Is Vic Mensa Trying To Tell Us Something By Wearing This DRESS??

Is Vic Mensa Trying To Tell Us Something By Wearing This DRESS??

40 Replies to “Is Vic Mensa Trying To Tell Us Something By Wearing This DRESS??”

  1. How yall make a video about this gay mess but have yet to respond to corey holcomb on some real talk

  2. There’s a million ways to get ones point across!! All this Broke Back moments is not necessary. If you like smoking on skin flutes, that’s your business, somethings just don’t need to be shared 👀🤣🤣facts 🔥💯💯💯

  3. Effeminization and defeminization is so real coz some but enough of these black folk are compromised coz their white handles doesn't care that they use the individuals to promote the erasure of the straight black unit.

  4. I know a lot of women & men who was molested & raped in the Church. Church want PPL to pay light, gas, food bill.

  5. It's looking like a dress to normal people. For some elite groups it's an Apron for apprenticeship. I don't buy what he is saying but our youth is taking poison from the industry. Pusha, R kelly, Cee Low. All did similar things. We know this is the hip hop we loved as kids and the evil hand is leading us to jail and drugs

  6. There's Other Ways to Make a Point. You CHOSE what was Comfortable to You! If the Dress fits.. Its ok to Be Yourself. If you wasn't Gay, you are Now😂

  7. He can spin it however he wants. He sold his soul and getting his cheeks smashed and having his 💩 pushed in. 🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾

  8. It's all wrong , the dress is bad enough but Confederate flag I don't get it. Think about it like this would you ever see a Jewish heterosexual man putting on a wig makeup and heels in a swastika Nazi flag dress ? 😒

  9. No way explaining this shit, Vic gay, he bout to become a actor, rockstars not even doing that shit no more 🤦🏾‍♂️

  10. Who cares never heard his music but then again I grew up in the Golden Age. I'm an old head and proud of it.

  11. Wearing a dress is either suspect or desperate for attention he has a successful career so i don't get it. Not sure if he is gay/bi or not if he is still he doesn't need to wear a dress in this day and age who cares if he's gay/bi or not but dress wearing nah I think that's just weird.

  12. No man should wear a womans garments its in the bible for Christ sakes smh its against the laws of God they doing it for they career and to go against the most high

  13. No man should be wearing a dress. As a MAN you stsnd as a MAN, a drees is clearly for a woman. You can't tell a man this ok. He must not have had a father in his life, he is clearly confused on his sexuality. Bad decisions to think you are making a statement other than you are coming out of the closet. I'm a 52 year old black man,this is some bullshit young brothers.

  14. Vic a Vick for that dress 👗 shit I’m from Chicago and we don’t agree with that dress shit nigga you gay

  15. never listened to the dude, don't know shit about him or his music but he definitely just made sure I never will though 👌🏾💯 way too many ways to get a point across or bring awareness other than wearing a fucking dress!!! I'm glad my son don't even listen to these supposed to be new rappers smdh

  16. Niccas selling their souls every day for clout. Ok so why was he wearing a confederate flag on his jacket on akademix everyday struggle? What a hypocrite.

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