IronMan Mk 50 Cosplay Costume foam armor build part 2

IronMan Mk 50 Cosplay Costume foam armor build part 2

what's going on YouTube this Sean I am back again with part two of the Ironman mark 50 build and the last video I showed you how to do the chest in this video I'm going to work on the abdominal now here are all the pieces laid out which is the abdominal and the codpiece along with the guy string because you know guys don't wear g-strings and already drew my inner patterns on and my undercut lines which I'm going to do a V groove under cut now you can do a big group undercut like what I'm doing right now which is one angle cut and then the other cut is a straight cut will give it kind of like a check mark or slanted the angle cut or something like that or you can use a wood burner with a B tip and just run it run it along the line and that should give you your V groove under cuts but since I don't have my wood burner heated up and ready to go I went ahead and just did the V groove under cuts and just apply some glue and be done with it now when you're doing this V groove under cut you want to make sure you don't cut in too deep or too much because if you do like to 45 degree angle cuts and then you're gonna end up with a 90 degree angle bin and that's not what we're going for and of course you don't want to cut all the way through the foam for obvious reasons alright so now that I got all my pieces cut out and glued together it's time to attach all the pieces together I'm going to start by closing in the V groove under cuts first and then I'm going to attach the codpiece to the abdominal piece I know my last ironman build the codpiece and the abdominal piece was two separate pieces but the way I retold the this pattern from the model it was easier to do it this way and I think it'd be easier to use the restroom in this Mansu – because restroom isn't built-in to this particular suit or the last two – there but yeah this kind of makes it convenient and it's a little bit easier to build this way – now when you ever mess up like I just did right there where my foam wasn't lined up evenly I was just use thinner contact cement thinner and apply it with some syringe and it'll break it apart now you don't even have to apply more glue you just wait for the thinner to dry up and then reapply your pieces back together making sure everything is nice and straight on there just like that all right so this is the guy string and I just put it together I did include this into the templates and I just wanted to show you how it goes on but I'm not going to use this I eventually ended up taking it back out I'm just gonna use elastic with some velcro figured it might be more comfortable and here are the parts for the lower back and the butt piece I guess and I'm going to start by attaching the two pieces for the upper back and then I'm going to attach the park for the buttocks and it goes together just like that and I'm gonna repeat the process on the other side actually I didn't repeat it I actually did it in a different sequence but either way will work whatever is easiest for you and then once I get all the parts put together it's time to marry any two back pieces together just like that I noticed I already have my inner patterns drawn out I'm going to burn or trace those lines with a wood burner so I can get those additional details and then I'm going to apply some heat so I can close the pores of the EBA foam and I'm going to also do some more Foam forming with my PVC cap thingy just like that and so far it's looking pretty legit I make sure you get both sides like that and this is to help curve the buttocks area make it look better and it's not Captain America's ass but at the moment I'm more interested in arm man's butt yeah so far is coming together nicely now I'm going to take my wood burner and then carefully carve in the the lines detailed lines now I'm using a v-shaped tip for my wood burner and it's a little bit harder to control I personally like using the spatula bit where it's you have better control but it's not as thick so it's probably easier to do use the spatula bit first and then come back with the V bit afterwards which I didn't do here now the lines are really mean I could have done a lot better with the lines but I'm gonna go ahead and keep it because I've already done it now I'm gonna remove that guy string because I told you earlier I'm going to use elastics instead with Velcro I think it's gonna be a lot more comfortable then I'm going to use my heat gun and apply some heat to close the pores now a lot of people ask me can I use a hair dryer or a hair dryer will not get hot enough to form or close the pores on the EBA foam and I'm using a heat gun from Home Depot which I don't really recommend but it's all I have at the moment and it does the job just fine I just don't like it because it doesn't turn off right away I have to hold down the power button to turn it off and it does get annoying now I'm gonna carefully go in there and burn the detail lines for the abdominal and this this lower line right here is a little bit thicker than the rest so I went and traced the outline and then I'm gonna go back in and I guess fill in the rest of it but notice I'm not like doing all accurate with it but it's okay I mean just cosplay pro as long as you know you get it somewhat like that and you're probably going to do a lot better than me because I know a lot of you guys are perfectionist and I'm not so here are the pieces I'm going to use to extend the sides and I'm also going to put some velcro on there I know on the template it's actually an extension from the actual pattern itself but I decided to just cut up some scrap foam and make it a little bit longer so that way I can adjust it in case you know decide to gain a few pounds in between wearing the Iron Man suit and I said oh I don't even know why I keep saying myself I'm not even gonna be wearing it I made it way too big for me is this is actually going to go on my man again which is about six foot tall and I'm only five foot now I'm applying some contact cement to the backside of the the the abdominal piece now this is actually going to go over the other piece that I just glued I want to attach some velcro to it but it all makes sense here in a little bit once I get it all together now that the glue is dried on the extension pieces I'm going to carefully align it and attach it to the side edges of the abdominal piece it's going to go on just like that and you could actually make this piece a little bit longer depending on the size of your there gut this right here will fit my mannequin just fine then I'm gonna take some velcro with some sticky back in that I picked up from Walmart I like these a lot because they're very strong I tried some other brands from Amazon and eBay and they didn't work as well as the one that I purchased from Walmart but you want to make sure that it sticks really good and it doesn't come off of the foam and with the contact cement on the EBA foam mandus guys are on there like almost permanently like I said I've cosplayed from years ago that still stuck together now if this in the car or in the heat for a long period of time yeah it start to come apart but I think that's with anything cosplay and I'll also apply some velcro right there that's going to attach to the Under Armor suit now I'm going to apply the loop side of the velcro onto the inside of the back piece and essentially what this is going to do is going to wrap around the body and attach to the side pieces on the front abdominal piece notice I am measuring and trimming off my velcro pieces before I peel off the tape that way it doesn't get all over the place and then once it makes contact it's on there now I'm going to demonstrate how this will go together I'm gonna start by attaching the sides right there and then right here on the other side you're just gonna attach it now just pretend that there is a body in between this and it should look something like that and yeah it's starting to come together now I did make some extension pieces for the top edge just in case you know it's too tall now I did not catch it on video but it's actually tucked in underneath the chest piece which you kind of sort of see if you look carefully but I just not noticeable and that's to keep it from popping out of the chess piece and it's supposed to keep it underneath there and here is what it should look like once it's all painted and finished and only haters would think it's photoshopped and if you think it's photoshopped in you're right I did Photoshop the paint job on there but I just wanted to see what it looked like once I get the paint on there and everything so just kind of give you an idea and yeah if this is what you're into I mean if you're really into this kind of stuff then check the links in the description down below it leads you to the templates and other cool stuff and yeah I guess that's it for this video make sure you guys like subscribe comment and I'll see you guys in the next video

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