20 Replies to “Is it OK for you to wear FAKES in 2019!? (What do you think?)”

  1. Bruh i sometimes buy rep jordans and rock them better than those who have the real ones. I mean, some people have the money but dont have the style. I think thats more important.

  2. I think this was a stupid video I don’t pay more than maybe 200 on a pair of sneakers and if someone wear fakes so what

  3. I dont care if they wear fake. Just dont flex it to mg face and tell stories of how much you bought when they are obviously fake. Id rather buy a budget tier shoe than those fakes

  4. Is it ok to buy fake sneakers as long as you're not flexing it to other or on social media platforms. I'm okay with fake sneakers than fake boobs😅

  5. i aint tryna hide that i cant afford $200+ shoes. ill rock some fake jordans or yeezys. but i wouldnt flaunt them and flex and everything, i just like the look. if someone calls me out, so what.

  6. i’m starting not to blame people for rocking fakes honestly, in my hustle for my waverunner 700 there were a few times when i wanted to sell myself short and cop a fake just to say i had a waverunner. if companies dont want people wearing fakes, then they have to lower shoe prices 🤷🏽‍♂️ i blame the resell market, its getting to be too much for the average sneaker head

  7. Idc but if ppl try selling em as real then its a prob. Plenty of shoes id buy fake that i dont wanna pay crazy $ for. But they’d have to be very good

  8. I wear fakes all the time lol

    I dont sell shoes so that’s never an issue.
    Someone tries to call me out I’ll say, “hell yeah these are fake!”


  9. these videos are nice i just think they don't need as much editing, the conversation is interesting enough.

  10. My only thing is that if people are out there buying fakes And selling them for real that’s when things Change .

  11. I reviewed the best fake in the game And the quality of material they are getting now is one of one made with all the same machines in the same quality and QC as originals so just cause it doesn’t go through they authorize sauce what really makes a shoe real or fake this is the discussion going all over YouTube these days

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