6 Replies to “Is not wearing a PFD a deadly mistake?”

  1. I ALWAYS wear my PFD. I currently wear a Kokitat, but I have an NRS Chinook that I'll be switching to this summer after I lose a couple more lbs. Best wishes from Utah!

  2. I keep it legal. I have a type 2 on board and in reach.
    A lot of misinformation out there.
    A type 3 is not meant for long term survival. They will not float you face up if your knocked out. Even your expensive ones like the nrs are still only a type 3 and will NOT save you if your knocked out.
    In the video he is talking about a fishermen that was offshore and the uscg 100% says that a type 3 is NOT for off shore use.
    If you want to be safe off shore then a type 3 is what you should have.
    Nothing beats having the buddy system!

  3. I wear it when the water is cold, don't when it's not. Having said that….I tend to wear it if I'm fishing in water with lots of power boat activity, or the water is rough. Just being truthful, I realize I should wear it all the time.

  4. Here is the thing. How many of you have INTENTIONALLY ditched out of your kayak in DEEP water & tried to get back in???? I see everyones cockpits full of fish finders, go pros, rod holders, & everything imaginable. Have you tried to get into your kayak in deep water with all that installed?? Do you have a plan if you go overboard??

    Second, how many of you are wearing an inflatable vest?? Every person who has inflated their vest & tried to get back onboard a kayak has had to puncture the bladders to do so. A recharge kit costs much less than your life. Go out in your kayak, inflate it & try to get back into your kayak. Can you do it?? Have a plan & know your plan before you need it.

    I am a Rescue Diver & Lifeguard, & a really good swimmer. I bought a NRS Chinook because I knew I would NEVER inflate a vest. I would be too hard headed & die first.

  5. I never used to wear one now that I’m married with our first daughter I’m starting to see the importance of wearing one and will be purchasing one soon! With that being said I’m getting the onyx outdoors kayak fishing pfd comparable to the nrs chinook but a little cheaper I wanted a c02 powered inflatable but decided failure is not something I want to risk Incase of emergency

  6. Oh man. So sorry to hear about the kayaker. We're on a boat and our rule is open water (in the harbor, near or offshore) jackets on, but in the creeks they're off, at the ready. Check out the Astral V-Eight for a nice, breathable PFD.

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