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  1. Your talking south NJ food and the accent don’t even start it I’m from Central New Jersey and 10 min drive

  2. Where's the pizza slice and zeppoli's tho? And we don't say "Joisy", it's Jersey. 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️

  3. That was the saddest looking pork roll, egg and cheese sandwich I've seen recently. It's obvious that Taylor's pork roll wasn't used. Should've given them a scrapple, egg and cheese sandwich too.

  4. Born and raised in NJ. I never even heard of disco fries. Hoagie or Sub?? who gives a shit what you call it?? I do. It's a sub. I was about to get pissed that there was no Taylor Ham, Egg & cheese, but then it happened. Glad to see everybody seemed to love that. Whether you call it Pork Roll or Taylor Ham, (it's freaking Taylor Ham, LOL) that is a true NJ dish. I live in Florida now and can only get it in the little 8 slice packages and every time I buy it, the cashier looks at me like "What the fuck is that" I tell them It's kind of like Canadian Bacon, except with flavor. LOL.

  5. No panzorottis, no diner french toast, no wawa coffee, or menthol lights? what the fuck was new jersey about this?

    and for th millionth time- its called PORK ROLL! say it with me; pork roll. Not "taylor ham" thats just what they call it in the expesive gormet stores on the west coast when the jack the price up and sell it as a specialty item.

  6. First of all. They said Taylor ham which is correct. But Taylor ham egg and cheeses and the disco fries were the only actual New Jersey thing they ate

  7. I live in jersey and never heard of these things! the only thing thats real is the pork roll egg and cheese….and im 50!

  8. Ever since I first started to watch these tests, this first chick in this clip has had my heart pumping.. Damn she's the average good looking woman. I want her to have all my children <wink> <wink>

  9. This is really just boardwalk food if you wanna eat real NJ food go to a good Italian restaurant.

  10. It’s funny I’m from Jersey, still live here but what really amazing is the reaction to the Taylor Ham, bc that Jan was created by a Scots-Irish man that brought his flavor ideas to NJ and created that ham to be sautés or grilled into an egg sandwich. They picked up in that taste profile right away bc it’s theirs to begin with.

  11. New Jersey …they put cheese on everything.😂😂

    Btw I only eat disco fries in the summer when we go down the shore.

  12. Why in all the videos the tasters wear tacky American tourist t shirts, that no American would wear. The Miami tee looks like it's from the 1970's

  13. I am NOT sure where you got the information that that food is from New Jersey in the U.S. but being born and bred in northern New Jersey it’s not from anywhere in New Jersey nor that pronunciation…sounds more like from New York

  14. Pizza. Staple food of NJ, yet they didn't have it. I grew up in Jersey, never had a hot dog with potatoes on it. Onions, onions and chili, sauerkraut. Potatoes must be a central jersey thing (think Philly). I also never had fries with cheese gravy. Brown gravy? yeah. Where they getting these foods from? Not Jersey! And what about bagels?

  15. Most of us in the US don't claim Zoo Joizy as a part of our country. That whole state is toxic waste.

  16. I'm originally from "The Shore", Spring Lake, NJ, to be exact. My parents had us eating pork roll as kids. I love the stuff!! I've been living in Richmond, Virginia, for 40 years, and I've always been able to find pork roll in some of the local supermarkets.

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