In Win Case Made of Cloth, $4000 Plastic Case, & Bearded Hardware

In Win Case Made of Cloth, $4000 Plastic Case, & Bearded Hardware

everyone we're at the in Wynn booth now at Computex 2019 and one mr. Jost a Ponzi bearded hardware is watching me from across the way think he's listening to Iron Maiden right now so we might get demonetised for this one but they has three main cases we're going to look at its core their head pain and one of them is a Signature Series not many people can be buying this but it's interesting look at it as always there's the Alice which is over there and that one's a $40 case so it might be a bit more mainstream friendly and there's a concept case that anyone's looking for feedback on so we'll talk about that at the end before that this video is brought to you by the be quiet dark rock slim keeping a high performance focus but reducing the footprints to accommodate full memory slot compatibility the dark rock slim comes with one of be quiet silent wins three 120 millimeter fans built for low noise operation the dark rock slim advertises cooling capability up to 180 watts EDP but mixes in a matte black out color design to combine performance and looks learn more at the link in the description below this one the Signature Series is the young its I think it it's the stage before butterflies when I'm told so I suppose that would be a cocoon couldn't remember the name in English earlier so that's the name for it but supposed to be $4,000 to that all the way first it's a Signature Series case anyone does these they've done like the I think it's the H tower before it's kind of like a transformer case so these are you know as we said a lot the show halo products it's to get attention but they will be selling them so if you wanted to buy one for four grand you've got maybe a yacht you would like your computer on then it can come in it'll come in different colors it's like semi customizable for the customer the exterior is in ABS plastic the interiors and aluminum doesn't much matter what the specs are because obviously it's just the outer shell that's kind of everything on this case but the exterior is 3d printed for the for the shell and then the interior is just normal tooling for aluminum there might be a site set up to allow customers to customize these and then the motherboard mount is a new tooling it could fit Dominus if specified TBD release stage pricing that was known but I mean it's you know you look at it and that's kind of the start and finish to the case we have small versions of this that they were giving out they're kind of neat but yeah so there's slight different designs for each one you'll see a few of them in our b-roll shots and the idea is to make a sort of unique or sort of one-off but not quite case so it's still something that they can maintain from production level but also very expensive and semi unique for each order so that's the young not much to say about that one but the next case is the Alice which is on the other side of the booth and that's the $40.00 case that might interest more of you so the next one is the Alice this is an in one case it's a bit cheaper it's gonna be made of plastic and what's going on guys so this is in wind I'm so bearded Hardware ladies and gentlemen Alice and I'll link him below why not the Alice is the cheaper of the cases so this one's kind of interesting it's compartmentalize layout the power supplies on the right side of the case when facing it the motherboard is rotated so you've got the CPU towards the front of the case IO facing up and it can route out the back through the extended roof of the case it is made of a cheaper plastic which is why it's a $40.00 case including the panels I guess we'll talk about those in a second the goal of the case where the goal for n1 is to potentially some I customize these in the future but that would change pricing moq gets a bit difficult with the cloth handling they're using if you did want to customize it and fan count is TBD a lot of this is TBD but what we can see so far is three bottom fans 120 millimeters and then there are slots on the top but I don't see any drilled out holes for the fans themselves yet the back is also not finalized so it's it's a prototype right now this one is not 3d printed they are unsure on the release date it's a bottom up airflow and I think beyond that the only thing to know is that the finishes the exterior is gonna be a cloth so it's kind of like a drawstring bag as Keegan described it earlier and then also said that when or if they allow customization the website will probably be full of waifu's so if you wanted to get a waifu pc case that i guess that is eventually in ones but that's the cheaper of the the cases that's all the information we have to last one we're going to be focusing on is the concept case I'll quickly mention a few others that are here there's a 309 refresh that one hat is an update to the 307 as a brighter display its using ego fans uses three of them included same tooling as the 307 low 200 225 dollars quarter three for the launch there's a 925 which is a smaller version of the 928 that was the Dominus case we saw at CES earlier this year the difference is primarily the size and then the diamond edge has been removed that'll be 450 to 500 dollars and that's within 2019 on Tron fan count formally to thick aluminum for the 925 and then the 905 is the one with the OLED screen and unshrunk costs for that one so the last ones that ends up in win concept case we're gonna move over to that one next the last one is the in one concept case and for this one so anyone's looking for feedback it's not final no release date yet if you have feedback posted in the comments below because you have a chance here to influence the design of the case we have some feedback I'll get to in a moment but three 120s in the front there won't be any fans probably pre-installed and it might be in the sixty to eighty dollar range if they exclude the fans but we'll see how that goes as they near the end of of tooling to 120 currently installed on top of the power supply shroud there's as I said three in the front there's one 120 the back there are no holes at all on the top of the case so no top radiator mount it's just a steel box and steel paneling for everything the front of it is tempered glass but it's got a slight spacing on it not not really enough for air to be frank the bottom has a filter on the bottom of it on the underside of the case so it's not like contained within the case it's beneath it and that means that where we already have a low floor for the case it's even lower so there's really not a lot of intake potential in the bottle you're restricting the pressure quite a bit for those fans that are mounted on top of the power supply shroud so this is one we think there needs to be a lot of improvements on it's really it's it's not going to perform well at present so things anyone could do from our perspective maybe widen this or space the glass off the front more you can still have your glass panel and have some airflow so that would be done by probably spacing it and maybe narrowing the glass a bit some holes in the top for a radiator mount would be really nice because there's not a lot of support other than the front right now and then spaced off more on the bottom from the feet so it can breathe through the power splice shroud and then some holes more holes in the bottom of the case but that's a concept case so it's not done and if you have feedback of your own you can leave it below to let anyone know what they can do to make this case interesting for you and that'll cover the in win booth at Computex 2019 thank you for watching subscribe for more as always go to store documents access net that was that directly or slash gamers Nexus I'll see you all next time

39 Replies to “In Win Case Made of Cloth, $4000 Plastic Case, & Bearded Hardware”

  1. 2:12 the left most mini case prototype is in agony

    Also, In-Win is on the ball… I'd want a Kizuna Ai print ty

  2. On that last case they could make the trim around the front glass a high gloss black honeycomb mesh and maybe lean into that look with more of the same mesh on the top.

  3. Inwin, that concept case should have a usb C on the front IO. The header is becoming standard on motherboards.

  4. I actually.. Really like the Alice case! A 40 dollar vertical airflow case? Hell yeah. The custom cloth shroud is nice i suppose… my mom my enjoy making custom cloth PC shrouds if they release a pattern haha

  5. IN WIN: The whole purpose of buying cases with tempered glass, RGB fans, etc. is to display it proudly and bask in the envy of your gamer friends. The case will be on your desk, mostly to the right, sometimes left of your monitor. So why do companies (not just you) insist on putting the USB and audio jacks on/near the top of the case, or for this case, on the upper side? The tops of these cases will be about head level. I don't want to plug in my headset in and have it sag, creating a permanent warp of the cable. I prefer not to stand up every time I want to plug in a USB device.

    How about making the I/O panel reversible? If the owner wants the ports near the bottom, they can mount the panel on the bottom. If they want it on the top because their case is on the floor, they can flip the IO panel around and mount it that way. Try it yourselves. Get a $300 headset, plug it in to the top of a case higher than your head and watch the cable sag and hope it doesn't cause damage to the plug. Plug your phone charging cable on the top and watch that pricey proprietary cable get a permanent bend. I think this is something that can easily be done.

    Oh, and for us old folk who still use the occasional CD/DVD/BluRay disc, how about a sturdy side mounted slim DVD/BluRay drive bay that allows it to be put in facing either direction?

  6. I quite like the idea of the plastic crate with a cloth exterior for a PC 'case', but what's a wifu (wifoo??) ?

  7. it's maybe an unpopular opinion but i like the alice case. i hope they will offer a tiny itx case with cloth "panals". why do you need a 250€ aluminium case anyway? it a pc, you build it, you place it somewhere and thats it.

  8. Some one needs to tell the bearded hardware guy that "man buns" aren't metal and are for hipster tools.

  9. Without how open the Waifu case is, it may actually perform well. A test vs the Silverstone Alta S1 will settle the debate on which would provide peak performance, RGB or Waifus (that hurt just typing it)

  10. 4:22
    You had my curiosity but now you have my attention!

    They will sell like hotcakes in asia especially Japan! If they will make a Miku version I'm definitely getting one!

  11. I like how they balance out the open air 3D printed case with a classic inwin hot box. I wish they would make more cases that didn't double as ovens, I'm always so sad to see such beautiful cases that I know I'll regret buying.

  12. The cloth case looks like my Phanteks Shift but with better airflow potential. Low price and infinite diy cover options is a good idea. Maybe if they go through with it we'll see more of these in "minimalist" setups.

    Now that glass case looks like my oven but with better insulation lol.

  13. You could make the Alice look like a traditional oriental lamp if you did it right. Which could be cool.

    Concept case with "Do not Touch" placard, and Steve is lifting it and moving it…..

  14. i always wondered why fans for bringing air into a case where usually in center lines? wouldn't creating a vortex inside the case be more adventagous… personally i want to make a case that i call "the column" being essentially a column but having fans offset to draw the air around the inside of the walls… in my head its a concept to use the walls as cooling radiators or panels, to pre cool the air before its used by components. as well as potentially expanding the filtration surface area… i don't know if it would work, i'm not an engineer, but it's the idea i have in my head… peace, and good luck with any redesign on your case… 😀 peace.

  15. 6:46 they should clearly release a mesh variant. There's no mesh cases with an accessible front IO like that. If that had mesh and they removed the obvious branding that would be very likely my next case.

  16. I actually really like the idea of pc panels made out of breathable cloth. I assume the cloth would be washable and double as a filter so you could just pop it off to clean it in the washing machine. It also would be pretty approachable and you could customize to match your surroundings (office, game room, living room, what-have-you).

  17. For the concept case plz don't keep the front io and ppwer button towards the left keep it centered on front or top

  18. Totally not interested in any of the inwin cases. The $4k hunk of plastic is a joke. The "laundry hamper" case is totally impractical and cheap looking. The one with the display on the front is kind of interesting, but over $200 for a little case with it's only feature being that display is a joke. The one with the angular look was nice, but it was something like $450, which is just ridiculous, and the "concept case" shown had basically zero airflow. What I'm looking for in a case right now is reasonable price with 480 mm radiator support and good airflow, so the Phanteks Luxe 2 is the one I'm most interested in at this point, or if Thermaltake would get off their rumps and do a core x71 refresh without 5 1/4" drive bays, a full 480 rad/fan mount in the front and with better side panel mounting. If I end up with a smaller form factor, the new Phanteks p400a looks good, though I wish they had a vertical mount option closer to the TG panel for a liquid cooled GPU which doesn't need to be so far from the glass.

  19. I really wish INWIN would bring back a modernized Samurai/Ninja, F430 type case. The Phantom, and Raven is the only thing released in the past 8 years that comes close to not being just a squared off box.

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