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  2. There are some nice house that are boarded up . Most place they raised the rent high so you cant afford to fix it up. They want a new developer to come in raised the rent .Then you moved.Most hoods are about a nationality and culture. The government set it up who works, school and where they lived. Call Sundown towns. Over 20 – 50 years many of these places should've been fixed but because scrumplous politician and business. If we keep a community working then they have dollars in their own hoods they can buy land, homes, car and etc.

  3. A lot of racial stuff being tossed around, but can we pause for a moment and discuss how it doesn't seem right that the Sun is shining?

  4. Used to be a big-assed amusement park split between Irvington & Maplewood, up Chancellor Ave, part of where the bus depot is now. Olympic Park. Went there as a kid in the early 60's. Until, a bunch of Newark knuckleheads came up one weekend & wilded the hell out. Robbed, smashed, & tore shit up. White folks said " Fuck this!", & the park soon closed. We can be some of the most destructive assholes on the planet.

  5. You obviously have the mic open…SAY SOMETHING! Names of streets, SOMETHING! Are you mute? I used to do Irvington, 40 years ago, but some areas look so different, I don't know where you are. My first bachelor apt was at 19 Bruen Ave. in 1982. It was a beautiful town then, until poor black folk came in & fucked-up much of it. Shit changed. In 2014, my unarmed nephew was shot 10 times & killed instantly by 3 Irvington police (5 other bullets missed), for nothing. Because they could. There are YouTube videos of my family seeking justice for my nephew's murder, Abdul Kamal.

  6. La misère, la pauvreté dans les rues, l'insécurité, est la scène des États-Unis. Donald Trump a fait usage de ces gens pour se rendre au pouvoir

  7. i practically lived in irvington all my life, somewhere between the good and bad area, (since there are no good ones)2002-2016 it was when i started goin to hs when i spent less time there and more in maplewood. its crazy how big it is and how many areas i aint know about that much

  8. We didn't have "Hoods" We had neighbor hoods. With block parties with family and friends evefybody cleaned up after themselves and helped each other. You could walk through town and Irvington Park at any hour day or night alone….

  9. to imply that the fact the majority of the population is black and therefore the current condition of the town is a direct result of it's conversion from 100%white to 100%black gets you branded as a racist, bigot, etc……….maybe i'm missing some critical information that could explain the towns current state…………so i'll take a neutral stance as I wait for an alternative explanation……I graduated high school there in 1960's……..i'm baffled……how did a predominately white working to middle class town; basically one square mile in size; become one of the worst ghetto/ slums on the east coast in 50 short years???????…..

  10. So many people hating on Irvington but I loved reminded me of my hometown Oakland before gentrification when it was a black city. I seen many black home owners in Irvington and black employees all over the city.

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