Iron or Steamer What's Best – How to Dress Better in Your 40's

Iron or Steamer What's Best – How to Dress Better in Your 40's

40 Replies to “Iron or Steamer What's Best – How to Dress Better in Your 40's”

  1. Can you recommend a good iron? I hate taking my stuff to the dry cleaners because they shred it and really dont care for how the shirts wear afterwards. Ironing is actually a little relaxing. I put on some music and my dogs sometimes hang out with me. It's also a good way to see how the shirts are wearing over time.

  2. I stopped doing dry cleaning because the shirts get damaged much easier/faster. So I buy the “Travelers” dress shirts from Jos A Bank Clothiers. I still have to iron them somewhat, but it is easy as they repel wrinkles.

  3. Ironing cos with steamers the wrinkles come back after 10 minutes regardless the steamer you use. I bought very expensive steamers but still the wrinkles came back after 10 minutes

  4. I exclusively use a steamer for a couple reasons

    I don't own an iron
    I've double creased so many pairs of pants that I've given up on ironing

  5. I sometimes use a steamer, sometimes iron + distilled water spray & I have had the dry cleaners wash & press some shirts (not ideal) & here’s my ignorant question: if using a washer & dryer (water + heat) can cause some fabrics to shrink, why doesn’t the steamer (water + heat) cause the same problem? Thanks for any insight to relieve my bafflement.

  6. Everyone on here seems to be over 40 based on the comments and going thru midlife what 😀😀😀😀.
    Dry cleaners put lines on my pants and damage my buttons, ironing takes a lot of time so I am looking for a steam system we'll see.

  7. At my high school graduation of over 1300, the one thing I noticed and many many others did as well, was that my graduation attire was flawlessly ironed. My mother who is 90 years old today was a Wonder Woman from the golden era of years gone by. Her talents as a seamstress were amazing – creases, cuffed pants, hems, etc to perfection. The three men in the family always looked precise and professional – as she wanted us to look.

    I favored the iron up to the time I switched from silk lined wool slacks to polyester everything now basically. I now save so much in dry cleaning, and the steamer works so much better than the iron for such fabrics. And, the Conair steamer from Costco can crease – but not to the level of an iron. I do miss wearing the finer clothes of yesterday, but the quality, price and functionality of today’s fabrics make it a hard choice to overlook. Thanks again for another great video.

  8. Lol:-) for a man to look good in a shirt, he has, first things first, to stay in shape; otherwise, a shirt, especially a slim fit one, would only worsen a man’s shape and presence, no matter how well ironed a shirt is

  9. When traveling, I hang any wrinkled clothes in the bathroom and take a hot shower. Then I close the door. Next day they’re fine.

  10. I landed on your YT channel searching for steamer review… Ecen if I am not a man I subscribed! I guess I am not the only woman. Really cool channel. My compliments! I will follow you and maybe pass some advices to my husband who does not like to be "stylish" at all… but… you don't ever know, right? 🙂

  11. You can buy steamers that will give you the desired creases, and not to expensive either. They have a mechanism, that looks a little like hair straightening tongs, but do a magnificent job 🙂

  12. CONSIDER: Have your shirts. laundered professionally. Half of mine medium starch hangers, other half medium starch and boxed for travel. Cheap money, always crisp, always ready. Busy men typically iron in hotels for emergencies only…just saying.

  13. I am thinking of buying this steamer for clothes cheap and the reviews are good

  14. Just last week I attended a demonstration in Mogadishu Somalia against wrinkled cloths. Indeed "no one likes wrinkled cloths" and its a world wide issue… right after global warming

  15. Both! Steamer for suits and slacks. Iron for shirts. Check out Downy Wrinkle Ease. Makes ironing much easier.

  16. You have to leave the steam ironed clothes in the dry air until they are completed dried. Otherwise you will get some mold and fungus in your closet!!!

  17. i only use the steamer to clean my suits and jackets from any smells and hodors, fe after smoking a cigar.

  18. Think I am stuck being an iron guy. When it comes to shirts I am mostly dry clean. Enjoying your channel and glad I found it.

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