Infinitely LOFT Clothing Rental Subscription | Unboxing, Try-on & Review | May 2019

Infinitely LOFT Clothing Rental Subscription | Unboxing, Try-on & Review | May 2019

21 Replies to “Infinitely LOFT Clothing Rental Subscription | Unboxing, Try-on & Review | May 2019”

  1. You make everything look beautiful. I loved the white skirt w/the pink top & pink sweater. Loved your Mother’s Day gift. So thoughtful.

  2. Yay! I was excited to see this video pop up in my feed! I tried Le Tote last year and stop the service because I struggled to find things to send to myself that I really liked. It also seemed like their clothing items were only slightly discounted for being used clothing. I like the idea of the loft subscription since I already know that there is a lot from there that I love. Will be interested to hear about the turnaround time between boxes. Thanks for sharing! Everything looked great on you! Really love that yellow dress!

  3. I’m behind in my videos, trying to catch up. The 1st thing I noticed was the calico cat behind you😊 Our doxies got along well w/our Siamese also. Anyway, I digress 😁 Loved the blazer w/jeans also the denim skirt w/cardigan. Love how you style your denim jackets with your outfits💓

  4. Interesting concept, to rent just a few items then send them back. Keep that white skirt! Very cute, looked great and excellent price. Dress was very nice too. Great first experience. I will be watching for a follow up to see what comes next.

  5. Let us know how many pieces you actually get for the month. I saw another video where someone got two subscriptions so that they have something coming to you every week. Otherwise, you are waiting on clothes to come to you. So, price per wear? Loved all items!

  6. Hi Tisha! This sounds like a really great service. I may consider it for work. I loved all of the pieces that you were sent! I think you should purchase the skirt, it is so cute and will be a great addition to your wardrobe! I do have a question – does the monthly fee get credited to anything you purchase outright – or is it just that you get a discounted price? Thanks so much for sharing this new service with us! 🤗

  7. Hi Trish just love your outfit the one that stands out for me is the yellow dress that is my fav so girly Donna xx

  8. Yes, the denim skirt is a must buy!Looks good with either the cardigan or the denim jacket!
    The yellow dress is pretty too!

  9. I got the same email and was intrigued. I am glad you have done a review on the service. If I worked outside the home this would be a great service. Also, this being a store that is consistent in their sizing and great quality it is easy to fill up that closet for sure! Thank you!! Hello sweet Molly and Sami! Hugs!

  10. This is such a fun idea for a subscription box. I loved everything on you. Keep the skirt. It fit you great and the price is right. Can't wait to see upcoming videos of this subscription . I remember Mollie! I'm glad she gets along so well with your pups. Tfs Enjoy your trip to Japan! Have a great evening, Tisha. 😄

  11. This is a great idea because I have way too many clothes as it is. I'm planning yet another closet purge.😬 You should definitely keep that white denim skirt. Fits you perfectly. You can make a suit look if you pair it with your KFtheK white denim jacket. 🙂👍🏼

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