Improve app quality with Firebase + Fabric

Improve app quality with Firebase + Fabric

Fabric developers. I’m Mike Bonnell, a developer
advocate on Firebase. You may recognize me from times
when I answered your questions on Stack Overflow, or over email
for Fabric and Crashlytics. DOUG STEVENSON: And hello to
you too, Firebase developers. I’m Doug Stevenson, also
a developer advocate with the Firebase team. We’re so happy to join
forces with Fabric to give developers the tools
you need to build great apps. MIKE BONNELL: One thing
that really excited me when we joined
Firebase was to see how aligned we were as a team. Together, we’re going to help
developers build, improve quality, and grow their apps. We’ve been working hard to bring
the best of Fabric and Firebase together. And one example of that
is adding Crashlytics within the Firebase console. DOUG STEVENSON: And for those
of you Firebase developers who are using Firebase
Crash Reporting, that’s being replaced with
Crashlytics going forward. Firebase Crash Reporting
is deprecated and being retired on September 8. But that’s OK, because
Crashlytics has so much good stuff in it to help you
diagnose problems in your app. MIKE BONNELL: One of the
features within Firebase Crashlytics is Crash
Insights, which provides ways to solve common crashes. We provide additional
insight into what could be causing the
crash in the first place. DOUG STEVENSON: You can find
Crashlytics in the Firebase console now, along with the
original Fabric console. With Firebase, the dashboard
may look a little different, but Crashlytics is right
there in the left-hand side, in the Stability section,
along with Firebase Test Lab and Performance Monitoring. MIKE BONNELL: So, Doug,
you mentioned Test Lab and Performance Monitor. What are some interesting
ways developers can use those to improve their app stability? DOUG STEVENSON: Yeah,
so with Test Lab, you can test your app on
a wide variety of devices before you ship it
to your customers. And with performance
monitoring, you can measure your
app’s performance from your user’s perspective. Both great tools to use,
along with Crashlytics, in order to ensure your app
meets a consistently high bar of quality. MIKE BONNELL: In conversations
with other developers, something I’ve
heard many times is that app teams want to launch
a new feature within their app and closely monitor
it for stability, or any other problems it
may cause for their users. Does Firebase have
any tools for that? DOUG STEVENSON: Sure. Firebase Remote Config lets
you activate and deactivate new features with a
few lines of code, along with some configuration
in the Firebase console. So what you can do is launch
your app with feature disabled, then activate it
slowly over time, monitoring for crashes
with Crashlytics, or using other indicators
that it’s not working the way you’d like. And if you spot a problem,
just turn it off in the console until you can publish an update. MIKE BONNELL:
Sounds a lot easier than trying to
update and publish a hotfix version of my app. DOUG STEVENSON: Yeah. And there’s a lot
there to help you focus on building your
app without having to build its infrastructure. I’m sure if you take a
look at the documentation and explore the
dashboard, you’ll find another Firebase
feature you’d like to use. MIKE BONNELL: The
Firebase and Fabric teams are here to help you out. If you need help once
you’re using Firebase, head to the Firebase
support portal. In the meantime, all
Fabric developers can continue to get help
via support at Always remember that you can
find the Fabric public roadmap on DOUG STEVENSON:
And as usual, you can get more information
by clicking the links in the description below. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. Why have you ignored Ionic (Hybrid app) developers here? The only option here for us Mixpanel?

  2. hello I have two activities … one of presentation and one that contains the content of the app
    and tried to go through the presentation activity just once and go to the activity
    secondary q has the content of the app and researched i found this code and it works
    except that it has something bad that when I completely close the application it becomes the activity of
    presentation someone knows how to help me if someone save something …. to help this beginner

    public boolean onKeyDown(int keyCode, KeyEvent event) {
    if (keyCode == KeyEvent.KEYCODE_BACK) {
    return true;
    return super.onKeyDown(keyCode, event);

  3. Fabric needs an option to connect to Firebase when crashlytics was enabled outside of fabric. If you enable it on fabric first the. Link to Firebase it works, but not the other way around

  4. am not getting crash report in firebase. am getting connect to fabric message ,am trying to linking the firebase app to fabric, but it is not linking please help me.

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