IT Pennywise 2017 Clown Makeup Halloween Costume Tutorial DIY | Jonathan Eiter

IT Pennywise 2017 Clown Makeup Halloween Costume Tutorial DIY | Jonathan Eiter

don't worry you'll float too hey guys sorry to scare you if you want this look then keep on watching hey guys and welcome back to my channel today I'm gonna be doing something completely different and be doing a costume Halloween tutorial and how to transform myself into the 2017 version of it and I have all my supplies with me someone's gonna get started and go through what I'm using and basically this is like a cheap discounted version of how to get this look and not spend a lot of money yes so let's get started first I'm going to start and take a hair net just to hold all of my hair down and away and out of my face completely and basically to explain the shirt I'm wearing I got this shirt at a Halloween store one of those random Halloween stores not like Party City but like Halloween land or like random Halloween store and I glued these little red poof ball on them and yeah so this is my top and I'm going to show you by little neck piece that it also got very cheap also the next piece is from Party City so let me just jump into the look again so we're gonna take our bald cap and basically I don't have any spirit gum or like late latex glue like I have literally no glue at all like literally we're just gonna tuck it down and we're just gonna paint over this little headpiece okay and since I'm an idiot and I literally went out and bought a glue stick for my eyebrows I can no longer find the glue stick so I'm gonna be using normal Elmer's glue and just using my finger and matting down my brows so it's easier to cover them up there's this really embarrassing also I don't need latex because my sweaty super sweaty forehead is holding my bald cap right down into place so we're just gonna take some white hairspray and try to spray it on the top of this bald cap to save us some time and energy and so let's hope this goes good okay so we're just gonna take our body paint and try to use this and hopefully it works a little bit better I'm just mixing it on the back of my hand and applying it all over my face and hopefully it is buildable it doesn't stay streaky okay so now that I went over my face with an entire another layer of that once I let it dry I recoated and let it dry again and then I touched up certain areas and then I let it dry so this does take a while so if you're like going to a party or AG in a rush I would definitely do this look a little bit ahead of schedule so you have more time to let the white sit and I think it looks pretty good without like spirit gum or liquid latex holding it down plus we're gonna put on the wig so I'm just gonna put in now the kind of brow but the brows kind of like a light gray where it's almost just kind of like a crease and then you just replicate it again on the other side so I just went over this eyebrow and white because I messed out but I'm gonna be going on on the other eye with this pinky swear clip paint lipstick it's like a lipstick that is in the shape of like a marker which is really cool so basically what you do is it's basically a pen that you just open up and then you twist the bottom until the product starts oozing out and this color is in the color of fire escape and this brand is pinkie swear clip pants so that I'm just watching the product around on my hand until I get a really good kind of grip and then I'm just gonna sketch downward and basically we're just going to go back in and define that and that looks really good and then we're just gonna go through the top I really love this lipstick because it's like a pen so it's so precise and then whatever you messed up you can go in with the white and clean it up which is really good because that's not as pointy as I'd like the top to be it's kind of dull so I'm gonna point it out with more white and while I'm terrifying okay so we're gonna take this red again and go in and try to make it exact then again I'm not perfect so who knows Oh and that line looks really chunky and gross but we are gonna fix it up with some of the white right after we just make sure it's a solidified color a lot of the white keeps getting in and then we're going to let that dry before we chart wiping it out and then take this powder brush and then make my eyelids all around black so this doesn't have to be clean or precise you're basically just smoking out all around your eye it's bo I spread around that red it's not good and then I'm gonna go in with this a volumous lash paradise for mascara and I think that should be good for the makeup is after I clean it up a little bit maybe even add a little bit of contour a little bit alright and then I'll be back in just a minute after I cleaned this up so now I'm basically just adding on the finishing touches I got this collar at Party City for like seven bucks so it's not really similar to the one that Pennywise wears but it's a collar and it was the only one they had so it kind of covers up the neck and goes with the makeup and then I also have the wake here which is basically just an average mohawk wig that I spray painted with red and black and I cut it so it would look more similar to the wig in the movie hey Ken want a balloon alright guys and this is the completed look I hope you guys enjoyed it if you guys did make sure to give it a thumbs up also turn on post notifications to know when I go live or post a new video and also let me know if there's any other characters you'd like to see a tutorial on and untill next time you'll flow to see you guys soon bye

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  1. Thank you guys for watching! This look is an affordable IT/Pennywise look from the 2017 movie. All items can be bought at Party City/any local Halloween store. Disclaimer look isn't completely spot on, but pretty close for those on a low budget. Don't forget to subscribe!🎈

  2. This is really good! I think you could improve it though with longer hair and more of a orange tone but like i said i really like it!

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