Italian Wool Fabric. Vitale Barberis Canonico suits. Is Your Suit Capable of That?

Italian Wool Fabric. Vitale Barberis Canonico suits. Is Your Suit Capable of That?

hi it’s michael from mens finest and in this video I’m going to get super excited about something in this box You know what they say about wearing something nice, today i’m going to be using one of our self tie bow tie so I’ve already made it so all i have to do right now is find a clip put it all around make sure it’s nice and pop the collar down so this is one of our slightly oversized bow ties made out of very soft nice velvet you can get it online from for this is video not about the bow tie ok I’ve got to sit a quick story about the suit it came from a company that i will be using for all of mine made to measure stuff so all my suits that are going to be made to measure as well ready-to-wear but we’re going to start with some made-to-measure, some classics so that company just send me a new suit which we going to test right now i have not seen this suit you have not seen the suit it is exciting i’m going to slightly wet as well. this is going to be suits i’m going to be using for my made-to-measure and ready-to-wear collection which is which is coming don’t worry it’s on its way about this suit i have not seen you have not seen it’s going to be exciting to un pack together so what do we see it first put it this way this packaging is functional and that is all we can say about this packaging it’s probably also done in this way so no one would actually steal this packet because it’s so unattractive the suit is of of course hanged and in this upright position and so that is very good for travel ok box is empty nothing else in the box this is the suit is ok this is what it looks like it’s in a kind of a dark grey and suit from the vitale barberis cannonico so I want it to be and sort of high-end wool 120’s which sort of bigger peak lapels with all the bells and whistles have asked him to do that and you can also see that lining is pretty good ok so the jacket looks good like the feel of that they’re about jacket its kind of it and a soft feel to it and yeah it feels good I mean it is said it is like made-to-measure and I promise I we didn’t do any any modification this is there i think it is 40 long suit range so it is pretty good i must admit it’s kind of a darker than I thought it was going to be but has got that little shine to its I like that though so so far so good to try the traveling on now with trials you always kind of have to think that probably some modification is needed where is obviously a jacket the only modification that you usually do is for the sleeve length as well as the you know whether you want to create taken any material to create even in a nice sort of shape of your body but with travelers usually you would have to go and do the bottoms so we’ll see how does that go look at what we’ve got is a slightly higher raised at Travis which obviously allow you to sit properly also get back those travelers have got a little break here and which allowed to sit properly so of course if you go the entire trousers and you go little gathered movie shape only closed when you sit it opens so if you look at the how the suit sits so you can see right now obviously you’ve only ever do the top bottom so the bottom parking spaces open so it kind of sits nicely doesn’t pull doesn’t do anything silly and so that’s pretty cool obviously high-rise means that and your legs are going to be optimal when you look at how it sits on the boot it I haven’t changed position a bit so it it breaks a bit maybe too much so it’d have to be slightly adjusted we can see that probably taper and white apron delay we would actually get the result we want so it’s it ok i would say night out and for where it’s it and how it sits of the peg so what do you think overall about this suit I think it’s a great addition to my and tomato water i think the lining moves amazing and the fact that it’s actually the tower i always say this that have two things important suit one is obviously how it fit at second thing is the material super important don’t you ever think of buying polyester what was unique about this soupy the fact that has got at work and cups and this is usually a sign of a high-end suit and you know what this suit for less than 40 and 50 quid for the quality that you get off the peg off-the-rack it’s not a bad idea super like me to your love it as well after going to be right now it’s fixed some pocket square knot mess so from men’s finest but you’ve got one that’s gonna look pretty cool i’m going to fall it’s like it differently this time so what you’re going to see is I’m grabbing all the corners like so i’m happy with all the corners I’m going to grab the corners like that and just push it inside so the corners are on the outside because we call it a kind of slash it with their with different colors with red made in touch with some good detailing there we have it a fantastic new addition to my wall drug soups that I’m going to love you and love it as well I think you asked right now where you can buy the suit so you can contact me hook you up

11 Replies to “Italian Wool Fabric. Vitale Barberis Canonico suits. Is Your Suit Capable of That?”

  1. Great , i do not know what is important when i am looking to buy a suit.
    First color , i do not know what color to buy and i do try to buy color what i do not have in my wartrobe.
    Price – i do look on price and i never trieid suit for more than £500 mayby that was wrong.

    if you can share information about any specific brand – good one which do not cost a fortune.

    Great info Michal, thank you for that.

  2. Nice suit! The fabric is similar to that of my new suit 😉

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