37 Replies to “Interior Inspirations – Drapes Made from Drop Cloth”

  1. I used the drop cloth also and what I did was cut it at that seam and then I sewed a piece of material to match my bedroom design. I bleached them first too and just sewed that material on each one, hemmed all end. They look very high end and I love them!!!! ❤❤❤ Who would've thought??!!!

  2. I wish I could show you a picture where I upholstered my living room couch. I bleached the material then ironed it and omgosh it came out awesome and a beautiful color. I also tufted my California king headboard with crystals

  3. Hey y’all, new subscriber here. Did y’all build the bookshelf? Love y’all farmhouse home, gorgeous!

  4. oh you have a doxie,, i also have too, hes the black and tan,, and ten yrs old already, he has 5 to 6 more years on him! good dogs,, but love your video,, just found it and watched, so i will be subscribing to your channel

  5. Hey Y’all! I’m a new subscriber and just love the curtain idea!!! Looks awesome!!! Wondering if you are a Ga gal?! I am !!!!

  6. Love love your video show how you did the stencil on them you and your husband are great your new fan here Beth God bless you both

  7. Nice, I like your Idea. Thank you for the information. Drapery is so expensive that Home Makers are thinking outside of the Box.

  8. Like your ideas, everything’s great, you and your husband make a great team, god bless, love your crosses

  9. Wow, thank you. This is what we need in our home. God bless you !!! Love ther crosses on you wall. we have them too. We love the Lord Jesus.

  10. I just used a 9f. x 12f drop cloth from WalMart, less than $20. I washed without bleach and used to recover a preowned ottoman. I just cut a big circle, hemmed it and used a double loop of 5/8 inch jute rope to pull around and gather below the sort top. There’s lots of material left over for other projects, pillows, etc. I’m so in love with the texture and natural color. We’re in the process of building and I’ll be using these for curtains and in any other application needed. I had looked at HomeDepot but their clothes were a gray tone, which I usually love, but wanted a soft beige color. I spent a week at a beach house in Fl and their ottoman with rope decoration, was my inspiration. I also added the small caster wheels so that the grand children can have fun with it.

  11. We have been running fabric company and making the drop sheet for many years. We have researcher team, which study rubber dot backing, plastic backing, reasonable dot size and skid resistance. www.cottondropcloth.com , [email protected]

  12. My 4 drop cloths have seams in different places. One has a horizontal seam, 2 have vertical, 1 has horizontal and vertical seams. I can't open all the packages in Lowe's. Would you put the curtians up mismatched? What would you do?

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