer.

  13. Sorry I couldn't laugh of what she said. My jaw fell to the floor, I was that shocked to hear a completely insane statement, like that.
    Women, where have your brains gone ?

  14. Allah = male

    Muslima wear the hijab because allah said so/ its „modest“ and they fear allah.

    = ultimate oppressor

    I’d watch a video called „Muslim women fearlessly take off hijab“.

  15. ok go live in the middle east and take off that hijab and see how long you last. you aren't strong for wearing a hijab here. it is your choice. in the middle east it is not a choice. it is law. if you break that law they can go as far as killing you.

  16. Fun fact, you are not as brave for wearing a hijab in the west as you would be for trying to take one off in the middle-east. I dare you to try it.

  17. How about learning a little history. You are rediculous! Egyptian leader Gamal Abdel Nasser laughing at hijab requirement in 1958 (subtitled) https://youtu.be/_ZIqdrFeFBk

  18. Most people are going to think I'm a hater, but the way buzzFeed talked about her was completely unnecessary and rude. She should be able to believe and do what she wants without being judged.

  19. Truly, wearing the symbol of female oppression is really "empowering" and "makes you better". And if you dare to not wear it you are stoned, whipped and killed. Very progressive indeed.
    Islam needs to be either reformed or eradicated from the face of the Earth, it is a barbaric and heavily outdated ideology.

  20. You're not brave for wearing a hijab here in the West. You'd be brave for not wearing one in the Middle East, except for Israel which is a tolerant country.


  21. So a symbol of religious subjugation and persecution is now a symbol of empowerment. Guess that makes a burning cross the symbol of warm welcomes.

  22. You want to be a badass? Go to the Middle East and take your hijab off. THAT is badass. Wearing a hijab is only "badass" if all those hijab snatching stories are real, news flash, they are not, and you are not "brave" for wearing that symbol of religiously enforced female inferiority.

  23. The hijab is an instrument of the systemic religious patriarchal oppression of women. Please stop lauding it as something good. It is vile.

  24. Why would you be afraid? You live I the west where you can take it off if you wanted to. If you lived in some middle eastern countries you don't have a choice so I'm sorry but wearing the Hijab doesn't make you brave.

  25. Imma…. I'll just leave this here… straight from the horse's mouth, as it were… https://www.thereligionofpeace.com/pages/quran/women-worth-less.aspx
    Also, "Quran (33:59) – "O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks (veils) all over their bodies. That will be better, that they should be known so as not to be annoyed." Here's the interpretation. "This is from the Noble Quran. The word 'annoyed' is yu'dhayna, which actually means 'harmed' or 'hurt' elsewhere in the same sura. How would a woman be 'harmed' for not covering herself? Let's just say that Yusuf Ali translates it as 'molested' – as in a woman could bring sexual abuse on herself if she is not properly covered." Same source as linked above… BuzzFeed… you need to get a grip on reality…
    P.s: People aren't allowed to use profanity under Islam… or allowed any freedom. You wanna prove me wrong?

  26. Meanwhile in Iran, women removing their hijab are being tortured and killed…. but tell me again how "brave you are".

  27. "i dont care if you are a stripper at night and you wear hijab during the day"
    I am in awe at this unfathomable hypocrisy

  28. LOL why should you be "AFRAID" to wear a Hijab? By all means continue to express your happy feelings about wearing a symbol of oppression in the middle east. I mean really I don't care if you wear one, just stop telling everyone that the Quran does not tell men to have women wear objects such as the Hijab to hide them from society because the flesh of women is to tempting for men of the middle east. So enjoy taking part in one of many ways women are subjugated and treated as less then human by men of the middle east, and drop the idea that all white men are inherently evil while the core values of the Muslim faith breads hatred for non-Muslims and Women.

  29. so your point is that America opresses women but allows these women to freely wear a hijab. but Saudi Arabia let women drive two months ago and kills them if they take off there hijab. Try Harder Buzzfeed

  30. Islam is a homophobic and 8 Women suppressor rights so you're telling me that her job doesn't symbolize women oppression

  31. hi i am a western girl my parents are iranian and i wish i could wear a hijab. I live in a town where i will be stared at constantly and will be embaressed and feel like im standing out very hard. My parents disapprove of my religion and have tried senslessly to destroy my iman. Islam is beyond my society or yours… it is infinitely bigger ❤ the pain of some women is different for another. We all have our problems sweatheart dont let your societies misrepresentation of islamic beliefs hurt you… because it is not allowed to force anyone into islam according to islam itself. ❤

  32. The system of hijab niqab and burkha started from khalifass who had 300 wives and were kept in black burqas wrapped like a property.it has nothing to do with islam.

  33. Take off your makeup, stop swearing, performing on a stage whilst imitating "relationships" and breakups is a sin.

    Literally impossible to be a muslim woman and a feminist at the same time because feminism is diametrically opposed the the core values of Islam which are a nuclear family, the separation of men and women at various social events, sexual promiscuity is punishable by death in Islam which feminism promotes heavily, men have double the voting rights of women in Islam which feminism is against, feminism supports the advancement and encouragement of homosexuality (amongst others) which is punishable by death in Islam and there are a ton more points I could state here but you get the point.

    Any muslim who identifies as a feminist, please resign your muslim card because you are all heretics.

  34. I cant belire the comments Jokingor saying that wearing a hijab would take your freedom.Its not a bad thing to wear a hijab people just want to live their religion. I am a Christian in turkey and our churches are closed for us to not be able to celebrate Christmas. And it's just because of people who think that we should burn in hell. There are people who hate us and dont want us just because our religion. Would you like if you are forced to just shut your mouth and don't celebrate your customs. Don't think that You are doing something different than this by hating people in hijab. WE ARE ALL HUMAN

  35. The Hijab oppresses millions of women. They don’t have the choice to take it off like you do here in the west. This video is disgusting. These woman are looking for attention and are sick.

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