#IMPULSEBUY || Knix Wear Evolution Bra

#IMPULSEBUY || Knix Wear Evolution Bra

Evolution Bra, take one. [SOUND] Hey everyone, so if you follow me on Instagram then you know that I recently purchased the Knix Wear Evolution Bra. Again this was me giving into Facebook adds as I tend to do. It is expensive though, like it’s $55. I’m not gonna lie. That is pricey for me. I am the type of person that buys a lot of their lingerie from Ross and TJMaxx. Sorry not sorry. I’m a C cap. I’m a 34, 36 C cap depending on what brand of bra that it is. So I ended up being a size three in the next Wear Evolution Bra. On their website they provide a neat little chart that shows you how to correlate what Knix Wear size you are based on your traditional bra sizing chart. The max size they go to is 38DD . So keep that in mind if you are a little bit more heavily endowed 38DD looks to be about the max size of bra that they make. I bought it in their graphic list which is technically a reversible bra. So it’s only black and white print with reversible black back and I really like this bra a lot actually it’s supper comfortable. I wear it a lot. It’s one of my favorite bras to play soccer in because it provides so much support without being so I think bulky which is how a lot of traditional I guess sports bras can be just kind of like strapping you down. This bra is definitely an everyday type bra too but I wouldn’t say that it’s a very flattering bra if you are looking for a bra that’s gonna like push you up and stick you out and have you just looking, this ain’t that bra. This is very much a functioning garment for just releasing tension on your back and just making your boobs not so heavy. So keep that in mind. This bra isn’t for trying to show off the assets. The thing I really love about this bra too is that one of the people in my Instagram post, one of the girls that responded to it when I said I was trying this bra, mentioned about flipping the straps the opposite way, so that way you can easily make it a racer back and then back to a traditional back when you want to and that is an awesome pro tip. I definitely recommend doing that cuz I do that as well now. So like during the day, I’ll just wear it as a regular bra and then when I’m going to my soccer game in the evening, switch that whore to the racer back. And like I said, this bra is so comfortable. I have fallen asleep in it many times. The only downfall to the bra again is that they are limited in the sizing. The fact that they only go up to to 38DD, kinda sucks just because I know personally I have a lot of family members that are heavily endowed as well.
And I know a lot of women that are heavily endowed. And I know how difficult it is for them to find bras and just other lingerie garments in general that work for them. So, if there’s anything that I could say to Knix Wear it would be, figure out how to make this bigger for more women. If you are interested in purchasing Knix Wear, I think I do have some kind of code somewhere, not because I am special but just because I purchased something and you know they just want you to tell more people. So I will put that in the little description box, and yeah, that’s the bra. In the comments below, let me know if there is a sports bra or just active wear type bra, or just a cool bra that you are really excited about. Let me know in the comments below, because I am always interested and I’ll see you when I see you. [MUSIC]

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  1. Glad you did a review. I've been wearing mine daily… And yes it isn't the most flattering, more like flattening, lol… I got it during the Kickstarter and it was less expensive plus I got a pair of their panties…

  2. Daaang girl your body is banging!! I've only bought one sports bra and im pretty sure it was from ross lol. But I'm also an A cup so it doesn't take much to keep my girls strapped.

  3. I like the panache underwire sports bra. It's around the same price as knixwear. I'd say it's def worth it's value. It gives a flattering, lifted shape underneath clothing. The size range is very good. I'm a 30E. It goes up to J cups, I believe

  4. I know we're passing you by with the baby fever and all 😜 but should you find yourself or a loved one in need of good undergarments that support nursing a baby… Go for bravado bras and I loveSIA nursing tanks. Cuz you asked and that's where I'm camping at the present…

  5. I typically buy the Nike Dri-Fit Sports Bras. Those are pricey too but they're always in stock at Nordstrom Rack and they're only $20 there.

  6. My friend just showed me this bra today! She bought one in a size 6 so maybe the sizing goes higher? Anyway she looooves it. I'm starting to consider buying one too…

  7. That's actually pretty cheap for me because I happen to be a size that doesn't exist outside of high end lengerie stores or fetish shops. Will look into it

  8. I wouldn't take the risk of ordering with Knixwear. If you don't get something that fits, you will most likely be stuck with it. They have a horrible return policy for an online store, and even WORSE customer service. These products are too expensive too take the chance. And frankly, their bras aren't all that.

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  10. Finally bought it and TOTALLY love it . So comfy and supportive enough (maybe not for heavy sport activities thou!?) And great customer support if something goes "wrong" .

  11. You have such a nice voice! I don't always enjoy listening to reviews but I really wanted to learn more about this product and you made it so pleasant! I also appreciate you mentioning that women have many different shapes and it would be nice for these companies to expand their sizes. It looks very comfortable and pretty on 🙂

  12. I bought the Evolution bra and was really disappointed because it is not truly reversible. On one side, the band closure in the back flaps open, and it is clear you can only wear this bra on one side. Also, I left this review on the Knixwear website, and it is not showing up in their reviews…

  13. I know this video was made over a year ago, Knixwear now has a sizing system "1-8." An 8 being a size 42DDD/E. I don't know if they previously had these larger sizes when you made your review but like you, I just recently made a purchase entirely on impulse.

  14. I just bought one and I LOVE IT! I'm a 36DDD with very round schnoobs and a medium frame. I always have a heck of a time finding good bras and because I'm so top heavy I have to replace them about every 3-4 months. Part of the reason for my constant search is comfort and cuteness, I'm gonna be straight up with you there.

    My initial purchase was during the Black Friday sale this Thanksgiving and I got a great discount. I went by their sizing chart and got the v-neck evolution bra. Straight out of the box it fit like a glove and I loved it, but according to the reviews it should be very tight- almost uncomfortably so- and set to the largest clasp to give you room to tighten it as it molds to your body.

    I emailed customer service and they agreed that the sizing seemed appropriate but suggested that I give 8-in-1 a go in the same size as it has slightly less give than the v-neck does. I should get it in the mail on Monday.

    That said, there are a few things I can happily say about Knixwear and the bras.


    * This has great support for large chested ladies. Not really for high impact movements, but I have a killer sports bra for that.

    * Customer service is AMAZING and super helpful. They ask you lots of questions about your sizing and fit and help you really zone in on what is right for your exchange or your purchase. USE IT. Don't skip use this feature and then complain about your fit in a review, that's just silly.

    * As I said above, I purchased during the holiday special so I got a great deal on the price, I saved about $20.

    * It feels great, almost like you aren't wearing a bra. I might actually keep this v-neck for a sleeping bra.

    * The bra purports to last longer than most bras as it is made of a very different material. We shall see, this was my big buying point.

    * Best bra for big chests I've ever worn. Seriously, my search is over. Comfortable, cute (enough). I wear body hugging clothing and there is NO visible bra lines. Support is excellent for basic wear, but I wouldn't recommend for medium/ high impact exercises though. No strap discomfort. No more underwire underboob woes!

    * Moisture wicking to the max, this is great too since I live in Texas.

    * The versatility is beyond words: it packs away easily, the two colorway option (I have black and nude) make for a great combo, they dry quickly after a wash.

    * This bra is a NATURAL fit. That is a pro for me as I'm too large chested to bother with things that add an unnatural lift or even more size to what I already have.

    * Some have complained about a little gap under the pit, but that was perfect for me. Most bras aren't really accommodating to big, round breasts. Then we have spillage under our pits, especially the left one…am I right?? This, NOPE. Fits like a dream. Score for us big gals!

    * The exchange policy rules. Once we figured out a better sizing/ style option the customer service rep told me to keep my old bra and give it to a pal! That's not even the best part: she gave me a gift card to go in and purchase the exchange with that covered the full price of the replacement bra…not the SALE price, the FULL price. All I had to pay was the $8.99 shipping.


    * Because the bra is so different, be prepared to have to contact customer service for help on sizing and possible exchange(s). This is on par with any "fitting" for a good piece of clothing. I have read reviews that talk about being a certain size and needing to get a different size for different Knixwear cuts. That's understandable, schnoobs are all shapes and sizes, just know that you are going to have a great customer service experience when you do. That said, DON'T be one of the few that complain about the fit and then never seek help and then put up a crummy review because the first try wasn't spot on. The trial and error are totally worth it when you find a good fit, i swear!

    * The price is a little much, but once you find your perfect fit it's worth every cent.

    * The break in time: the first few days of your purchase will be kind of throwaway. The first few days seems to vary for a few folks, but in a few days you should feel it molding to your body for more comfort. As someone posted before "when you know it isn't right, you know." I add to that "When you know it is, boy do ya." Just know that it'll be tight and odd till it molds to you, but this is where you take advantge of that 30 window.

    * Be aware that when you purchase during a sale or get a special discount, you can't get a refund. They only do exchanges (as of now).

    * No refunds on panties (as of now).

    * No extra push up, no extra padding (even the padded isn't a thick padding), no drama bra. If you don't like the shape an general shape of your gals, then this might not be the for you. Pro for me, but some really want some drama in an everyday bra.

    * The material is thin. If you have prominant nipples you might want to strictly go for the padded bra version. Otherwise a simple cover up works perfectly.

    I hope this helps someone out there. As a bigger chested gal, I feel like I've tried everything. I welcome my Knixwear bra. There are certainly a few kinks, but overall it's a win.

  15. Love these bras too, but again, there are sizes problems. I'm a 32DDD. When the waist is good the cup is too small, when the cup is good the waist is too large… Big boobs life is hard…

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