hello everybody and welcome back to my channel today is the most exciting video in the real a long time because I can finally finally talk about the Saturday by Megan ellaby t-shirt collection this has been a really bloody long time coming honey it's been quite the whirlwind of an adventure it's something I will never ever forget how ever much I would like to forget it it's been amazing process but we've had a lot of changes internally with the team and with that has come a few challenges and a few hurdles we've had to overcome both alas a little bit later than we planned we are finally launching the t-shirts and I am so thrilled to bits to be able to say that can't wait for you guys to see them and I think on Saturday when they finally get released into the world I will be having one large glass of champagne to celebrate the release of my the release of my baby I can't freakin way so yeah and you may or may not know at the back in October last year I launched my very first collection that's part of my brand new clothing line Saturday my Megan ellaby it was a five piece collection of marina wool jumpers and it did so so well it was completely overwhelming we sold out of a number of the Styles did countless restocks they sold out and then brought in a new design and a little bit later on so there were six in total and yeah I'm just so excited to finally be able to have t-shirts in the mix because you guys know that t-shirts make up a huge bulk of my wardrobe I'm always wearing a t-shirt whether it's with jeans whether it's underneath t-shirt so it's in a lot of skirt and the layering piece I just adore t-shirt so it's been fascinating to learn the ins and outs of what goes on make it with making the t-shirt but also it's just so cool to have my own collection that I designed with my bare hands so yeah today I just thought I would talk through the collection there six designs in total all 100 sent cotton and I wish you could like reach through the camera and touch touch me and because honestly the thought is cotton I've ever felt my life like honestly they're so amazing and the bulk of these I have tried tested washed around about six times now and they're still so damn soft they wash amazingly the fits are all different and as I'll go on to talk about what the quality is so insane that is so important to me as it was with my first collection of the merino wool qualities Kay fit is key and obviously design is case so I really hope you enjoy this collection as much as you did the first one so yeah let's just get chatting on about the designs so this first one this is the AVT now all the t-shirts are named after incredible women in my life women who I love and the door and I'm inspired by and cherish so this is the ami t-shirt this is a girlfriend fit so it's a little bit boxy we've got a few boyfriend's I probably should have started with them because then you can see the difference but you'll get the gist and so this is a little bit more boxy than your standard boyfriend 50 and but it still relaxed it's oversized it's got a real life throw it on and go kind of vibe to it and it's obviously in a beautiful beautiful stripe design I love primary colors as you know I really like tomboy shades and things that wouldn't look a Miss on a little boy and this was definitely inspired by a house apollon t-shirt that I had back when I was interning it's red it's yellow and navy it's Mike a deep burgundy actually somewhat of a wintry one it was inspired by that and I love that t-shirt I still haven't mad at eight years it definitely helped to inspire the design of this t-shirt as you can see it's hooks in two jeans perfectly all the t-shirts have been designed to talk beautifully and seamlessly into high-waisted jeans and yeah we've got a little embroidered Saturday logo here the little clam design the neckline is perfect and as other sleeve length so this is a beautiful beautiful t-shirt one you can just throw on with literally anything I started with my a line skirts with my oatmeal trousers I creamed off white trousers looks great with blue jeans black jeans lanterns really cute little dungarees and over the top just a really great throw on go feel fabulous a lot of people have been going wild for this on my Instagram and I've had to keep a secret for so flippin long because I can barely reveals at the t-shirt you love it's mine so this comes in at 35 pounds and all the t-shirts are 30 or 35 pounds this is stripes so a little bit more you know work has gone into creating the stripe design and so that's why it's 35 pounds for quality and fit the fact you're gonna wear these all the bloody time because it's dry it's and stripes okay and it's well well are worth it I'm gonna go weird one of the boyfriend fit snacks because then you can see the difference between the fifth of the Amy and the Nelly this is kind of like the ultimate call piece like it's just a plain white egg with a beautiful bit of pink and climb embroidery to the breast and I just think it's one of those that anyone can get involved with it looks great tucked into jeans I wore it with jeans of the day and that's nice a little bit creased I do apologize about that but that just kind of shows how often I'm reaching for all of these t-shirts I just love love styling them so much again beautiful SuperDuper soft cotton oversized fix it's kind of like you stole it from your boyfriend and want it that really relaxed vibe you could either wear it hanging loose or took it in whatever you wish this is the kind of piece I hope you guys will love and that we can just update with different color and embroidery every season or you know imagine a black one which is just completely classic and if there's like a key color and perhaps greens gonna be massive would you agree one that kind of thing I just love to keep updating it maybe updating the base so we do like a black or an eyewash gray you get my just and so yeah this comes in at 50 pounds it's just an absolute basic failsafe in your wardrobe and as I keep waffling on about but it's just so important to me the quality the feel the fair everything it's just beautiful yours will have labels in it will have this cool sneak peek this kind of label in it these are just all effectively what I've just shown you these are all like first samples at first and second and samples so but yes that is Vannelli t i've already can't showing it yes so we might as well go in with a ringer fit now so this is a completely different fit again as you can see we've got that kind of 75 going on really slim fit gorgeous pink tipping to the color and to the sleeves and then Saturday in like a raspberry red shade you guys loved pink and red like that star around jumper that we did and it sold out so again you like pink and red so how to incorporate that into a t-shirt and and then they've got a little star design here which is actually flocked I've got lovely texture to I thought it was really really cute and got retro typography cuz you know I love myself some rupture Onis and then the ring of sour-faced such a great piece again it tucks in seamlessly in that gorgeous soft cotton the necklines beautiful I just I just love it I love them all of course but like that is just so damn cool mmm oh he's gonna love trousers too so the next ring effect t-shirt we have although I'll fold it up and is this one this is the Donna t-shirt and and as you can see we've got the big climate motif with green sipping a green and pink was another key color combination that you kept asking for over and over again so we listened we've incorporated it with the darkness hey this t-shirt was inspired by an image I absolutely love of Mick Jagger and he's wearing and like I said bungee style ring catty with green tip in and green typography on on the chest and I just was like I've always looked at images as soon as I started designing I was like we're gonna have to incorporate some green tipping into the mix so the Donna T was born absolutely love this motif I just think it's so fun it's really quite retro pink and red again I realize I was outlined and I just think it's very very cool indeed this one and similarly to the Nelly plain white tee and the Saturday slogan tape which is the Loulou and yeah that is also at 30 pounds oh it's so cute this is so exciting and then the next one is another girlfriend fit so it's exactly the same as this oh I just adored this one oh yeah I draw them all of course but you know me and my Oh freaking love rain belt so this is the Lenny T girlfriend fit blue embroidery to the chest and then rainbow tip-in on the sleeves and on the collar just look at that absolutely love this one I feel like you like are going to love it because similar to pink and red and pink green you like me love rainbow and I just absolutely love the tip-in yeah you're just gonna love it and this again is the same fit is this it tucks in seamlessly Sam cotton this one is 35 pounds and like this one so I guess both both girlfriend fifties are 35 pounds and just divine named after my oldest and longest friend Lenny last certain that means least but it is coming out a week or two later very good about famous last words aren't there and we've had a little bit of a delay on this launch is so frustrating because we've already had countless delays but such is life this is the fitti now this is the most beautiful pink tie-dye you've ever seen I love myself since I died I've thought about it non-stop and it's very very nostalgic for me because I used to make my own tie-dye t-shirt so I make my own Tyler t-shirt once again and these are all hand dyed so the by the way is dyed will look slightly different t-shirts t-shirt but that is the way it goes when things are hand dyed and again it's the same boyfriend fit as the plain white tee and and I'm sure you're thinking like mmm Megan quite simple in simple theatre welfare not my friends it's got a back motif oh I just love this so much so this is something I conjured up I was lying on my life marine floor doodling designs my trying to get some new designs together they so start on a Christmas time and then this just happened how's that oh my god it's in a clouds we can have clouds I am so clever I was really proud of it and I think this is really really cool on the back I love a bat motif I think it's really really fun and so I just had to incorporate a bat motif into this collection this is just perfect for holidays festivals for throwing I went out with jeans looks great tucked in skirts of course and this kind of color just looks so amazing against every single skin tone and hair tone it's just a really lovely universal color and also this t-shirt looks fantastic on men my boyfriend and face boyfriend have been representing the Saturday tees for men and he looks unreal one of them honest to God and say yes similarly to the amy in the Lenny this is 35 pounds it's hand dyed and it's got the lovely back motif to it so yeah it's a color same quality as all the others just hand I'd like that so there we have it there is my first collection of t-shirts I am so excited to release them into the world I really hope you like them the way I like them in fact I love them I hope you freaking love them the way I love them and yeah any questions leave in the comments below and I'll get back to you ASAP and we launched at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday so be there like I said it's a limited collection so I really hope you get the one you want and yeah thank you again I say thank you thank you to you all for supporting me it could not have done this without you guys and see I truly hope that I've been doing you proud and create something that you're gonna love because I'm just I'm really proud I'm really really excited and I'm just flipping relieved that we're finally releasing them so yeah I feels damn good to have spoken about that and yeah I hope you look then see on Saturday at 10 a.m. bye thanks again


  1. I love the shirts! They embody your fun quirky style πŸ™‚ I love the pink tie dye one and the stripe one.

  2. Congratulations on this amazing collection 😍 I’ve ordered the Dana and can not wait for it arrive! Will be ordering the pink tie dye too! What size where you wearing in the video? Xx

  3. Yay! It's too hot to wear the sweaters here in the South, so I can't wait to pick up the Lennie and Fee. I know you put a little snippet of the factory in a blog once, were these made there too? And is the cotton fair trade? Please do the Nelly in black too!

  4. Congratulations on the new collection MeganπŸ’•
    These all look so gorgeous! 😍 😍 And a great extension of yourself and your style 😍😍 I also love how you have named them after people close to you, that's so lovelyπŸ’•Can't wait to get my hands on them tomorrow!πŸ™Œβœ¨πŸ™Œβœ¨

  5. Congratulations Megan!πŸ’•
    These all look so gorgeous!! 😍😍I think its so cute you've named them after people close to you as well, so lovely!πŸ’•πŸ’•Can't wait to get my hands on them tomorrow! πŸ™Œ πŸ™Œ

  6. ergh just love everything you do. Love love seeing someone talented and passionate about what they do smashing it x

  7. I love them all!!! ❀️ They are absolutely amazing!!! I will definitely get the Lennie T-shirt, so so beautiful 😍😍😍

  8. Amazing, don’t feel shy about the price, you have people to pay and a hard-working lady needs to pay the bills! We understand πŸ₯° you are worth it and your work is worth it. Designs are gorgeous btw

  9. I AM SO EXCITED!! I’ve never thought of buying any youtubers’ merch, or any t shirt above $20 for that matter, but I will make a special exception for this collection :))

  10. Ommmmmggg. I love them, they are so you. But OBVIOUSLY my favourite one is the pink tie dye and I have to wait for it 🀣
    Also, could you tell us what size you're wearing? I'm assuming S? xxxx

  11. Wow congratulations I love them all and they are sooo you! Not sure I can pick just one, thank god it’s just in time for payday 🀣! What size are you wearing? Sorry if you mentioned already in the video lol xxx

  12. Would love to know who made these clothes, where the factories are based and if they are being paid a fair wage and working in safe conditions!

  13. Love the pink ty died shirt. I think I would be really fun to have the rainbow and clouds on the front!! Clam shells for boobs!!

  14. oYou have bloody outdone yourself, I am in love with these all!!! quick q: what size/s are you wearing in the cutaways? Have my eye on the Nelly😍😍😍😍

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