Intro To Style Pyramid (Fit, Function, Fabric) Wardrobe Basics For Men | RMRS

Intro To Style Pyramid (Fit, Function, Fabric) Wardrobe Basics For Men | RMRS

Style Pyramid
[0:00:00] So, imagine if every piece of clothing that
you put on your body look amazing. Seriously, you walk outside and you are just
getting compliments. Now, the funny thing is this happens to a
lot of guys that are implementing my advice when they’re wearing just their everyday
normal clothing. So, what’s their secret to looking good
without even trying? Gents, it’s no secret, it’s called the
style pyramid. And, in today’s video, I’m going to give
you an introduction to this powerful technique. [Music]
So, the basic concept of the style pyramid is that everything you wear will meet this
basic criteria; it will fir your body, it will be of the right function, and it will
made from the right fabric. This may sound simple, but most guys are violating
one of these three tenets and this is what happens is they end up walking out wearing
something that has potential, but then fails. It makes them look not nearly as good as they
can be and even worse sometimes it makes a guy look just outright bad. That’s what we want to prevent. We want to make sure that you’re not just
meeting the basic, but you’re eventually starting to master each of these three and
therefore, when you walk out you look amazing just wearing normal clothing. Let’s start things off by talking about
the advantages of the style pyramid. The first one is that you’re going to save
money. So, when you use the style pyramid every piece
of clothing that you buy, you’re actually going to wear. I know that sounds very simple, but how many
of you guys on a closet of clothing that a lot of these pieces you’ve never actually
worn. Gents, let me be clear, the most expensive
clothing in your wardrobe are the pieces that you never wear. The next advantage of the style pyramid, it’s
going to make you look great. You’re going to get compliments when you’re
wearing just your regular clothing especially if you’ve got a good body and you take care
of yourself. But, even if you have a body, yeah, that could
use some work, guess what? When you wear the right clothing that fits
you, it’s going to enhance your natural strengths and downplay your weaknesses. And that should be the job of clothing to
enhance. You wear clothing because it sends a signal,
it sends a message. And when you can master that and when all
of a sudden it makes you look stronger, it makes you look taller, it makes you look more
lean, all of a sudden you’re going to come off sometimes as more competent as more believable
as more of an authority figure. And this can translate to you earning more
money. And that, gentlemen, leads me right into the
next advantage if you dress well if you master the style pyramid, you will earn more money. Attractive people on average earn over $232,000
more over their career. Why this is happening? Because if you take attractiveness and you
substitute it for strength, for vitality, for basically health, we want to do business,
we want to engage with, we want to work with and be around healthy people. So, when you dress the part of healthy person
of what society views as a success, you know you’re going to be aligned with more business
with more success. Now, before you leverage the power of the
style pyramid, there are a few things you’re going to need to have. First up, your measurements. You want to have the measurements of your
body and you want to have the measurements of your best fitted clothing. Because here’s the deal is when you go out
there and you’re shopping online you’re buying at stores, understand sizes lie to
you. Every company has different models they use. One medium in one company is not going to
be the medium in another. So, you need to know, okay, not only what
are my skin measurements, but the best fitted clothing I’ve got in my wardrobe. My go-to pieces which look great on me already,
okay, what is the length of that jacket? What is the shoulder width? What is the length of the sleeve on that shirt? What is the chest measurement? So, when you go in and you’re buying clothing
you know exactly what to get. Now, gentlemen, if you’re enjoying this
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squad and recognizing you guys in these videos. Next up, gents, you want to have a budget. You want to start putting away money now,
putting money on credit cards that’s not a budget, guys, but you want to have money
set aside so you can go out there and buy the clothing that is going to fill in and
is going to meet the standards we’re talking about. And, at the very least, you need to have money
so that you can get your clothing adjusted to fit you. Next, you want to develop your personal style. Five things you want to think about. Your body type; are you a big guy, are you
a small guy, are you thin guy, are you a thick guy. In any case, you want to choose certain styles
which are going to compliment that particular body built. Next up, you want to think about your physical
environment. The clothing you choose and what you’re
going out there and is going to meet this criteria. You want to make sure, okay, is this good
for the environment. If you’re in Chicago, different set of clothing
and pieces you’re going to go after than if you’re in London. Next up, let’s talk about your profession. So, if you’re over in the entertainment
industry over in Mumbai, a different type of style than if you’re in the banking industry
in New York. The next part of your personal style is going
to be your personal preferences. This is the colors and styles that you just
simply like. And, finally, let’s talk about where you
see yourself. This is that successful man you’re going
to be in five, ten, maybe fifteen years. You’re going to be owning that entertainment
industry. Yeah, you’re in the banking industry now
you got to be very conservative in your dress, but you want to bring in a bit of flair because
your personality fits where you’re going. And this is how it all goes together once
you bring it all together, that is your personal style. [0:05:08]
So now, let’s get into the three parts of the style pyramid; fit, function, and fabric
in detail. Fit. So, why does the fit of your clothing matter? It all comes down to proportions and what
human beings perceive when they see you wearing the clothing. If you wear clothing that doesn’t fit you
properly, it’s going to dominantly throw off your proportions, it’s going to prevent
the clothing from doing what it should do which is to enhance your natural strengths
and to downplay your weaknesses. So, let’s say you’re a shorter individual
and you are wearing pants trousers that don’t fit you properly and the crotch goes down. So, what this does is it makes you look even
shorter, it makes you look stout, it makes you look out of proportion, not normal. And, when I’m talking about fit, all of
your clothing needs to fit you, not just your dress clothing, but your jeans, your casual
button-downs, your t-shirts, everything needs to fit you. So many guys are violating this. It just makes you look disproportional and
it pulls away from your overall image and style. Gents, know the name of your tailor. Take your jeans to get adjusted. And even when an item is 99% off, if it doesn’t
fit you, then don’t purchase it. It’s not going to be a good investment no
matter how much you think you’re saving. And, now, you’re probably asking, Antonio,
well, how should my clothing fit? Well, guess what? I’ve got tons of infographics for you. You want an infographic on how a suit should
fit, I’ve got you covered. You want an infographic on how a shirt should
fit, I’ve got you covered. How your jeans should fit, I’ve got you
covered. I’m going to link to all of that down in
the description, so go check it out, guys, if you want more information on how specifically
your clothing should fit. Now, let’s talk about the second part of
the style pyramid, function. And when I mean function, you’re clothing
should serve as a tool. It should enhance your experience and your
skills. It should never detract from you. An example. So, you like to dress well, you’re a bit
of a dandy and you go to a networking event and it’s a casual networking event. But, you’re like, you know what? I’m going to dress the way I want to and
you overdress and you wear clothing that makes you look aloof. And, people don’t approach you, they don’t
want to engage with you because you come off as pretentious. In this case, your clothing has worked against
you. It did not serve its function. And that’s something I really want to stress
on because I do believe a man can be overdressed. And I do believe that clothing is a tool that
we should use to get what we want out of life. I don’t serve my clothing, my clothing should
serve me. So, understand that clothing whether you’ve
got business casual, you’ve got a business attire you want ultra casual, understand what
is the function that this clothing is going to serve and then wear the appropriate clothing. Another part of function is does the clothing
serve the environment you’re in. So, if you’re in Seattle and it rains a
lot, guess what? You want to have a rain jacket. That’s a great investment. If you’re in New York or Chicago during
the winter, you want to make sure you got headwear that protects you from the elements. My point, gentlemen, is make sure that you’re
clothing functions and it serves you. The third part of the style pyramid, gentlemen,
fabric. And when I say fabric, I’m talking about
material and quality of built, not specifically the fabric of a suit or a shirt although,
that is an indicator oftentimes of quality. So, you want to be able to go out when you’re
buying clothing to be able to identify what is good and what is not good. And, believe me, there are some not good pieces
that sell at a high price some great pieces that sell at a fair very actually medium I
think low price. So, that’s why I talk about the different
types of leathers, the different types of suit jacket fabrics, of built quality when
it comes to shoes. I’ve talked about this before in other videos
which I will link to down in the description how to identify quality shoes, the same with
jackets, the same with shirts. I talk about going in and looking at the inside
of a jacket, looking at the stitching on a shirt. If they paid attention to the number of stitches
per inch, if they’ve used mother of pearl buttons, if they’ve used contrasting, you
know, stitching right here on the buttons, and if they’ve used a floating canvas in
the jacket. All of these are indicators and great indicators
of quality. But what about casual clothing, do the same
quality standards apply? The answer is yes, but sometimes to a lesser
degree. All these details that I talk about with these
other pieces can actually be applied still to casual clothing even t-shirts even casual
button-downs and even denims. And, gentlemen, if you want videos on how
to identify a quality suit, quality shirt, quality shoes, I’m linking to those videos
down in the description of this video, so you can go and check them out. So, you may have the question, Antonio, is
it important fit, function, fabric, you go in that order? Is there a reason for it? And the answer is yes. So, fit is king and fit is the most important. Now, in an ideal world, think of this like
an equation where you’ve got five times five times five. So, if you were to take one of those fives
out and put in a zero, what happens? We zero out the whole equation. So, a chain is only as strong as its weakest
link. Yes, fit is the most important, but you don’t
want to forget about the fabric about the function. [0:10:01]
And the reason this is important is we’ve all got limited resources. I realized that many of you guys starting
off, you go like, okay, Antonio, I can nail one of these. I can do pretty good on the other, but I’m
going to have to compromise on the third. Well, in that case, nail the fit. Go for the right function, but if you have
to compromise, compromise on the build quality. Now, that being said, when you compromise
on fabric when you buy inexpensive shoes and opt to buy a suit that fits you really well,
looks great, what you want to do is as soon as you can as soon as you save up money, you
want to go buy a better pair of shoes that’s going to match and possibly even outpace the
suit. And then, eventually you want to upgrade the
suit, you want to upgrade all the various pieces in your wardrobe, so they eventually
average out and match up. So, how to get started with the style pyramid? How to implement this? First, go to your wardrobe, you’re going
to ask a simple question. Does this fit me? And if the answer is yes, put it on one side;
if the answer is no, put it on another. So, then, let’s look at the nos. Can this be adjusted to fit me? If the answer is yes, put it over here; if
the answer is no, then you want to donate this. All right. So now, you got the two piles; clothing that
fits you, clothing that can be adjusted to fit you. Now, you want to think about the function
of the clothing. Does it serve the purpose of sending the message
you want to send. Not every piece has to do this, but you want
to make sure, okay, if something is sending a message you do not want to send, you want
to get rid of it. Next up, you want to identify the holes in
your wardrobe. These are areas parts of your wardrobe where
you’re weak. If you remember I talked about this in the
interchangeable wardrobe which I will link to down in the description. That video, I talk about how you got to have
balance in your wardrobe. So, if you’ve got four shirts, you’ve
got four pair of trousers, you’ve got four jackets, but you only have one pair of shoes,
okay, then you want to go in and add to there. But, in this case maybe you got rid of a lot
of shirts because they didn’t fit you, they did not send the message you want to send,
they had holes, they had stains, they were just way too large. In that case, you’re going to want to then
beef up this part of your wardrobe. And now, at this point you want to look to
upgrade. What you’re going to do is identify something
that you’re using or you will be using and you want to basically level it up. So, you’ve got that suit you bought five
years ago. The fit is good still, but the material not
so good. So, you’re about to get that promotion,
you’re going to be wearing a suit three to four times a week, well guess what? Now, it’s time to put aside the money to
start looking for a suit that not only fits you, but is going to probably cost four to
five times more than that first suit because you’re going to buy quality materials. Okay. So, what video to watch next? Guys, go check out the interchangeable wardrobe. This video, I go into a lot more detail about
one of the key concepts of being a well-dressed man. I find that this is something I’ve talked
about many times, but a lot of you guys don’t know exactly what I mean, so I created this
video for you right here. Again, I’m linking to it down in the description. All right, guys, what do you think? I thought it was a pretty good video, but
let me know I want to hear from you guys down in the comments. And, gentlemen, I appreciate you. I appreciate everything we build that’s
why over at my website I’ve got tons of free goodies for you. So, you want a book on simply how to dress
casually how to dress sharp, I got you covered. You want a book on shoes, I’ve got you covered. How to identify quality, you want a book on
watches, I’ve got you covered. Guys, tons of free ebooks over at my website,
Real Men Real Style. I will be linking to them down in the description. That’s it, gentlemen. Take care. I will see you in the next video. [Music]
[0:13:57] End of Audio

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