1. They market it as a jersey so that they can sell both jerseys and team shirts instead if just selling "shirts" to make dat dough

  2. And YES Luca does have the right to be an Avs fan because growing up I was a ducks fan and I was born raised and live in Massachusetts but I’m now a bruins fan but he has the right to cheer for whatever team he chooses

  3. A Jersey is a SWEATER witch would classify as a sweatshirt and a hot dog would fall under the sub category

  4. Definition of Shirt:
    A garment of cotton or other material, made for the upper part of the body.

    Definition of Jersey:
    a: any of various close-fitting usually circular-knitted garments especially for the upper body

    b: an often loose-fitting shirt that is worn by a member of a sports team as part of a team uniform and that typically has the athlete's name and number on the back

    Yes, a jersey is a shirt.

  5. So question: are drummers athletes of sidering they entertain using their whole body? Has music actually been a sport this whole time?

  6. Hot dogs aren’t sandwiches because that would be very offensive to real, good sandwiches.

  7. This is my favorite video😂 It just shows the real rivalry that Luca and Jesse have. 😂THEYRE JUST THE MOST HILARIOUS PEOPLE

  8. A Jersey is a sweater, another name for sweater is a sweat shirt, therefore a Jersey is a shirt. Wrestling is a sport. A hotdog is not a sandwich unless the bun is completely in half. You can cheer for whoever you want #LetsGoPens

  9. Jersey is a shirt, Just like how a Tshirt is a shirt, a dress shirt is a shirt, the thing is a jersey shirt sounds dumb to say, so we just say jersey

  10. A jersey is a shirt. In the soccer world they actually do refer to their jerseys as “shirts” and they sell their shirts for a higher markup than a t-shirt

  11. I'm a wrestling fan. I put it like this: When wrestlers preform they put on a show. They work together to make it appear as if they are fighting. In kayfabe wrestling is a sport. It has rules and a way to win. It meets all requirements to be a sport. But in real life it is not a sport. Simply because they are not actually competing.

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